Dive Boat Crew Training

This program incorporates everything that a dive boat crew would be required to know from the moment the boat left the dock until its safe return to port and is an amazing compliment to our PADI Divemaster and Instructor courses.

International Yacht Training  (IYT) Worldwide issues certifications on behalf of the British Maritime and Coast guard Agency (MCA) and the International Maritime Organization (IMO).

IYT boating qualifications are the most internationally recognised qualifications in the world and have, over the past ten years become the de facto world standards.
Upon completion of our Dive Boat Crew course and individual would have earned IYT certificates in:

Product Description

Dive Boat Crew Training by Aloha Diving

Alice and Simon (the owners of Aloha Diving) are 10 years in the diving business and realised that an important part of their daily work is not covered in any course PADI offers. It’s everything around boating. Many times dive sites are off shore or only accessible by boat near the coast line. Therefore as a Dive Professional (Divemaster or Instructor) sooner or later you will be working on a boat – so you will be part of the boat crew. There is so much more to know then organising the dive deck. The IYT/PADI Dive Boat Crew program is offered on request at Aloha Diving by an experienced boating instructor from Java Yachting and for candidates on our SSI Divemaster course and Instructor internships, and also as a stand-alone program for already qualified Divemasters and Instructors.


  • Experienced instructor form Java Yachting Phuket

  • Workshops with the chief engineer of the dive vessel

  • All Courses with eLearning (digital learning)

  • Certification

Dive Boat Crew Training

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