How to choose Thailand Scuba Diving Packages

Find out which diving packages are available in Thailand with a focus on Phuket. We have a look at what can be included in such a package. With that information, you can make the right decision before purchasing your ticket to the diving adventure.

What is a scuba diving package?

There is no rule on what is included in Thailand Scuba Diving packages. When searching on the web you get endless offers and it is hard to compare them. A package can be a single scuba diving day trip package including the boat trip, lunch, and tanks. The terminology is used also to describe multiple day trips at a cheaper package price. There are vast options available. You have to be clear about what type of package you are looking for. There are 4 different options for you:

  • A single-day trip scuba diving package that includes all services for the day at one price.
  • Multi-day dive packages contain several single-day trips for a reduced price. As more you dive as cheaper it gets. Often those dive packages need to be pre-purchased and can’t be refunded.
  • A Season pass is designed to give locals, both expats and Thais, the opportunity to go diving at their doorsteps for an affordable price when boat space is available.
  • Thailand Scuba Diving Packages you can book as well with your local travel agent including accommodation, air travel, and diving.
Scuba Diving Package Phuket

Scuba Diving Packages with Aloha Diving

Our single scuba diving day trip we don’t call a diving package. However, a dive trip includes the boat trip, tanks, and weights, divemaster service, lunch, snacks, drinking water, tee, and coffee. Scuba diving rental equipment can be booked separately if you do not own complete dive gear.

The most popular diving option with us is a diving package which includes 3 to 8-day trips. That is a great opportunity to explore Phuket’s dive sites for an affordable price. While the majority of our guests dive with us for 3 or 4 days some diving addicts stay with us for 8 days.

I you are an expat living in Phuket or staining for an extended time in Phuket you can purchase a season pass. They are called dive cards 40, 60, or 90. This gives you the cheapest option to dive on a scuba diving package. There is a dive buddy card available too.

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