Our Code of Conduct

This article is about guidelines and safety protocols for diving with Aloha Diving while adhering to the Green Fins Code of Conduct to protect the marine life and reefs. It covers details of the Giant Stride Entry, including depth limits based on certification levels, bottom time, and no-decompression time. It emphasizes safety measures such as buddy pairs, pre-dive safety checks, and how to handle emergencies like losing a buddy or low air supply. And encourages eco-friendly diving practices and the responsible exploration of the underwater world while respecting marine life and the environment.

Applying the Green Fins Code of Conduct

Yo, so if you’re diving with Aloha Diving, it’s all about protecting those gorgeous reefs and marine life we’re here to enjoy. You gotta stick to the Green Fins Code of Conduct, which means no touching anything underwater, no gloves, no feeding the fish or any marine creatures, and definitely no leaving any trash behind, not even those pesky cigarette butts. Oh, and don’t even think about chasing or bothering marine life with strobes or flashes – they need their space too! If you wanna use a muck stick, do it responsibly, no poking or prodding the critters. Keep that buoyancy on point and steer clear of the reef to avoid any damage. And hey, leave spearfishing out of the picture – we’re not messing with the ecosystem balance here. If you slip up, be cool with your dive guide correcting you, they’re just looking out for our underwater buddies! Let’s have an awesome time while being eco-friendly, alright?

The Code of Conduct for our dives

Conde of Conduct

Let’s dive into the details of our underwater escapade! It’s time for the Giant Stride Entry – an exhilarating dive experience that allows each diver to embrace their inner explorer while keeping a close eye on their trusty computer. Remember, we’re in for a minimum of 3 minutes of No Deco Time, so let’s make the most of it! The depth of our plunge is determined by our Certification level, be it Open Water (18m) or Advanced Open Water (30m) – the choice is yours. Oh, but don’t forget, we’ve got a maximum Bottom Time of 90 minutes to soak up the wonders below. Safety is our top priority, folks, so it’s buddy pairs all the way! A pre-dive safety check is a must before we take the plunge. Should you happen to lose your buddy, no worries! One minute of searching, and if still alone, ascend slowly while inflating your safety sausage. But hey, let’s stick together and complete our dive as a team! And just in case your air starts running low, confirm those signals with your buddy. At 100 bar, we’ll turn around, and at 60 bar, it’s time to start our ascent – keep the dive leader informed! The minimum returning tank pressure is 50 bar, so we can safely return to the surface. But wait, our adventure doesn’t end there; a Safety Stop at 5 meters for 3 minutes is a must for every dive. If there’s an emergency recall to the boat, keep an ear out for the continuous banging sound from the boat or our trusty dive leader. As we resurface, remember to remove your fins before boarding, and keep that mask on and regulator in place. And finally, hold on to the boat while taking off your fins – safety first, even in the most fun-filled moments! Let’s dive in and make some unforgettable memories!

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