Interior & Exterior yacht cleaning service in Phuket

In Phuket, Thailand boat-season is all year-round. People are constantly taking their yachts out to tropical islands. When details matter Aloha Diving is here. As much as we take care about your vessel below the waterline with hull cleaning Aloha’s interior detail team delivers perfection to your vessel with the highest level of show readiness every time. Yacht interiors are subject to every day wear and tear from regular traffic or even the spoils of an on-board party or special event.
Aloha Diving offers comprehensive services to keep the interior of your yacht in pristine condition. We are located in Chalong Bay and offer services at moorings as well. However we serve all mayor marinas in Phuket.

Interior Boat and Yacht cleaning service

  • Light interior – vacuum throughout, polish off all timberwork, clean and polish all surfaces and windows.
  • Full interior – as above. Plus cleaning cupboards, cookers, refrigerators, microwave, leather seating, heads and headings.

Exterior Boat and Yacht cleaning service

  • Basic wash-off – wash super structure and hull with shampoo, leather dry exterior including windows, stainless and canopy clean.

  • Wash-off – as above, also including clean all seating and cockpit surfaces, lockers and surrounds.

  • Full exterior – as above included. Plus brighten all teak decks, scrub all non-slip decks, polishing of windows and chrome.

Frequently Asked Questions

The cleaning team

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