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Sustainable Diving

with Aloha Diving

Also, we as divers can contribute to the protection of our reefs and oceans and reduce the impact to a minimum.

Here are some hints for our diving customers

  • Be attentive: report to your dive center any environment violation you have observed
  • Avoid trash: (also during your vacation) Collect rubbish during your dives wherever possible
  • Behave under water: more knowledge about the marine life allows you to adapt better to it
    (grab the opportunity to increase your knowledge)
  • Mind your buoyancy and don’t forget: Your legs became much longer with the fins!
  • Avoid sun lotion, better wear our UV protection shirt
  • Avoid the use of ‚one way’ plastic items wherever you can!

And what is Aloha Diving doing on site?

  • We organise beach and dive site clean-up days
  • We compensate our carbon footprint by donating to Oceans for All.
  • We prevent oil going into the bilge and therefore only pure saltwater get pumped out
  • We avoid any use of plastic bottled drinking water onboard
  • We actively source provisions with low single-use plastic footprint packaging
  • We follow the guidelines of Clear Ocean Pact
  • We offer PADI Aware courses
  • We conduct regular trainings in environmental aspects for our staff
  • We generate most of the energy used on board by solar panels
  • We operate low noise compressors with the highest energy efficiency label
  • We installed energy saving light bulbs all over the dive center and diving vessel
Sustainable Diving

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