Please make sure to pre-book your equipment when not included in a course. This ensures that we have the rental equipment in your size available. When diving 3 days and more you are granted for 30% discount on standard scuba diving equipment.

Standard Scuba Equipment

Mask ,snorkel, fins1 setTHB 200
Regulator1 setTHB 200
Buoyancy Compensator (BCD)1 pieceTHB 200
Diving Computer1 pieceTHB 250
Short wet suit 3mm (shorty)1 pieceTHB 200
Full equipment rental (everything above)1 setTHB 780
Full equipment rental (discounted rate until further notice)1 setTHB 500
DIN Adapter1 pieceTHB Free on request
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Special Scuba Equipment

XDeep Sidemount BCD1 setTHB 400
Go pro Camera incl. super suit1 setTHB 500
Torch 230 lumen1 pieceTHB 300
Harness / Backplate / Bladder1 setTHB 400
O2 clean Regulator1 setTHB 300
DPV (underwater Scooter)1 pieceTHB 2’000


Poseidon Se7en Unit1 unitTHB 1’800
Pre-packed Scrubber per cartridge1 pieceTHB 1’600
Scrubberper kiloTHB 300
CCR Tanks per day1 setTHB 300


Nitrox 32% O2 12 liter1 fillTHB 200
Nitrox 32% O2 15 liter1 fillTHB 350
Nitrox 50% O2 S801 fillTHB 350
15 liter air cylinderper dayFREE on request
CCR tanks fillper setTHB 300
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