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If you are staying in Phuket, Krabi or Khao Lak you have a lot of Snorkeling and Sightseeing tours to choose from. There are the Similan Islands and Surin Islands north west of Phuket. To the north east you find Phang Nga National Park and Krabi. The Phi Phi islands and Rok Islands are to the east and Racha Islands to the south. There is even an option to explore the west coast of Phuket Island by speedboat. Phuket, Krabi and Khao Lak is also the starting point for many longer snorkeling tours including multi day liveaboard trips to the Similan Islands, Surin Islands and Koh Tachai.

Where you choose to go snorkeling while in Phuket, Krabi or Khao Lak will depend on many factors including how much time you have available, where your accommodation is and what time of year you are here in Thailand. Your budget and whether you are traveling with children may also be fconsiderations. We have Sightseeing and Snorkeling Tours for everyone. You can browse the options available on this website or just ask us if you want our expert advice.

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At our professionally managed dive center, you will always receive special, personalised attention specific to your needs. We are committed to responding to your questions – no matter how simple or complex – in a timely manner and as clearly as possible. We work responsibly and conscientiously with a transparent price policy. We will always provide you with advice based on our extensive experience and technical knowledge. Honesty and transparency in our approach and a commitment to safety at all times, are the hallmark of the Aloha Ocean Adventures business model. This ensures that you can always rely on us to provide you with a tailor-made snorkeling & sightseeing experience and carefree tours in your holiday in Phuket.
We promise to get you the best trip at the best possible price!

We advertise all trips at the official rates agreed with the boat operators. If you are offered the same trip at a lower price, tell us!

Because we promise an experience, not just a boat tour, your comfort is our priority. The quality speedboat are made for feeling you relaxed during the ride. You can get from one end to the other without elbowing your way.
All our packages are inclusive of pickup, high-quality snorkeling equipment and meals – small breakfast and lunch for Sunrise Tours and lunch for others, multilingual and experienced guides and the best boat crews.

The early morning tours are not only designed to give you get a glimpse of a beautiful sunrise over the ocean, but also ensure you avoid tourist crowds. This is the best way for you to fully appreciate the beauty of these tropical destinations.

Your safety is our priority, and you can rely on the tour operator to take care of you from the moment you step inside the boat and right up to the end of the tour.

Snorkeling Trips, Island Tours and Sightseeing Tours

Frequently asked questions for Snorkeling around Phuket

If I can’t swim will I still enjoy a snorkeling tour?

Snorkeling Trips

We do often have non-swimmers onboard all the various trips we do. Phang Nga involves more sightseeing, cave exploring and canoeing so it has a little more action for non-swimmers. Yet Phi Phi Islands National Park also involves sightseeing and stopping at magical islands so you can explore from the safety of solid ground! For those adventurous yet maybe weak swimmers, we can provide life jackets and floating aids for more confidence. We also try to select snorkeling spots that are protected and don’t have strong currents.

Will I get seasick?

Snorkeling Trips

As a general rule, most people do not get seasick on our boats. However if you suffer badly from motion sickness, we do offer you seasickness tablets in the morning. It is advisable to take these at least one hour before the trip if you already have some. If you suffer from severe seasickness, then perhaps reconsider booking a boat tour.

If I have a back problem or other health issues will it be okay to undertake the snorkeling trip?

Snorkeling Trips

This is a very difficult question for us to answer, as we do not personally know your health issue nor are we doctors. If you have any mobility issues maybe this is not a trip for you, as you will have to climb up and down ladders going on and off the boat. If you have severe medical conditions (back pain etc). Please seek your doctor’s advice before booking a trip. Only you can tell whether you are capable of undertaking this trip.

What is the weather like in monsoon season?

Snorkeling Trips

The monsoon season in Phuket sometimes have stronger winds, bigger swells and a higher chance of rain, but it also means less tourists! Before we undertake any of our trips, whether in the dry or monsoon season, we check the tides, swell chart, satellite images and weather reports. The boat operator will cancel a trip if they feel anyone’s safety is compromised. Because of the pattern of weather in monsoon season we recommend Phang Nga Bay National Park Tours during May to September as the bay is more protected from the elements and generally has smaller average swells. The concept of ‘safety first’ is extremely important to us.

