We service almost every brand of scuba diving equipment and air breathing compressors. We maximise safety of scuba diving on your yacht. With years of experience running a diving boat operation for recreational scuba divers safety and reliability have highest priority.

Scuba Diving Equipment

We offer annual maintenance of regulators, buoyancy compensators (BCD), and diving computers of the following brands: Apeks, Aqualung, Poseidon, Scubapro, Mares, Cressi and Suunto computers. With pre-booking your diving equipment maintenance we are able to complete the regulator and bcd service within 24 to 48 hours. Please contact us to make sure spare parts are on stock.

Regulator service fee does not include service kits (repair kits) as specified by the manufacturer
Regulator 1st Stage THB 600
Regulator 2nd Stage / Octopus THB 500
Regulator full set service (1st Stage, 2nd Stage, Octopus) THB 1,400
Inflator Service THB 400
Scubapro Air2 THB 600
Pressure Gauge (incl. new O-Rings) THB 250
Regulator First Stage O2 cleaning/Nitrox Conversion 1,500

Battery Replacement & Service fee does not include parts or batteries
Battery Replacement & Service THB 900

Breathing air supply

Clean air is crucial for your health and therefore annual breathing air compressor maintenance is required. In many countries, it is required to hydrostatic test your aluminium tanks every 5 years. A visual inspection is recommended every year. Are you looking to replace the filter or oil? We stock all required consumables to run a diving compressor safely.

Tank Valve removal/replacement (incl. new O-Rings) THB 200
Tank Visual Inspection THB 200
Tank internal cleaning 1 hour THB 200
Tank Valve Service THB 250
Hydrostatic Test (incl. free visual inspection) THB 600
Full Tank Service include all the above + tank air fill THB 900
Tank Neck cutting THB 900
Tank Non Destructive Test NDT THB 300
Tank O2 cleaning for Nitrox use THB 400
Valve O2 cleaning for Nitrox use THB 200

Please contact us to get a customised offer.

Hydrostatic Test THB 2’600
Tank internal cleaning THB 1’800
Tank Visual Inspection THB 800

Workshop Diving Equipment Service
Tools and parts

Simon is a polymechanic [Switzerland-trained mechanic involved in the production of machinery, tools, prototypes, etc.] and service scuba regulators for over 10 years. He does as well the full maintenance of our diving vessel.

Aqualung Service Technican