Zincs – Anodes

Zincs – Anodes


Aloha Diving Phuket undertakes underwater replacement anodes (u/w replacement anodes) in the submerged parts of the ship such as rudder, propeller and hull. Changing Zinks is often combined with hull cleaning. As a result, the smooth operation of the ship is extended and the costs of keeping the ship away from the dry-dock are reduced significantly. We replace anodes manufactured by Tecnoseal, a leading supplier of sacrificial anodes for cathodic protection in the following markets: leisure boat, shipping & offshore applications..
Aloha Diving offers midseason zinc replacement without the expensive hauling fees. Best if owner can provide correct parts before install. Hardware and tool needs must be arranged ahead of time.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do zincs do?

Zincs protect your running from galvanic corrosion. Galvanic corrosion occurs from dissimilar Alloys being in an electrolyte such as seawater. Zincs are a type of Anode, other types of Anodes include Aluminum and Magnesium. You might ask yourself which type of Anode should i be using on my boat! Zinc and Aluminum Anodes are used in saltwater while Magnesium Anodes are best suited for freshwater.

When should I replace my zincs?

Zincs should be replaced when there is 40% section remaining. This is why it is important to have a diver check the amount of section remaining with each monthly cleaning.

Do I have to supply my own zincs?

No. We can supply the zincs for you, however, if you would like to buy your own, you can meet us at the boat with them or provide a location at your boat we can pick them up like a dock box or in the cockpit.

Why do the anodes (zincs) need to be replaced? And how often do you recommend that this procedure happen?  

Anodes protect your underwater metals from galvanic corrosion. Anodes are sacrificial metals. They are more active in giving up their electrons and will corrode before your prop, shaft, thru hulls, struts, strainers, sail drives, etc.  For example, two metals (such as a stainless shaft and bronze prop) in electrical contact will create a charge, similar to a battery, and deteriorate your boat’s valuable underwater metals. We replace these sacrificial anodes so your valuable metals are not subject to corrosion.  
There are different metals used as anodes: Aluminum anodes are versatile in both salt and fresh water. Zinc is still used everywhere but is ideally used in salt water.  Magnesium should only be used in fresh water. Many factors affect the timing of anode replacements such as your marina, your boat, boats around you, anode size and type.
Generally speaking, boats moored in salt water should have their anodes inspected and replaced every 6 months.

Can I be on a fixed schedule?

Yes. We can create a schedule tailored to your boat needs. From there, Aloha Diving will take care of the maintenance of hull cleanings, anode replacement, etc. We will send a follow up report.

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