If I am pregnant can I undertake a snorkelling trip?

Snorkeling Trips

If you are pregnant it is not advisable to undertake tours on speedboats for medical reasons. Our insurance company will not cover any pregnant women and accordingly we are not comfortable booking pregnant ladies.

Is there snorkeling on the Phang Nga Bay tour?

Snorkeling Trips

There are no visible reefs on Phang Nga Bay so unfortunately not.

Phuket Snorkeling Trips and Sightseeing Tours – Best price day trips tours in Phuket Thailand

We offer the absolute best snorkeling in Phuket. Choose from all inclusive snorkeling tours to Phuket’s most popular destinations.
Phuket snorkeling day trips and tours are one of the main past times for many tourist, snorkelling can be from a local beach, boat trip, or speedboat tour to any of the many local islands.

Snorkeling Trips and Sightseeing Tours to Phuket’s outer islands are perfect for some amazing snorkeling in crystal clear blue waters, powder white sand beaches and tropical vistas for perfect holiday pictures.
We choose our tour operators for group tours carefully, do inspections several times in a year and act only as the agent for the individual tour operators.
Phuket Snorkeling Trips and Sightseeing Tours are running daily to most of the popular sightseeing locations located around Phuket, Phi Phi Islands , Phang Nga, Koh Rok, Koh Kradan, Koh Kam, Surin Islands & Similan Islands in Thailand. Book your Phuket Snorkeling Trips and Sightseeing Tours online. This is your first choice for the best priced day trips, snorkelling & sightseeing Island tours and your number one choice for Phuket water based tours, we will not be beaten when it comes to your safety, and we have daily tours for every budget.
Phuket Snorkeling Tours speedboats have shallow hulls allowing easy access to the water for snorkeling at local coral islands without impacting on marine life and damaging reefs, allowing easy to access to private secluded beaches at low tide. Our Phi Phi island sightseeing day trips are offered as shared tours where you are with a group of other day trippers. You also have the option to take a private speedboat charter and scuba dive or snorkel at remote beaches and coral reefs alone in paradise, with only you and your group on the boat as well as the captain and crew. With so many snorkelling and sightseeing day trips to choose from we can offer you a wider range of choices, when it comes to your holiday tours, and exploring the snorkeling in Thailand.

Snorkel in Phuket

We want you to have a great holiday so we take your safety seriously, snorkeling is a safe and easy way to experience some of the underwater wonders of Thailand’s marine environment, as well a great speedboat trip to the best tropical islands in Thailand. If you want to learn how to snorkel and get the best out of snorkelling in Phuket, the tour guides can help you to discover snorkeling as part of any day trip tour, alternatively you can learn discover snorkeling at Divetainer swimming pool in Rawai – Phuket, we can also advise you on the best snorkeling equipment, great products and great value. Ask for details.

Phuket Snorkelling Excursions

Our Phuket office can provide you with the best snorkeling information and travel advice for making the most of your holiday time, we arrange special activity Phuket day tours and excursions to all the popular tourist sites around Phuket. Take a Phuket speedboat tour to Phi Phi Islands and visit Maya Bay get the best prices on day trip sightseeing and snorkeling excursions. Check out our other Phuket snorkeling speedboat services to Rok Islands or Koh Kradan – Koh Mook a favorite choice for easy day and to avoid the crowds. You can also combine a shared speedboat tour to Phi Phi Islands, James Bond Island with sea kayaking in Phang Nga and sightseeing. At Phuket snorkeling tours we also offer a full Private Speedboat Charter service for small groups and larger groups to Raya Island, Phi Phi Islands, Phang Nga Bay and the Similan Islands, making the tour your own special day on the water.

Snorkeling can also be spelled Snorkelling, depending where in the world you come from.