Koh Haa

Koh Haa Yai – The Twin Cathedral

As the largest of the Koh Haa islands, Koh Haa Yai is home to several very different dive sites and probably the largest amount of coral and marine life in this amazing archipelago. The extensive coral coverage around this island provides several dive sites, dramatic underwater scenery, and extensive coral gardens, slopes and bommies.

Koh Haa Lagoon

The famous Koh Haa Lagoon comprises three islands, sometimes known as islands Two, Three and Four, however each has a traditional sea gypsy name. These three central Koh Haa islands are connected in the middle by a shallow, sandy lagoon littered with thousands of corals, dozens of anemone beds, and home to hundreds of different marine life species.

Koh Haa Neua – The Chimney

The most northerly of the Koh Haa Islands is Koh Haa Neua, with a dramatic west side characterised by steep walls and huge rocks, and a more shallow east side, a mix of wall and sloping reef. At the east side of Koh Haa Neua, a large rocky ridge runs from the edge of the island into the deeper water of the north east, creating a long coral encrusted finger visible from the surface, and teeming with life.