Koh Haa – Koh Lanta Diving Trip 5 Days / 4 Nights


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Like a liveaboard; Just better!

This unconventional diving cruise over 5 days/4 nights with a total of 12 dives combines legendary diving with comfortable overnight stays in hotels on Phi Phi Islands and Koh Lanta. In this way, diving enthusiasts get to know the country and its people at the same time.

The highlights:

Day 1 Phuket / Phi Phi Islands – Koh Doc Mai – Shark Point or Anemone Reef or King Cruiser – Hin Dot
Day 2 Phi Phi Islands – Koh Bida Nok – Koh Bida Nai – Turtle Rock or Palong Wall 
Day 3 Phi Phi Islands – Kled Kaeow Wreck – Hin Bida – Drive to Koh Lanta
Day 4 Koh Haa – Koh Haa Neua – Koh Haa Yai – Koh Haa Lagoon
Day 5 Phi Phi Islands – Maya Bay Cavern – Phuket

The choice of dive sites depends on the weather, currents and diving experience.

Participants have the opportunity to disembark in Koh Lanta and travel on from there on their own. The nearby Krabi Airport offers flight connections to various destinations in Thailand (e.g. Bangkok, Chiang Mai etc.).





Dive Trip Description

How is the itinerary of this Koh Haa – Koh Lanta Diving Trip and island hopping cruise?

We call the Koh Haa – Koh Lanta diving trip an “island hopping cruise” because, in addition to diving, we go ashore at different destinations. On this cruise, we further visit dive sites that are normally only approached with a liveaboard trip. The main difference to a conventional liveaboard is that we spend the night in a comfortable hotel room with free time to explore the islands extensively. Food, drinking water and hot drinks are available on the boat all day long. We have additional ice boxes on board, which can be used for provisions you have brought with you.

On the first day we leave Chalong, Phuket at 8 am and head east. In the meantime we assemble the diving equipment and discuss the dives. On the way we already make two stops to dive at the best dive sites Phuket has to offer. We conduct the third dive in the afternoon in Phi Phi before we go ashore. On the main island of Phi Phi Don we move into our hotel room where we stay for 2 nights. The hotel is right in the center, but is still very quiet. The evening is free so that everyone can explore the pulsating island life to their liking. On the second day we start at 8 am, like this we can find the dive sites deserted. After three exciting dives, we return to Phi Phi Don. On the third day we do two more dives in the Phi Phi Archipelago before we continue our way to Koh Lanta. Once there, we check into a beach resort for two more nights. The island is very laid-back and truly a paradise on earth. The fourth day takes us to the island group Koh Haa at 8 o’clock. In this divine landscape we make three more descents into the deep blue. We come back to Koh Lanta that same evening. On the fifth day we start our journey back home to Phuket. We just make another stop for a cave dive at Phi Phi before we arrive in Phuket between 4pm and 5pm. For those who leave us in Koh Lanta the tour lasts 4 days/4 nights.

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