Marina Bay – Racha Noi

Formed from granite rock, the bay in the lid west of Racha Noi Island is carpeted with leather corals and a mixture of sea fans, sea whips, fire corals and hard corals such as pore corals. The dive start from the sandy bottom at 18m depth or from the rocky reef next to south of the bay where you can see huge rocks which slope down to 35-40m. There are many swim-through at this site waiting to be explored.

Banana Bay – Racha Noi

Possibly getting its name from the abundance of banana trees that grow on the bay, the east of Racha Noi Island is named “Banana” bay. This is an easy dive site, with a clear shallow flat area starting from 3-10m and hard coral reef slopping gently to 25-30m with staghorn coral occupying most of the area punctuated by white powdery sand.

Koh Bida Nai Phi Phi Islands Phuket Dive Site 1

Turtle Rock – Phi Phi Islands

We all love turtles and Turtle Rock happens to be their home. We are able to meet these gentle sea creatures on about 90% of our dives here.

Koh Bida Nai Phi Phi Islands Phuket Dive Site 1

Palong Wall – Phi Phi Islands

Palong bay is situated a few kilometers north of it more famous cousin Maya Bay. Although this one is locally famous for offering two great Phi Phi Dive Sites.