Hin Dot Phi Phi Islands Dive Site

Hin Dot – Phi Phi Don

  • Distance: 56 Km boat trip of approx. 150 minutes.
  • Depth: 3-30 meters

  • Experience: Advanced

  • Reef type: 3 Pinnacles
  • Visibility: Variable, 5-15 meters
  • Current: Variable, mild to strong

  • Corals: Hard corals, large sponges, colorful soft coral growth and beautiful sea fans
  • Fish: Snappers, batfish, scorpionfish, moray eels, groupers
  • Highlights: Nurseshark, Leopardsharks, Barrakuda, Sting Rays

Hin Dot is a forgotten dive site close to Ton Sai Bay – Phi Phi main Island and offers great diving around 3 pinnacles.

Hin Dot is a strange dive site for its location, but a fantastic one in every respect. It offers multi-level diving, interesting topography and some exciting marine life. Being so close to the pier and beaches of Ton Sai Bay of Koh Phi Phi Don, means that it is often overlooked by diving boats departing from the Phi Phi Islands. Choosing when the time is right to dive at Hin Dot is vital. Being in the bay of Ton Sai, dive operators have to consider many factors when deciding to drop divers into the water. Here at Hin Dot, dives can only take place when there are no passenger ferries leaving or arriving because Hin Dot is in the boat channel. In addition, the location inside the bay increases the effects of tides, which contribute greatly to underwater currents.
The topography of Hin Dot is quite spectacular, and its true beauty is best appreciated in crystal-clear water. The dive site consists of three chimney-like structures, and is often known as Chimney Rock. The three pinnacles have their peaks at different depths, allowing divers to enjoy the contrasting marine life ecosystems at each. Those who are only certified to dive to 18m can still see lots, as the deepest pinnacle’s top is at 16m, with the middle one at 12m and the highest just over 5m deep. It’s a great place to enjoy a dive that is likely to have some interesting fish and invertebrates.
Taking everything into consideration, Hin Dot is a wonderful dive site, and does not get the credit or have the reputation it deserves. However, it does get lots of visitors who are not divers, and here we’re talking about large fish and plenty of other interesting members of the marine life community. Here at Hin Dot, the seabed is quite deep at 28-30 meters (too deep for newly-certified scuba divers).
The great variety of resident and visiting marine life found at Hin Dot make up an interesting mixture of large and small creatures. There are schools of fish which swim around the Andaman Sea, visiting different locations for food and shelter. These often include Jackfish and several species of Snapper. Of a similar size, but more likely to spend their lives alone here, are Lionfish and Triggerfish. Just about everyone likes Nemo, and divers at Hin Dot won’t be disappointed to find a few different species of Anemonefish. They live at shallow depths for divers but a little too deep for those snorkelling.


The dive site Hin Dot is selected based on the weather conditions, currents, overall safety and suitability for the majority of divers on the boat. We cannot guarantee specific dive sites prior to the boat departing.

There’s no attraction for snorkellers at Hin Dot, because of the lack of any reef within five metres of the surface.

Hin Dot is often dived on a Island hopping and dive cruisePhi Phi Overnight Trip or Green Season Liveaboard Trip.