Bauer Oceanus Petrol


The Bauer Oceanus has impressive performance data. Despite the fact that the Oceanus in terms of size is almost identical to the Bauer Junior II, the air cylinder can be filled no less than 40% faster! This compressor is designed for ambitious divers or dive charter operation requires long running hours.

Product Description

A material mix of stainless steel and Kevlar for the frame and filling device ensures extreme corrosion resistance.
Durable and robust: Uncompromising quality down to the last detail has allowed BAUER to grow into the world market leader for breathing air compressors. The newly developed OCEANUS shines with excellent performance data. Piston rings made from a newly developed high-tech plastic minimize wear in the final stage.

Automatic condensate drain and automatic final pressure switch-off (extra charge)
Automatic drainage of the intermediate and final separators during operation of the system every 15 minutes and when the system is switched off, as well as the automatic shutdown of the Oceanus when the final pressure is reached.

Fully seaworthy: The large oil reserve in the crankcase allows operation at steep angles of up to 20°. Extremely robust and durable compressor block with hardened cylinders. Newly developed piston rings made of particularly wear-resistant special plastic in the final stage. A low-pressure oil pump ensures an even longer service life for all moving parts. The frame, handle and safety filling connection are made of stainless steel for best corrosion resistance.

Kevlar is used for the filling hose. Intercoolers and aftercoolers are made of galvanized steel. Weight-saving fan wheel cover made of unbreakable, UV-resistant plastic ensures optimal cooling.

Safe to handle: Moving parts such as drive belts, pulleys and fan wheels are optimally protected.

Standard: B-TIMER for monitoring necessary filter changes and maintenance intervals.

The GS test mark documents compliance with all relevant safety regulations.

Drive engine: 4-stroke petrol engine
Operating pressure: 225 or 330 bar
Delivery quantity: 140l/min
Triplex filter system: P21
Weight: 52kg
Dimensions: 66x40x42cm

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