First PADI Eco Center in Phuket

As the diving community continues to grow, so too does our responsibility to protect the underwater world that we love. The PADI Eco Center program is a crucial step in this direction, providing a framework for dive centers to promote and support environmentally-friendly practices in their operations. The first PADI Eco Center in Phuket is Aloha Diving, managed by Alice and Simon – PADI Ocean Torchbearer Award winner 2023.

Aloha Diving is the first PADI Eco Center in Phuket

No diesel generators but solar panels and lithium batteries

Aloha Diving is committing to eco-friendly practices in every aspect of the operation. From the materials used in equipment to waste management practices, Aloha Diving have taken a holistic approach to sustainability. Aloha Diving prioritize education, offering eco-diving courses that teach divers about responsible diving practices and the importance of conservation efforts.

One of the key areas of focus for Aloha Diving is reducing CO2 emissions  and noice pollution in the ocean. Noice pollution is a major problem in our oceans, with millions of vessels using the ocean every year. Aloha Diving has taken a proactive approach to this issue, implementing a range of measures to reduce their noice pollution use and promote sustainable dive trips. For example, they compensate all CO2 emissions from their operation by supporting blue carbon projects around Phuket. Additionally, in 2024, Aloha Diving has achieved zero chemical discharge on the dive vessel by using biodegradable cleaning agents and producing their own pineapple enzyme cleaner from pineapple waste.

But Alice and Simon’s commitment to conservation doesn’t stop with compensating CO2 emissions. They are also actively involved in local conservation efforts and dedicate all their dives to Dive Against Debris® citizen science, supporting the PADI AWARE Foundation™ marine debris database.

They are strong advocates for responsible diving practices, encouraging divers to avoid touching or disturbing marine life, and promoting the importance of leaving only bubbles and taking only memories.

Their efforts have not gone unnoticed. In 2023, Simon was awarded the prestigious PADI Ocean Torchbearer Award for his contributions to ocean conservation and sustainability. This award recognizes individuals who have made a significant impact in protecting the ocean, and it is a testament to Simon’s hard work and dedication.

As the first PADI Eco Center in Phuket, Aloha Diving is setting an example for others to follow. By prioritising sustainability and conservation, they are helping to protect the incredible marine life in the area for generations to come. They are proving that responsible diving practices can coexist with a thriving dive community, and that we can all make a difference in protecting the ocean.

In conclusion, the PADI Eco Center program is a vital step towards promoting sustainable practices in the diving industry, and Aloha Diving is a shining example of how these practices can be implemented in a successful dive center. With the leadership of Alice and Simon, the diving community in Phuket is setting a new standard for responsible and sustainable diving practices. Let’s do our part to protect the ocean.

What is a PADI Eco Center?

A PADI Eco Center is a scuba diving center that is committed to promoting environmentally sustainable practices and ocean conservation. The PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) Eco Center designation is awarded to dive centers that have demonstrated a strong commitment to environmental conservation and sustainable business practices.

PADI Eco Centers are required to meet strict environmental standards and must demonstrate a commitment to environmental stewardship through their operations, practices, and education. They typically offer eco-friendly dive courses, encourage the use of eco-friendly dive gear, and participate in local conservation efforts.

Some of the key features of a PADI Eco Center may include offering eco-friendly dive trips, using sustainable products and materials, reducing waste and pollution, promoting environmental education and awareness, and supporting local conservation initiatives.

Overall, the PADI Eco Center program is designed to promote sustainable diving practices and encourage the protection and preservation of our oceans and marine ecosystems.

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