Viking Cave Dive Site MapViking Cave

Viking Cave

  • Distance: 56 Km boat trip of approx. 150 minutes.
  • Depth: 5 – 25 meters
  • Experience: Easy
  • Reef type: Artificial Reef in the depth and a coral garden in the shallow waters
  • Visibility: Variable 10 to 25 meters

  • Current: Variable, mild to medium

  • Corals: Hard Corals and Sea Fans
  • Fish: Barracudas, Batfish, scorpionfish, moray eels, Lion Fishes
  • Highlights: Turtle, Blacktip Reefshark, coral nursery

Viking Cave has a striking bay and a beautiful cave above the water, but the real deal is underwater a few hundred meters to the north of the Viking Cave. A few years ago, the Phuket Marine Conservation department put down a beautiful artificial reef to re-establish marine life after the tsunami. It is now the home of long finned Batfish, Lion Fish and Leopard Sharks. In the shallow water of the bay often baby Blacktip Reefsharks can be seen.


All scuba diving dive sites are visited at the discretion of the tour leader on the day. Dive sites are selected based on the weather conditions, currents, overall safety and suitability for the majority of divers on the boat. We cannot guarantee specific dive sites prior to the boat departing.

Viking Cave is often dived on a Phi Phi Overnight Trip,  Green Season Liveaboard Trip or Island hopping and dive cruise.

Viking Cave and other great dive sites

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