Phuket Yacht & Boat Hull Cleaning Service

In Water Hull Maintenance

Underwater Hull Cleaning Service:

Hull cleaning (also known as bottom cleaning) includes cleaning of Flat Bottom, Vertical Sides, Sea Chests Grids Rudder and all niche areas such as Bilge keels, Dock keel blocks, Cathodic protection anodes, Stabilizer fins, spoilers, Inlet pipes, Echo sounders, speed log transducer etc.

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The electric hull cleaning Brush system polish the hull and waterline section without damage on the paint work coating while removing unwanted fouling (slime and seaweed) and corrosion efficiently. We trust the products of Nemo Power Tools.

Propellers and Thrusters are crucial for your vessel operation. Fouling of the propulsion system can dramatically reduce performance. Aloha Diving recommends Propspeed coating for for your propulsion system. It costs more than a conventional anti-fouling but lasts a long time. That means as well you have less hull cleaning costs as we will be faster cleaning your monohull or multihull vessel.

Hull cleaning pricing in Phuket

First cleanings are priced THB 1’000 per hour. Hull cleaning service includes cleaning the hull from the bootstripe to the bottom of the keel, rudders, props, shafts, trim-tabs and all other runninggear, thru-hulls and transducers. Hull cleaning invoices include a condition report,describing the condition of the anti fouling paint, running gear, anodes, thru-hulls and transducers, etc. If you own more than 1 yacht or manage a fleet please contact us for spacial rates.

LOA in feetprice per feet in THB
0-30 ftTHB 40
31-50 ftTHB 50
51-80 ftTHB 70
81-120 ftTHB 80
From 121 ftcustom pricing

Underwater Hull Cleaning Advantages:

  • Minimises direct operating costs

  • Reduces fuel consumption and increases steaming radius.
  • Supports lengthened drydock intervals, phased maintenance, and repair programs.
  • Improves effective lifetime of anti-fouling and anti-corrosive paint systems.
Simon SSI Instructor

Simon SSI Instructor

How do I quote?
Hull cleaning with Swiss precision is charged per hour. If your vessel is approx. 100 feet long cleaning can take from 5 hours to 14 hours and anything in between. It depends how much fouling is on the hull and what applications are mounted to the hull (stabilisers, fins, amount of water intakes, thrusters and so on). Therefore, a quotation is hard to make in advance. I charge THB 1’000 per hour. It doesn’t matter if it is for hull cleaning, changing anodes or other diving related work.

You are curious how it looks down there?

I’m a scuba diving instructor & engineer and can teach you diving. By taking the Open Water Diver course you are able to safely inspect the hull of your vessel. Of course you learn to dive at beautiful reefs and not in a marina. I can teach on your vessel liveaboard style or as day trips or we take my commercial diving boat :-).

Hull Inspection and Hull Survey

Hull inspections can be necessary to prevent major damage. Underwater inspections for boat groundings and collision. Vibrating shaft? Check for prop damage! More affordable than a short haul, photo and video provided.

Aloha Diving will never provide subjective opinion about the status of hull, running gear, chains, or underwater structure. Comprehensive photo and video provided for clients judgement.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I paint my boats bottom?

A boats bottom should be painted every 2 years or when your diver starts complaining of excessive growth! With Copper-coat your are safe at least 5 years before hauling out.

How much does a Hull Cleaning in Phuket cost?

The age or type of bottom paint, vessel length and what’s growing down there are all factors that affect pricing. What’s growing down there depends on water temperature, salinity, the density of local underwater flora and fauna, the substrate (what your hull is made of) and how often you use your boat. The location of where your boat is in a Marina or Private Dock can cause unusual growth due to high current, proximity to a leaky septic tank or fertilizer runoff caused by a heavy rain. A professional hull diver will tell you, no cleaning to the same boat is ever the same. A diver will determine what his time is worth and price accordingly. If you are interested in a free cleaning, running aground at your local sandbar is an option.

What are the benefits of a diver cleaning my boat?

A monthly cleaning is more than a cleaning, it is preventive maintenance. Our divers are trained to inspect your hull with each cleaning and report any issues that you might not be aware of. Common findings are damage to the hull or running gear, blocked thru-holes due to debris in the water or zincs that have lost there effectiveness.

Can I be on a fixed schedule?

Yes. We can create a schedule tailored to your boat needs. From there, Aloha Diving will take care of the maintenance of hull cleanings, anode replacement, etc. We will send a follow up report.

What products are used for the bottom cleaning procedure?

We use white 3M pads to clean the hull.  This is the least abrasive pad and preferred method.  If a hull has been left without cleaning for some time or the antifouling is failing we use more abrasive red 3M pads. For hard growth (barnacles or mussels) we use a scraper. No chemical is used in our underwater cleaning process.

What is the difference between hard and soft growth?

In Phuket, Thailand we generally see hard growth as barnacles and mussels. These organisms frequently attach to metals, such as your prop and shaft and will significantly impact your boats performance.  Anti-fouling Paint is designed to prevent barnacles but long periods without cleanings can result in barnacles attaching to the hull as well. Consistent maintenance helps reduce hard growth. Soft growth is the layers of marine slime and algae that clings to your boat’s hull and slows your boat down. Soft growth start to bild up at the waterline quickly.

Why should I schedule a hull cleaning and how often?

Boat hull cleanings keep our boats performing at their highest. When we keep our boats clean underneath the waterline we prevent drag that slows our boat down. This results in less time at our destination or maybe we’re so far behind we miss the better anchorages or mooring balls.  Also, when performance goes down, fuel consumption goes up. Another major factor is hull cleanings help prolong the bottom paint with regular maintenance. 
Boat cleaning schedules vary. If I had to give a generic answer, I would say every 1 month, but there are many factors involved including current paint condition, salt or fresh water, water temperature (as higher the temperature as faster the growth) how you use your boat, frequency of use and when you use it. For example, if the paint is over 2 years old and losing some of the anti-fouling properties the hull will need to be cleaned more often to maintain performance until your next paint job. Boats in salt water require more frequent cleaning because growth rates are higher and include barnacles. If you are a sailboat racer you will want cleanings more often than a liveaboard that occasionally does local excursions. Trawlers typically cover long distances at lower speeds and while trawlers are fuel efficient vessels, regular cleaning costs will easily be offset in fuel savings over long trips. We can tailor a service to your boat’s needs.

Do I need to be present during the dive service?

No. It is not required for you to be present during the dive. During scheduling we will gain all necessary information to conduct the dive. If you would like to be present, we would be happy to schedule a time to meet face to face.

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