Scuba diving in Phuket for beginners

Scuba diving in Phuket for beginners is a fantastic and outstanding activity that cannot be compared to anything else! The fact that it has a worldwide audience is not random at all! Through their underwater adventures, divers can experience unique feelings such as weightlessness, serenity, escaping from daily routine, observation of underwater life, etc. The experiences that one can obtain through Scuba Diving can classify it as an extremely addictive hobby!

Scuba Diving in Phuket for beginners

We have all at some time started! This nasty situation, the nervous feeling that you have when you discover scuba diving for the very first time is quite normal. We are not born to breathe underwater. Once you have the hang of it, diving is the most peaceful and wonderful experience of your life and vacation in Phuket Thailand. All divers start at some point and struggle first, but it is worth it! Just the sound of your breathing; no smartphone, iPhone, Tablet, WhatsApp, no one talks, no traffic … just you, the sea, and the fish.

Ask us questions before committing to Scuba Diving in Phuket for beginners

Knowledge is power. It just feels better when you know what to expect. Our scuba instructor will tell you everything you need to know. This provides you with more confidence. There are no wrong questions. If you have a question, please ask until you get a satisfying answer. This applies also to the introduction of discovering scuba diving. This is your chance to resolve the last uncertainties so that you can enjoy your diving experience to the maximum.
This is especially true if you are a little scared before the first dive of your beginner scuba diving experience. If you do not feel well, tell your instructor. If you are particularly nervous, inform your instructor. Your instructor learned at some day scuba diving too and he knows how you can feel, but he can not read your mind. Tell him how you feel and you will see that he reacts absolutely positively. This may mean he stays closer to you, it may mean he asks you more often “are you OK?” but in general, your instructor is an approachable person and it helps him to support you for your first discovery scuba dive.

Find the right instructor and diving school for your beginner Scuba Diving

You can see from the points above how important it is to have a good instructor. Usually, you’ll find a good instructor at a professional diving school. There are many dive centers and it is not always easy to find the right one that you are comfortable with. Therefore contact a diving school and ask questions. Read reviews on Google and Facebook. (Both platforms are particularly good because you can be sure that the reviews are from real people. Tripadvisor has been known to be less reliable on this with Dive Centers purchasing or faking reviews). Many dive shops offer beginner diving experiences with the 2 largest diver training organizations. Aloha Diving is a PADI 5 Star Dive Center that offers PADI beginner diving in Phuket. PADI is the world’s most renowned training agency.

Fact is, if you follow a few simple rules, it’s not so hard, to begin with diving. Whether you are afraid or not, with a few tips and tricks in mind in preparation for your discover scuba dive or Beginner Dive Course in Phuket and you will be on the right track towards enjoying a beautiful part of this world; the underwater part.

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