Rebreather Diving in Phuket

Rebreather Diving in Thailand

Rebreather Diving in Phuket

Our Mission – No Bubbles – No Troubles

An open-water diver asked us why anyone would want to dive with a rebreather. The question surprised us. Who wouldn’t want the comfort, ease and the access to marine life that only a rebreather can provide? As we talked, I realized that this diver was a victim of several common misconceptions about recreational rebreathers–that they’re too expensive, too complicated, that you have to be a rocket scientist to make sense of a dive system that’s equal parts black magic and high tech. Thats why we from Aloha Diving we initiate, a Rebreather Dive Center only, with the goal to promote the rebreather diving in the tropical waters. Rebreather Thailand is one of a few facilities offers year-round Rebreather Courses and Diving in Thailand. With Swiss quality and precession we maintain our Rebreathers as recommended by the manufacture that certified rebreather diver have a safe and fun experience.

Rebreather Diving – A unique experience

While diving in the early 70s was reserved especially for the pioneers, it is now practically available to everyone. Accordingly, it has become an extremely popular pastime. The indescribable and mysterious beauty of the underwater world and the sporting aspect make diving indeed into a real adventure

Passionate divers, or those who would like to be, have with us the opportunity to experience diving completely new with rebreathers. Our Poseidon Mk6 and Poseidon Se7en units are aligned for recreational diving, which is why it does not require training in technical diving. The latest generation of rebreather units are absolutely easy to use and within a short time ready for diving. With a rebreather, the normally time-limited stay in the kingdom of fish, can be significantly extended. Dive sites can be explored in a completely different dive profile where other divers rarely can be found. Although, many fish and different marine life can be admired at a very close range, because a rebreather diver is absolutely silent. The buoyancy is also a completely new experience because you float as in space through the universe without creating breathing movements and breathing sounds. These advantages are also appreciated by underwater photographers and videographers. A rebreather will make you part of the environment; not just a visitor. Please remember that “a Rebreather Diver certification is earned, not purchased”

Rebreather Thailand is an official Poseidon Rebreather Center, owned by Aloha Diving. The PADI 5 Star Dive Center is located in Rawai, in the south of Phuket. Besides rebreather courses, we teach all diving courses from beginners to professionals. We attach great importance to high quality and competent training, not least through individual attention and personal commitment. Already certified rebreather divers we accompany with joy on their underwater adventures as experienced dive guides. Whether on day trips or liveaboards, we dive guaranteed silently as a small group.

Be no longer a visitor, become part of the environment – diving with all your senses – Rebreather Thailand!

Thailand is an ideal location for all rebreather divers or those wishing to become one. Spectacular reefs with lots of fish, wrecks and walls in warm tropical water offering best conditions to enjoy rebreather diving. Rebreather-Thailand is a PADI Training Facility and is Phuket’s most rebreather friendly dive center, staffed by rebreather divers for rebreather divers. We offer rebreather divers total support and service. Come and enjoy the silence on such famous dive sites as Phi Phi Islands, the Racha Islands and the King Cruiser wreck. Or Join us for a fabulous Rebreather Liveaboard to Hin Daeng / Hin Muang and Koh Haa or Similan Islands and Myanmar.

  • Dedicated washing and storage facility
  • Rebreather rental
  • Rebreather cylinders and rigged bailout cylinders
  • Stock of Pre-packed Sofnolime 797
  • Absorbent material and spare parts
  • O2/Nitrox

Rebreather divers diving with us in Thailand dive with:

Rebreather Diving in Phuket

To make the rebreather diving holiday pleasant and easy, we recommend an accommodation near our diving center in Rawai. Because we have all the facilities for rebreather diving needs. And Chalong Pier is just a few minutes away.

We will gladly put together for you a varied rebreather diving program.

An incomparably comfortable and enjoyable way to rebreather diving is a Rebreather Liveaboard to the absolute top dive sites Hin Daeng / Hin Muang incl. Koh Haa. The dive sites are located about 65 km from Phuket and therefore they can not be approached with a day trip boat. Contact us and find out more.

The Dive sites for Rebreather Diving in Phuket

Phuket’s dive sites have, on average, a maximum depth of 18 to 30 meters with difficulty levels from easy to medium. The dive sites inspire with steep walls, small caves and wrecks as well as impressive rock formations and coral gardens.