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Koh Haa

Koh Haa literally translated as “five islands” – provides plenty for the macro diver. Harlequin shrimps are amongst the myriad of tiny wonders living here. And by night you’ll be able to find all sorts of species such as splendid crabs that spend the day under cover. Koh Haa’s white-sandy beaches, stunning karst islands, crystal clear waters, shallow lagoon and beautiful reefscapes make this site a photographer’s dream and is one of the best macro sites in the area. Ko Haa’s highlights include The Lagoon, The Cathedral and The Chimney. You can also explore underwater pinnacles, drop-offs, walls, bolders, caverns, inter-connected chambers and swim-throughs.

Hin Daeng

Insiders’ tip – If you plan Diving In Thailand than you should dive Hin Daeng (Red Rock) which is a great Scuba Diving Phuket dive site. Hin Daeng is very close to Hin Muang (approx 500 meters apart) consists of walls, plateaus and rocks. A submerged pinnacle, where three rocks just break the surface. This is one of the very few dive sites in Thailand where you can see grey reef sharks. Whale sharks and manta rays are also known to visit this dive spot. Here you also might see leopard sharks, great barracudas, octopus, and plenty of cleaner shrimps. In the north there is a valley with small boulders inside which are completely jeweled with soft coral. Try and take a look in the cracks and crevices for many species of pipefish found here.

Hin Muang

Insiders’ tip – Hin Muang (Purple Rock) is a completely submerged rock. It is very close to Hin Daeng (approx 500 meters apart). Named Purple Rock because it’s dense covering of soft Purple corals, which can be found here and is a must if Diving In Thailand. Even though it is very close to Hin Daeng it is a completely different dive site. Its features here the deepest drop off in Thai waters. The large rock approximately 200 meters in length is covered with soft anemones, which look like fields. There is an incredible amount of marine life to be found here among them are Ornate Ghost Pipefish, Great Barracudas, and Tuna. Try and swim off of the rocks to spot the many Manta Rays that can be found here along with the odd Whale Shark to.

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