We are a full service dive service not just bottom cleaners.

We keep your running gear at peace performance ability

The term “running gear” refers to a boat’s propellers, shafts, struts, trim tabs, intakes (through-hulls), intake covers, transducers, knotmeter, keel coolers (when applicable), grounding plates, and line cutters.
With just a few barnacles on your boat’s running gear you might experience symptoms such as:

  • vibration when the boat is in gear
  • black smoke coming from your exhaust
  • loss of RPMs
  • increased fuel consumption
  • “prop walk” or an inability to control the direction of your boats movement even when in gear
  • speed log failure
  • depth-finder failure
  • lack of ability to draw water through your intakes

If these symptoms are ignored, or if a boats is run with heavy barnacle growth on the running gear, it could result in much more serious problems such as:

  • warped shaft
  • damaged cutless bearing
  • overheated engine
  • nonfunctioning AC unit

At Aloha Diving we don’t just scrape propellers, we clean your boat’s running gear in an effort to restore your boat to its peak performance ability. We pay attention to the details, such as cleaning the cutless bearing water ports to keep your cutless running smooth and cool.

In-water propeller polish

In-water propeller polish

Big or small we do it all. The electric grinder polish the propeller without damage while removing unwanted fouling and smoothening the surface. We trust the products of Nemo Power Tools.

Propellers and Thrusters are crucial for your vessel operation. Fouling of the propulsion system can dramatically reduce performance. Aloha Diving recommends Propspeed coating for for your propulsion system. It costs more than a conventional anti-fouling but lasts a long time. That means as well you have less maintenance costs. If you need surface treatment for your yacht we recommend Satun Painters Website based in Phuket.

In-water propeller change

In-water propeller change

Six reasons you may need to change your propeller or pitch of the prop:

1. Is your boat slow to come onto plane?
2. Does your engine over-rev and the boat seem slow?
3. Did you run over a log, hit a sandbar or a rock?
4. Do you want your boat to be faster?
5. Using too much fuel?
6. You changed the engine

We can take off as well the rudder and shaft while the vessel remains in the water. Custom tools we can manufacture within 24 hours to get the in-water work professionally done. Custom shafts can be manufactured within a couple of days. Call us before you haul out! We are here to find the most economical solution for you.

Latest projects

Custom Tools

Custom ring spanner manufactured with a CNC cutting torch.

The boat owner upgraded from a 4 blade to 5 blade for vibration reduction, more speed, fuel efficiency and power transmission. Adjusting a 5 blade propeller to a V8 engine and 3:1 gearbox. Balancing of the prop (10g unbalance) before instalment. Propspeed is missing :-)