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Aloha Diving is a small family owned and operated dive center in Phuket, Thailand. The boutique diving school is located in the south of Phuket, in Rawai and offers a full range of scuba diving courses and scuba diving trips. Regardless of where you spend your holiday on the island, Aloha Diving is your most convenient and accessible dive center. We can serve you wherever you are in Phuket.

Experience the compelling enthusiasm and uncompromising professionalism of the highly skilled Aloha Diving staff. Benefit from scuba diving in small, private groups that will enhance your experience, whether you are an experienced certified diver or you have just gained your diving license. We will accompany you, your friends and family during your diving adventures and ensure you enjoy your scuba diving experience in Thailand to the fullest.

Scuba Diving Phuket SSI Diamond Dive Centre in Rawai


At our professionally managed dive center, you will always receive special, personalised attention specific to your needs. We are committed to responding to your questions – no matter how simple or complex – in a timely manner and as clearly as possible. We work responsibly and conscientiously with a transparent price policy. We will always provide you with advice based on our extensive experience and technical knowledge. Honesty and transparency in our approach and a commitment to safety at all times, are the hallmark of the Aloha business model. This ensures that you can always rely on us to provide you with a tailor-made diving experience and a carefree diving holiday in Phuket. We offer the following first-class services:

  • Scuba Diving Excursions – These include the conduct of all diving activities such as boat trips, diving from the beach by day and night and liveaboards.
  • Scuba Diving Courses – A full range of courses is available – including introductory “try scuba diving”, beginner and continuing diving courses, extended range courses, rebreather courses, sidemount courses, and assistant instructor courses.
  • Snorkeling Excursions – We organize quality snorkeling and sightseeing excursions at the best sites in Phuket.
  • Scuba Diving Vacation – We can provide advice on all aspects of your holiday, and can help you plan personalized diving vacations. We can manage your accommodation, transfers on Phuket and fully organised diving packages.
  • Diving Equipment Maintenance and Repairs – We have a qualified specialist available for routine maintenance and repairs to all makes of diving equipment.
  • Aloha Fun Tank – Our unique converted shipping container provides a vast range of fun experiences in the water for the whole family in a safe and professionally supervised environment. Activities include swimming and freediving with a mermaid tail (Mermaiding), underwater games, underwater photo shoots thanks to the window in the tank, corporate events and private functions.
  • Specialist in Private Diving Services – Our Phuket Yacht Scuba Diving services include, but are not limited to, one-to-one diving instructors, private diving guides, yacht itinerary planning, SSI course certifications and on board dive consultation services.


Our dive center is located at Rawai Beach in a distinctive re-cycled shipping container. Our showroom offers a selected range of diving and snorkeling equipment, diving accessories and various Aloha Diving products for sale. You are encouraged to take advantage of our expertise and our offer to test diving equipment including diving masks and dive computers before purchasing. This is easily done in our Fun Tank which is located next to the dive centre.

BOOK EARLY: We recommend that you book diving activities through Aloha Diving online as early as possible – ideally prior to your holiday in Phuket. This allows us to put together a varied and interesting diving program that suits your personal wishes and of course your skills level (certification level). It also ensures your place on the boat.

In Phuket large boats are used that are fully self contained with all the facilities you will need as a diver, snorkeler or just a fun day-tripper!!. All boats have both outdoor rest areas, sun decks, indoor saloons, sea toilets, meals areas and fully equipped dive decks. Air fills are always provided between dives allowing for a schedule of at least 3 dives per trip – weather permitting. To get to our famous dive sites, trips of 2 to 3 hours may be needed across the open sea. So we encourage you to accept our recommendations to use the most seaworthy boats with the best safety records and the most experienced skippers and crew in Thailand. We work closely with a number of highly reliable boat operators giving us the flexibility to conduct dive trips according to your specific needs.

Our diving activities take place on our small and family-run dive boat. On our own boat MV Matchanu we enjoy diversified diving without time pressure in a very relaxed atmosphere – away from Phuket’s usual diving industry.

Our Aloha Fun Tank was originally a steel shipping freight container that has travelled thousands of miles on ships, railways and trucks all over the world!! After it was taken out of service the globetrotter has been given a new permanent home at Rawai, Phuket with a new life as an above ground all-purpose diving/swimming and recreational event pool.

Have a break in the Restaurant, which is located at our dive center. In a cozy ambience you can enjoy delicious Thai dishes and fresh fruit juices, paired with typical Thai hospitality. The restaurant offers incredible value for money and speedy service to ensure you can get back into the Fun Tank without delay!! Of course you are most welcome to settle in and take your time over a delicious meal if that is your preference.

If you have your own diving equipment, you know how much space it takes and how long it takes to dry. For this reason, you can store your equipment during your diving holiday, at no additional cost, in our dry room. We will wash and pack it for you, so you don’t have to deal with it in the hotel or even come to the dive center to collect it. We will guarantee that it is ready to use when and where you need it – and of course will take it to your dive boat so it is ready for your first dive for the day!

Aloha Diving has a fully equipped dive workshop – with all the tools and spare parts (for most makes of equipment) that allow us to service and repair your equipment at short notice if required. We also have a full range of quality diving and snorkeling equipment for hire – so you don’t need to worry about bringing any of that “heavy stuff” on your International flight and risk being overweight!!! If you want to be absolutely sure we can meet all your equipment needs you can order what you need (and specify sizes) online through the Aloha Diving Phuket.


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I want to see Sharks, Mantas and Turtles – You need to be lucky, but as a passionate diver you will hopefully also enjoy all the other great and rare creatures at Phuket’s popular dive sites. Let yourself be amazed at the huge variety of marine life and the divine underwater landscape on offer at Phuket.

Aloha provides you with the key to a mystic underwater world. Explore it by getting in touch with our experienced diving instructors and you can become a fully qualified diver with very little effort. Let us do the work for you so you can learn to dive anywhere in absolute safety.