Hin-Bida-Dive-Site-MapTurtle Rock Phuket Dive Site

Hin Bida aka Phi Phi Shark Point

  • Distance: 60 Km boat trip of approx. 180 minutes.
  • Depth: 5 – 20 meters
  • Experience: Advanced
  • Reef type: lime stone rocks in a hand shape
  • Visibility: Variable 10 to 25 meters
  • Current: Variable, mild to Strong
  • Corals: Hard coarals, soft corals and sea fans
  • Fish: Barracudas, Batfish, Snappers, scorpionfish, moray eels, Lion Fishes
  • Highlights: Leopard Sharks, Whale Shark, Turtle

Hin Bida is a large submerged rocky outcrop around 8km south east of Koh Bida Nok and Koh Bida Nai, rising from the sandy bottom around 18m to break the surface at low tide. This superb reef is a perfect place for both divers and snorkelers.

Hin Bida is covered in a huge variety of hard and soft corals, with a large part of the reef being just 3 – 8m deep. The fringes of the reef drop down deeper, with 3 large coral covered fingers running to the south providing shelter for the many leopard sharks which are often spotted here.
Hin Bida (or Phi Phi Shark Point as it’s also known) is a very colourful reef, home to large schools of snapper, cuttle fish, octopus, turtles, harlequin shrimp, lionfish, moray eels, sea snakes, box fish, puffer and porcupine fish. Underwater photographers will find no end of subjects here.
Of course, you’ll also find all the regular reef dwellers here, butterfly and parrot fish, scorpion fish, damsel and cardinal fish, clown fish, wrasse, groupers, shrimp, lobster, the list goes on…
It’s not unknown for whale sharks to visit Hin Bida on their way south to Koh Haa or Hin Daeng & Hin Muang.

Hin Bida is less frequently dived than many other sites, which is evident in the quality of the corals and abundant marine life. However it is prone to strong currents and care should be taken here just after full and new moon periods.


All scuba diving dive sites are visited at the discretion of the tour leader on the day. Dive sites are selected based on the weather conditions, currents, overall safety and suitability for the majority of divers on the boat. We cannot guarantee specific dive sites prior to the boat departing.

Hin Bida is often dived on a Island hopping and dive cruise,  Phi Phi Overnight Trip or Green Season Liveaboard Trip.

Hin Bida and other dive sites named Shark Point

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