Cressi Neon

The Aloha Diving Instructors choice. Lightweight and compact design with an easy-to-read display. Is it an ideal dive companion for a small price.


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– New menu navigation system and introduction of parameters for maximum usability and intuition. Outstanding ease of configuration, navigation through the different menus and access to the large amount of information provided in a very intuitive way.
– Clock 12/24 hours with calendar and seconds.
– Precision stopwatch.
– Alarm clock.
– High-intensity backlight function (4000 Mlux, more than twice the number of computers with the highest lighting power to date).
– Indication of non-flight time and desaturation time.
– Low battery indicator.
– Metric or imperial units.
– Battery replaceable by user.
– OFF MODE for use in snorkelling / swimming.
– LOG BOOK with the historical memory of 50 dives per mode or 40 hours.
– Air, Nitrox (EAN), Gauge and Apnea (Free) modes.
– Very long battery life through a combination of systems: saving mode when the computer with automatic ignition is not used and a new low consumption processor. CR2450 battery.
– Interface with connection to the dive computer simply by supporting the computer and connection to the PC with USB cable. Software compatible with all Windows and Mac versions.
– Calibrated depth gauge in salt water for maximum precision in the most common use.
– Possibility of deactivating DIVE functions to avoid unnecessary alarms during snorkelling or swimming.


– Polyvalent Air / Nitrox.
– Possibility of using two different mixtures in the same dive, 1st mix from 21% to 50%, 2nd mix from 21% to 99% of O² with increments of 1%.
– Wienke RGBM Algorithm 9 modified tissues.
– RGBM + Deep Stop Algorithm (optional).
– Algorithm customizable in 3 levels (Safety factor: SF0, SF1, SF2).
– Allows successive dives with different mixtures.
– SNC oxygen toxicity graphic indicator.
– PLAN mode (immersion planning).
– PP02 adjustable from 1.2 to 1.6.
– Logbook: 50 dives per modality or 40 hours.
– Ascent speed with graphic indicator and visual and acoustic alarms.
– Pre-definable altitude.
– Acoustic, visual and display illuminated alarms: PO2, CNS, ascent speed, DECO, omitted DECO, exceeded maximum depth (optional).
– Calibrated in salt water for maximum precision.
– Optional safety stop (Stop) in case of safety curve dives.
– Approximate autonomy of 4 years (50 dives per year).
– Temperature, time, instant PO2, maximum depth allowed and mix used visible underwater at the touch of a button.
– High-power backlit display (one press, 5 seconds).
– Reset option via menu. Eliminates the residual nitrogen memory for use in diving centres for rental or teaching.
– Time indication during the dive.
– Possibility of silencing ascent speed alarms.


Studied to provide the basic precise parameters for diving with mixtures and decompression tables, calculated through specific programs.

– Calibrated gauge in salt water (maximum precision).
– Supply of current depth, maximum depth, diving time in minutes and seconds and temperature.
– Logbook of 50 dives independent from the dives done in Gauge mode.
– Average depth.
– Adjustable chronometer under the water.


– Depth.
– Temperature.
– Diving counter.
– Maximum diving depth.
– Elapsed dive time.
– Surface interval from the previous dive.
– Elapsed Sesion time.
– Alarm of depth, time of diving, time of surface.
– Recovery time with alarm.
– Indication of time during the dive.
– Static apnea chronometer.
– Logbook of 50 dives per day.