Dive Sites around Phuket and beyond Phi Phi Islands

While the culture, local flavours and natural beauty are highlights of Phuket, one of the major reasons behind attracting so many tourists is the possibility to experience some of the best Phuket dive sites. The Andaman Sea is located in the Indian Ocean on the west side of Thailand. The dive sites in the Andaman Sea has a high diversity of marine life combined with clear, warm water. The area is recognized as one of the world’s best diving destinations. Detailed information about scuba diving in Phuket is provided here.

I want to see Sharks, Mantas and Turtles – You need to be lucky, but as a passionate diver you hopefully will enjoy also all the other great and rare creatures at Phuket’s popular dive sites. Let yourself amaze about the bunch of various marine life and the divine underwater landscape. Phuket has a great mix of diving sites.
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Phuket Dive Sites overview