Sailing and diving go together perfectly to explore the underwater world undisturbed by boat engines or other diving groups. If you are blue water cruising and you are considering diving independently you will need a breathing air compressor, scuba tanks and a first aid kit specific to diving accidents.

The most significant factors to consider when purchasing a scuba tank compressor for your boat are:

  • Space and/or location on the vessel
  • Gasoline or Electric
  • Operating Pressure
  • Pumping Capacity
  • Purchasing Costs
  • Maintenance Costs
  • Parts Availability

Hier at Aloha Diving in Phuket we are passionate divers and scuba diving instructors with extensive experience in maintaining dive operations from our dive vessel. We are happy to share the knowledge if you are considering adding more depth to your boating lifestyle. There are listed all compact and portable dive compressors available in Thailand. All breathing air dive tank compressors showcased on the website are outfitted with gasoline drive. For most compressors, there is an electric single phase or 3 phase option available. For some models, you can opt even for a diesel-driven compressor. Bauer Kompressoren headquartered in Germany is the most trusted manufacturer for diving businesses with a global network for spare part supply. Lenhardt & Wagner (L+W) is a reputable compressor manufacturer from Germany. Colti Compressor is an italien manufacturer with 130 distributors around the globe.

Diving compressors for sailing vessels and motor yachts comparison table

Dive Compressor

Coltri Icon Petrol

Bauer Junior 2 Petrol

LW 100 Petrol

Bauer Oceanus Petrol

Bauer PE 100 Petrol

Weight 37 kg 45 kg 43 kg 47 kg 44 kg
Dimensions W x D x H [mm]: 780 x 320 x 350 mm 780 x 340 x 420 mm  780 x 380 x 400 mm 790 x 410 x 420 mm  740 x 340 x 420 mm
Capacity  litre /min 100 100 100 140 100
Lubrication type splash oil  splash oil  splash oil low-pressure lubrication  splash oil
Oil capacity 0.3 l 0.36 l o.5 l 1.3 l 0.36 l
Dive motor Honda 4.3 kw  SUBARU 4.2 kw Honda 4.1 kw SUBARU 5.3 kw SUBARU 4.2 kw

Diving compressors for sailing vessels and motor yachts available in Thailand.

Diving compressor consumables

Below you find some consumables for the everyday breathing air dive compressor operation. We source only original parts from the manufacturer respectively from the Thailand distributor.