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Hin BidaHin Bida

South Tip (Manta Point)

  • Distance: 45 Km boat trip of approx. 150 minutes.
  • Depth: 15 – 40+ meters
  • Experience: Advanced

  • Reef type: Granite Bolders Pinnacle
  • Visibility: Good 15 to 30 meters
  • Current: Variable, mild to Strong

  • Corals: Soft corals and sea fans
  • Fish: Surgeonfish, unicornfish, redtooth triggerfish, damselfish, barracuda are also seen often, as well as marvelous manta rays.

  • Highlights: Manta Rays, Barracudas, Eagle Rays

As the name suggests, this dive site is situated at the southern end of Racha Noi Island. South Tip is not large – it consists mostly of granite boulders at depths ranging from 12 m in the north to more than 40 m in the south. In the west the rock slope is gentle, but the east side is steeper and there are fewer corals. There are also short soft corals, fire corals and sea fans attached to the rock face all over the south and west, from the shallows to the deep. South Tip is recognized as being the best place in the Phuket day trip zone to see Manta rays. Surgeon fish and unicorn fish can usually be found and if you are lucky large schools of Chevron Barracuda can be spotted.

Moderate to very strong currents run in a northeast to southwest direction – and vice versa. The current between Racha Noi island and the pinnacle may be extremely strong and may be dangerous for inexperienced divers.

All scuba diving dive sites are visited at the discretion of the tour leader on the day. Dive sites are selected based on the weather conditions, currents, overall safety and suitability for the majority of divers on the boat. We cannot guarantee specific dive sites prior to the boat departing.


South Tip is also sometimes dived on day trips.

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