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I’m Aloha.

Aloha is an internationally well-known form of greeting and means both Hello and Goodbye. The Aloha Spirit is a life philosophy and describes the way we treat each other with love and respect and share positive feelings and thoughts. The Shaka hand gesture (our Logo) is the ultimate symbol of the Aloha Spirit and simply means “hang loose” – relax and enjoy the moment.

Simon und Alice About Us Aloha Diving

The Owners of Aloha Diving

Deeply Committed

Aloha from Alice and Simon! – we are the Swiss owners of Aloha Diving. We left Switzerland to follow our passion for diving. We are both SSI and PADI certified instructors and have worked for dive centers in Thailand, Cyprus, The Maldives and Egypt. Over past years we have trained and accompanied a wide range of divers and gained valuable work experience.
With the launch of Aloha Diving we had the chance to fulfill a long-held wish to become the owners of a boutique dive center in Phuket, Thailand.
We love sharing our passion for diving with our students and certified divers. Teaching and working with different people in consistently new and challenging situations inspires us. And to see smiling, happy faces after an awesome dive is simply great!

Meet the Aloha Diving Team

SimonSSI Instructor
As SSI Platinum Instructor, Simon has a wealth of experience in the education of divers. Students appreciate his calm and patient character and benefit from his wide-ranging expertise. Simon is responsible for the technical maintenance of the diving school. He has the training and the necessary know-how to carry out all required inspections of diving equipment. In addition, he works with Alice to manage the on-line information and booking resources for our clients. Simon speaks English and German.
AliceSSI Instructor
Alice is an SSI Gold Instructor, reflecting her extensive training and experience. She has a knack for being able to infect almost anyone with the “diving bug”. As the principal host of the dive center, she ensures that all guests feel welcome and at home. Alice’s organizational skills and attention to detail ensure Aloha always responds to our clients in a timely manner – providing all required information and advice and ensuring all holiday and diving bookings are managed in our clients best interests. Alice speaks English and German.
MarcSSI Instructor
With decades of experience and training Marc is best known for his relaxed way of teaching whilst always staying focused on safety, both in and out of the water. Marc has extensive experience with all the best dive sites around Phuket, which makes him a good spotter of marine life. Marc speaks German, Dutch, French, Afrikaans and English.
TonySSI Instructor
As an SSI advanced open water instructor (AOWI), Tony is able to instruct a wide range of courses to suit most divers’ needs. Students have commented on Tony’s abilities in subjects taught and his affable and easy going nature. As well as diving/instructing Tony is also qualified to work at the hyperbaric chamber at Phuket International Hospital. Tony speaks English.

Our Facilities

Dive Center Facilities
  • 1. Divepool
  • 2. Sitting area
  • 3. Shaded area
  • 4. Dive Center / Dive Shop / Office
  • 5. Plaza
  • 7. Parking
  • 8. Restaurant
  • 9. Changing room and shower

  • 10. Toilet

Roxanne Restaurant

The restaurant offers a wide range of Thai food and snacks and accommodates its guests in a beautiful and spotlessly clean environment. It is located right next to the Aloha Fun Tank and can provide a welcome break or quick meal for our clients. The charming and friendly staff are looking forward to your visit and serving you. The restaurant is open daily from 10am to 10pm.

Our Scuba Diving Shop

You can book scuba diving and snorkeling adventures through the Aloha Dive Shop. We can advise you on most points of interests in the Rawai Beach and Nai Harn Beach districts: for example where to find a good bakery, supermarkets, restaurants, Thai massages etc. We can also provide assistance in renting a motorbike or finding accommodation nearby.
Aloha Diving is an authorised dealer for scuba diving and snorkeling equipment for Mares, Scubapro, Apeks, Aqualung and Poseidon. We also have our own branded accessories such as tee-shirts, caps, mask straps and rash shirts.
When an item you need is not on stock we can usually get it delivered from the warehouse within 24 hours.

A feature we are proud to offer is a free on-site trial or test of a product before you buy it. You can test-dive masks, fins and other equipment including a selection of dive computers in our Fun Tank. This is to help you decide if a particular item meets your expectations before you buy it!!

We have a selection of test computers:

  • Suunto D-Series
  • Suunto Zoop Novo / Vyper Novo
  • Mares Smart
  • Mares Puck Pro
    Buy any diving computer through us and get the Enriched Air Nitrox specialty course free of charge.


