No – We discontinued offering SNUBA in 2013 as we think there are better ways to discover the underwater world.

SNUBA or S-surface N-nexus U-underwater B-breathing A-apparatus allows participants to discover the wonders of the marine world while connected to a breathing pipe that resides in a raft on the surface, thus eliminating the need for tanks and other items associated with scuba diving. No certification is necessary to try SNUBA and it is available for children from the age of 10 and for their parents and grandparents.

SNUBA is a form of introductory diving that allows people with no training to experience what it is like to breathe underwater like a scuba diver. SNUBA is a portmanteau of the words ‘snorkel’ and ‘scuba’. SNUBA® is the registered trade name of SNUBA International, Inc., and is only authorized for use by license SNUBA Recreational Centers.

SNUBA® gives you the thrill of swimming deeper than you could snorkeling, without the need for a certification. After a short briefing on the easy to use SNUBA® gear, you’ll experience the first breathes underwater. No SNUBA® participant can exceed 7 metres or 20 feet from the raft when connected to the raft on the surface and the air hose. The only things that are worn are a mask, scuba regulator, fins, lightweight harness, and a weight belt for neutral buoyancy in the water.

We from Aloha Ocean Adventures, Aloha SNUBA® Thailand, SNUBAThailand or Aloha Diving stop to offer SNUBA® or SaSuba and replaced it with a product called Try Scuba Diving. Try Diving is almost the same than SNUBA® with the advantage of more flexibility (you are not attached and connected with the surface). Try Diving is especially designed for people who never dive before or for those without a license.

We would be delighted to take you out on a boat day trip for try diving. No special requirements are needed. You will get a briefing about the equipment, your safety and marine life. Once you feel comfortable we go down slowly to max. 12 meters or less, holding on you during the entire dive. It is truly an unforgettable adventure to breathe under water while hovering over colorful reefs and watching the amazing marine life.

We hope you are curious to learn more about it.