Racha Yai Shipwrecks

Racha Yai has five boat wrecks all located around bays 1 and 2 on the east side of the island.

Koh Bida Nai Phi Phi Islands Phuket Dive Site 1

Koh Bida Nai – Phi Phi Islands

Facing Bida Nok, Bida Nai is full of surprises. Follow the wall and come face to face with leopard (Zebra) sharks or huge black tips. Float away with the turtles and get lost in the schools of yellow tail barakuda.

King Cruiser Wreck

Phuket's most popular wreck dive, this 280 feet (85m) ferry sank in 1997 after hitting the reef. It is now home to a plethora of Andaman Sea species, and while penetration is no longer possible, there is still plenty to explore outside the wreck.

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