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Rebreather Course

Rebreathers are essentially a gas recycling machine, it takes the exhaled breath and removes the CO2, adds oxygen and allows you to breath it again, this makes rebreathers unparalleled for providing extra time enjoying the underwater world. Closed-Circuit Rebreathers (CCRs) recycle all the gas you exhale; only a few bubbles escape during ascents to release expanding gas. CCRs require two gas supplies, a diluent (usually air) and 100 percent oxygen. Rebreathers were mainly used for technical divers and the military, but all of that has changed.

Thanks to new, user-friendly designs, now recreational divers can use rebreathers as well. Many divers actually prefer rebreather units to open-circuit diving because of the following benefits:

  • Very little to no bubbles: How many times have you wanted to get up close and personal with marine life, but couldn’t because of the sound of your exhaust bubbles? Rebreathers exhaust very little to no bubbles, which will allow you to dive silently without alarming fish. This silence is also great if you plan to take videos or photos underwater.
  • Longer dive times and no decompression limits: Rebreathers recycle the gas you exhale, which means that it lasts a lot longer than it would in an open-circuit unit. Even small cylinders usually allow you to dive between two and three hours. More than three times longer no-decompression limits are the result of the permanently accurate mixture of the gases.
  • Warm and moist gas: When you breathe, wouldn’t you rather have it feel natural? With rebreathers, you won’t develop that cotton-mouth feeling because the recirculated gas is warm and moist – all that with less weight on your back.

As one of the first diving school in Thailand we now teach along with rebreather Thailand the new SSI CCR diving courses for rebreathers Poseidon MKVI and Poseidon SE7EN. The courses are suitable for recreational divers who want to make long dives without having to enter into technical diving. And should technical diving become an interest later, you have the perfect preparation with this rebreather course. Essential and a real added value for rebreather divers is a SSI Gas Blender course, which can be combined with the rebreather course. Because with this training you will develop in-depth knowledge regarding your breathing gas mixtures and the application and the use of oxygen. Then you are enabled and qualified to blend your gases independently.

Are you not sure if rebreather diving excites you? Then you have the possibility to realize a Rebreather Try Diving day. You will become familiar with the device and try it out in the pool of a depth of 5 meters. You will love to hover in the absolute silence and this experience of brand new diving with all senses. Are you now ready for a new challenge, the SSI rebreather course?

Of course, already certified rebreather divers can also enjoy diving with us. We offer full-day boat trips on rebreather friendly vessels to the best dive sites around Phuket. Or we accompany you on a liveaboard trip to the Similan Islands, Hin Daeng / Muang or Myanmar. These dive sites promise superlative rebreather diving and are also convenient to combine SSI rebreather courses.

In Thailand, there is the regulation that divers must always be accompanied by a dive guide. During full-day diving trips and liveaboard trips, we therefore provide professional dive guides (surcharge with rebreathers). If you still do not own a rebreather, you can rent a unit in our diving center. For rebreather divers with own equipment, we ensure that the right supplies and accessories will be available.

Aloha Diving Diving School offers year-round rebreather courses and rebreather diving in Thailand. With Swiss thoroughness and accuracy, the rebreather units will be serviced according to the manufacturer by expert staff to ensure a secure and proper function for certified rebreather divers and rebreather courses.

Discover Rebreather and Rebreather Try Diving

Try Closed Circuit Rebreather Diving

Try rebreather diving with a CCR rebreather

Discover Rebreather – Rebreather are fascinating and equipped with the latest technology. Did you always like to know how it feels like? The Discover Rebreather program offers you the opportunity to try out a rebreather with a rebreather instructor in controlled conditions. You notice quickly the “difference”; completely different buoyancy and noiseless breathe underwater. This rebreather – program allows you to try out rebreather diving before sign up for a rebreather course.



Entry Level Rebreather Course

Rebreather Diver

SSI Rebreather Diver Course – A course for rebreather diver takes no more than four days. It is easy, safe and makes enormous fun. The first day starts with some basic theory; then you learn to put together the unit under supervision. On the second day you make your first experience with the rebreather underwater. On the third and fourth day you take three dives each. Now you learn and develop the right handling and feeling for your rebreather and to enjoy the fantastic silence. After completion of theory and practice, you get the SSI rebreather diver certificate, which enables you to dive independently to 30 meters.


Available Courses:

  • SSI CCR Diver
  • SSI CCR Extended Range
  • SSI CCR Technical Extended Range
  • SSI CCR Normoxic Trimix

CCR Rebreather Diving Thailand

Rebreather Diving Day Trips

Rebreather diving day trips

Explore the most beautiful dive sites around Phuket with the rebreather! – Rightly diving day trips from Phuket are very popular. The completely different dive sites entertain with enormous abundance of fish and biodiversity. Most dive destinations are located farther away from Phuket, therefore 3 dives can be made during the day trips. An essential advantage of diving with rebreather on day trips is, that your dive profile is completely different from other divers. In addition, the no-decompression limit is fully sufficient to visit everything worth seeing in the deeper regions. Our experienced and professional rebreather guide is delighted to find the many hidden treasures of the Andaman Sea for you. Between the dives, the boat crew will ensure a pleasant stay on board.

CCR Rebreather Liveaboard

Rebreather Liveaboard Diving

Rebreather Liveaboards

Multi-days liveaboard diving promise unique experiences and unforgettable encounters far away from the mainland. – Not only for these reasons, this is probably the best way for rebreather diving. Your unit will be placed on the boat once and will be ready to use immediately. The generously designed dive decks have enough space for rebreathers. In addition, the gas supply is ensured even over several days. With up to max. 4 dives per day and this to mostly deep dive sites, the benefits of almost limitless rebreather diving really pays off. The boat crew provides for the physical welfare of the divers on board, rich and delicious meals. The cabins are clean and functional, to have sweet dreams about the next rebreather dive.

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