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Banana Bay – Racha Noi

Project Description

Banana Bay MapBanana Bay

Banana Bay

  • Distance: 35 km

  • Boat trip: About 120 minutes

  • Depth: 10-40+ meters

  • Experience: Beginners / advanced

  • Reef type: Slightly sloping, coral blocks and sandy areas

  • Visibility: Good to very good (usually 20 meters or more)

  • Current: Variable, no current to mild

  • Corals: Hard corals
  • Fish: Eagle rays, barracudas, octopus, scorpionfish

  • Highlights: Diverse landscapes and rock formations, good chances to see eagle rays and seasonally frog fish or Ghost pipe fish

Located on the eastern side of Racha Noi, Banana Bay (because it has the shape of a banana) extends for over one kilometer from north to south.

Like a picture of a postcard, this bay appears with its green landscape, white sand beach and turquoise water.
Protected by wind and waves, this dive site offers ideal conditions for relaxing diving. This is also appreciated by underwater photographers as well as by snorkelers. Dive boats can moor at the existing buoys.

The Racha Noi Banana Bay is approached during a Scuba Diving Day Trip.

The dive at Banana Bay always starts off shallow, in the from current protected sandy area, and drops down gently to 25 meters, where intact coral blocks with plenty of marine life can be found. At some places impressive rock formations drop down to 30 meters. The coral gardens consist mainly of hard corals. Recently, new areas of stack horn coral have formed that will regenerate and, hopefully, return to their former glory in the near future.

One of the highlights here are the big barracuda schools. Beautiful clear water, direct sunlight and silver-reflecting, curious barracudas make this dive to a fantastic journey into another world.
The usual reef fish such as puffer and porcupine fish, lizard fish, fusiliers, butterfly fish, triggerfish and scorpion fish are abundantly represented here. Cuttlefish, octopus, moray eels and the rare eagle rays, show up quite often in Banana Bay. A seasonal visitor is the frogfish and Ghost pipe fish, which hides in the same color coral.

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