    Our Event Swimming Pool

    Asia’s first event swimming pool operated by Aloha Diving (known as the Aloha Fun Tank) is used for the following activities:

    • Try Scuba Diving
    • All kind of Scuba diving courses which require confined water sessions
    • Transform into a Mermaid
    • Celebrate good times – Party with your Mermaid, family and friends
    • Team building – Water related games / try scuba diving / competitions
    • Underwater weddings and proposals – Symbolic ceremonies
    • Underwater Photo Shoots
    • Product launches for water proof watches / cell phones / fashion items / underwater tools
    • Test days for scuba diving equipment manufacturers
    • Bring your swimsuit and have a refreshing plunge into the Fun Tank and have a food and beverage break in the Roxanne Restaurant.

    Our Equipment Dry Room

    Located at our main office the dry room is not accessible for unauthorized persons. Your dive gear will be rinsed by our staff. The customized bamboo hut enables fast drying in the shade with an unbeatable airflow. The equipment dry room can take up to 26 full sets of scuba diving gear.

    Our Equipment Workshop

    In the fully equipped workshop we are able to service regulators and BCD’s from the following brands:

    • Scubapro
    • Mares
    • Aqualung
    • Apeks
    • Poseidon

    We can change batteries for the following diving computers:

    • Suunto D-Series
    • Suunto Zoop, Viper, Cobra, Helo 2
    • Mares
    • Aqualung
    • Scubapro

    What we do

    The little extra, the unexpected and surprising – Aloha Diving!

    In our family-operated Phuket Dive Center in Thailand you will always receive personalized, individual attention and customized planning. We make your long awaited holidays in Phuket as relaxed as possible. In our diving school you will enjoy first-class service in a private environment at a special location. We attach great importance to ensuring that all diving activities take place in small groups and that one of our experienced team is always with you. Our services include:

    • Diving activities such as Boat Trips, Diving from the Beach by day and night and Liveaboards.
    • Teaching Try Scuba Diving, Beginner and Continuing Diving Courses, Extended Range Courses up to Divemasters.
    • Diving with Rebreathers and teaching Try Rebreather, Beginner and Continuing recreational Rebreather Courses.
    • Organizing quality snorkeling and sightseeing excursions.
    • Consulting and planning diving vacations (accommodation, diving packages, etc.).
    • Providing rental dive equipment

    All our rental equipment is renewed annually and consists of the latest regulators and BCD’s from brands like Mares, Scubapro, Suunto and Deep Blue. Our gear is washed every day after use, disinfected and stored in our drying room. We have a comprehensive range of 3mm men’s and women’s wetsuits, masks, snorkels and fins. We also rent digital underwater cameras, dive computers and underwater scooters. Our full set of diving rental equipment includes a diving computer and a surface marker buoy (SMB).

    We fill our cylinders using our own compressor so you can dive with the confidence breathing best quality air. W can fill our Cylinders for half day boat trips and confined water sessions as well as our rebreather diluent cylinders and off board bail out cylinders. Having our own compressor also allows us to teach the Gas Blender Course. Yes, we can blend Nitrox on demand too.

