Sustainable diving with Aloha Diving

By diving from a boat we create a carbon footprint. Many years already you can offset your CO2 emissions by myclimate when booking a flight. Since 2019 we are automatically compensating the CO2 emissions of our dive boat. We support climate offset projects from Oceans For All – a local Foundation. We invite you to be part of the change, together with the diving community committed to the environment. Book the probably most CO2-neutral diving excursion in Phuket with us.

Carbon Footprint when diving in Phuket

CO2 Certificate

PADI Green Star Award

Green Star Award Certificate - Aloha Diving S-28221

We divers can also contribute our part to ensure that our reefs and the seas of this earth are as little burdened as possible.

Our tips for sustainable diving for our divers:

  • Increased environmental awareness – Be attentive and inform your dive center if you observe any environmental violations.
  • void litter, even during your vacation, and if possible, collect trash during your dives.
  • Respect the underwater world – Gaining more knowledge about the underwater world enables you to treat it more responsibly. Continuously educate yourself as a diver.
  • Pay attention to your buoyancy and fin technique.
  • Avoid sunscreen and use UV shirts.
  • Minimize single-use plastic wherever possible.

What does Aloha Diving do for sustainable diving on-site?

  • We regularly organize beach and dive site clean-up actions.
  • We offset our CO2 footprint through an annual donation to Oceans for All.
  • We prevent oil from entering bilge water, ensuring pure seawater is discharged overboard.
  • We avoid the use of plastic water bottles onboard.
  • We follow the guidelines of Green Fins.
  • We actively source provisions with minimal single-use plastic packaging.
  • We have established continuous environmental education and training for our staff.
  • We offer PADI AWARE courses for our guests.
  • We generate the majority of the energy consumed onboard through solar panels.
  • We use low-noise compressors from Bauer with a premium energy efficiency label.
  • We have switched to using only LED lights in our dive center.
Sustainable Diving