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Turtle Rock (Palong Bay South)

  • Distance: 56 Km boat trip of approx. 150 minutes.
  • Depth: 0-20 meters

  • Experience: Beginners

  • Type: Reef slope, rock formations, limestone

  • Visibility: Variable, 10-20 meters

  • Current: Variable, mild

  • Corals: Soft corals, hard corals, sea fans
  • Fish: All types of reef fish

  • Highlights: Turtles, snapper schools, bizarre rock formations

The popular Turtle Rock dive site is located on the second largest but uninhabited, Phi Phi Island, Phi Phi Ley. Diving is relatively easy and rarely influenced by currents with perfect conditions to admire the local sea turtles. Snorkelers also have a good chance of close encounters with turtles when they come to the surface to breathe.
The dive leads south of Palong Wall towards Maya Bay and turtles can often be seen enjoy rummaging in the rugged rocks. For divers, the large overhangs and swim-throughs are pure fun and the sun light shining through the rocks is just mystic. The 100 to 300 meter high cliffs of Phi Phi Ley Island fall down to a depth of 4 meters followed by a plateau. The reef is terraced and reaches a depth of 18-22 meters. At the end of the bay there is a section of beautiful soft corals and rock formations that attract giant snapper schools.


All scuba diving dive sites are visited at the discretion of the tour leader on the day. Dive sites are selected based on the weather conditions, currents, overall safety and suitability for the majority of divers on the boat. We cannot guarantee specific dive sites prior to the boat departing.

During a scuba diving day trip, usually two dives are done at the Phi Phi Islands with one dive either at Shark Point, Anemone Reef or Koh Doc Mai. Turtle Rock may be included on a day trip.

Turtle Rock can be dived as part of a Phi Phi Islands Overnight TripSouth Tour with 3 National Parks or Green Season Liveaboard Trip.

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