    Our Partners

    Over 99 reasons to book with us

    Karel Buysse
    02:45 22 Oct 18
    When I am visiting Phuket I always end up diving with Aloha in Rawai because the company provides me with quality diving in a relaxed way. They understand that not everybody wants to be on the big boats, crammed with tourists, visiting the busy dive spots. Our last trip was on board the Poseidon. This boat can easily fit 15 to 20 divers but we were only a small group which was fantastic. We had all the time and space for laid-back diving and guess what? We discovered a new boat wreck! I definitely recommend this trip. Next I will be taking the 3 day trip to Phi Phi. I cant wait! 😊read more
    Simon Boussion
    12:57 16 Jul 18
    Amazing place, Instructor and experience! A definite address if you are looking to learn how to dive or are already an experienced diver. Alice was very patient, friendly, knowledgeable and downright lovely to dive with. 100% recommendation for diving in Phuket.read more
    Ingrid Borsani
    12:23 03 May 18
    Beautiful experience with Aloha diving... It was my first time and I felt relaxed with Alice.. Fantastic world under the sea. Excellent organisation from the beginning to the end. Food and drinks all day. .I recommend to everybody beginners and advanced divers....read more
    Filote Adrian
    15:06 22 Apr 18
    i had a really good time with them, they picked me up from hotel and they brought me back every time.....i was in a 4days diving pack with them and i was never being bored or sorry to do that....best ship crue ever...best food....the best time ever.....and Simon even made picture with a really good camera and give it to me for free.....WORTH THE MONEY.....till next time....thank youread more
    sushovan das
    14:42 09 Apr 18
    Had an awesome dive course with Aloha Diving. I was there, to pursue 4 SSI speciality courses and it went out really very well. These guys are very proffesional and they do know their job. Simon is a very great dive instructor and is calm, composed and very supportive. He made my dives a memorable experience.read more
    Richard Wagner
    10:01 28 Mar 18
    Update 27th March 2018: Third visit and stay at Aloha Diving and amazing again like all the time before! Every time you're with them, you feel very familiar and close to them. First time for me to meet Alice, the wonderful lady also in the office with Simon, who told me everything about my next possibilities in things of diving and adviced me perfectly. Had a great trip again to another spot for me. Phi Phi and Sharkpoint was wonderful to dive, perfect conditions underwater and also on the boat with that perfect organisation and of course the transfer from the hotel before, even if some hours booked before. My instructor Tony was very helpful, experienced and open minded. Thanks to you too Tony! Last but not least, Simon, thanks for all of your good and safe organisation! Guys, you're really great, thanks a lot again and hope to dive with you soon! Best regards & AlohaRichard_________________________________________Update 20th Oct 2017:Decided one day before in the afternoon to join this great adventure again and had a another very cool and exciting diving trip. Different locations than yesterday, same great boat, same great and nice crew (always very helpful), same perfect instructor as yesterday (many thanks to Klaus again) and a lot of other fishes (also a shark), reefs and also a wreck but ten times bigger as yesterday. It was a great tour guys from Aloha Diving! Thanks again for these amazing two days! Best regards! --------------------------------------------------------------------Fun-Diving with Aloha Diving on 19th Oct 2017I was driving by the way to Rawai, looking for a Diving company in Phuket and saw Aloha Diving. Simon (Part CEO/ very nice and experienced) told me everything what I want to know about Fun Dives and the Advanced Open Water Course, because I made my Open Water 4 weeks ago on Koh Tao. Decided to practice with Fun Dives was a good decision. Klaus, my personal Instructor (very competent and experienced too) told me everything to need about the region, showed me incredible beautiful fishes and as a highlight dived through a old wrack. It was a perfect day, perfect conditions, perfect team, perfect boat with all Inclusive. Fantastic breakfast, lunch, afternoon cakes and Drinks for free. A very big thank you to Simon and Klaus! Hope to see you soon again Guys! It was a pleasure for me!read more
    pascal wirz
    17:54 26 Mar 18
    We’ve never thought that diving would be that amazing. We were glad to make this experience at Aloha diving. They were very professional and explained to us everything very well which makes us feel save under water. Also their tank is very beautiful! We’ve had an amazing trip and diving tour as well. We’ve learned a lot! If we ever go back to Pukhet we definitely come back visit them!read more
    Beat Ackermann
    08:44 19 Mar 18
    Perfectly organized diving school with professional guides. They will find you the trip or course which fits for you.
    10:47 09 Jan 18
    Excellent service, literally booked everything the evening before the actual dive. Very professional and friendly service!
    Maxim Gurkin
    10:57 12 Oct 17
    It was a lovely trip! The boat was big with all essentials included: toilets/shower, breakfast, lunch, fruits. Instructors were professional and nice people to talk with.P.S.: hey Simon, that was a nice talk about technical diving!read more

    Milestons and Company History

    • February 2018 Aloha Diving Dive Center gets SSI DIAMOND Dive Center rating
    • January 2018 Divetainer sales launch
    • December 2017 Divetainer putting into operation
    • October 2017 We opened the first branch at Rawai Beach
    • July 2017 performance improvements and redesign of alohadiving.com
    • December 2016 Initial project start of divetainer.com
    • October 2016 Installation of a breathing air compressor and Nitrox Blending system
    • September 2016 The company car is finally here
    • August 2016 Hardware upgrade to CDN and SSL secure websites, redesign of alohadiving.com
    • July 2016 New equipment storage building putting into service
    • June 2016 We can offer Extended Range Nitrox and Sidemount courses
    • May 2016 We can offer SSI Rebreather Courses
    • March 2015 launch of Rebreather-thailand.com and the division Rebreather Thailand. We can offer PADI Rebreather courses
    • December 2014 Scuba Schools International (SSI) Membership and SSI Dive Resort status
    • October 2014 launch of Aloha Ocean Adventures Co., Ltd., Launch of the redesigned website www.alohadiving.com, Aloha Diving and Aloha Snorkelling are divisions
    • March 2014 owner change of www.alohadiving.com
    • 2014 – 2010 Worldwide Aloha Co.,Ltd.
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