About the Surin Islands National Park

The Surin Islands National Park (Mu Ko Surin National Park) is not only a valuable natural site for tourists; it is also an excellent place for nature lovers with impressive different forest species, coral reefs and the sea.

The tour starts from Namkem pier to Surin Islands National Park, about an hour drive away. In the morning, we stop at two different places to snorkel on beautiful coral reefs in Mae Yai and Ao Tao Bay. Lunch is served at the National Park restaurant. In the afternoon we continue to snorkel into Phakkad Bay and we do a visit at Moken village, before we leave the islands around 04:30pm.

The so-called Moken still live partly on their boats, are stateless and believe in natural spirits. The tsunami in the Indian Ocean in December 2004 destroyed a number of the Moken villages. Since the sea nomads recognized the omens of the tsunami, in their language “the wave that eats people”, they were able to bring them to safety in time. The pile huts, which are renewed every year, were rebuilt within a few days.

About the Surin Islands National Park Snorkeling Tours offered by Aloha Diving

All tours on board of our speed boat partner have the essential advantage of flexible itineraries. Attractions are approached anticyclically, to avoid the crowds as well as in any way possible.

Among the boat excursions from Khao Lak, the Surin Islands National Park is a real insider tip. Because the mixture of unspoilt nature and beaches, intact coral reefs and insights to local cultures, makes this tour apart from the usual tourist attractions absolutely worthwhile.

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