In Water Hull Maintenance

Underwater Hull Cleaning Service:

Hull cleaning includes cleaning of Flat Bottom, Vertical Sides, Sea Chests Grids Rudder and all niche areas such as Bilge keels, Dock keel blocks, Cathodic protection anodes, Stabilizer fins, spoilers, Inlet pipes, Echo sounders, speed log transducer etc.

The electric hull cleaning Brush system polish the hull and waterline section without damage on the paint work coating while removing unwanted fouling (slime and seaweed) and corrosion efficiently. We trust the products of Nemo Power Tools.

Propellers and Thrusters are crucial for your vessel operation. Fouling of the propulsion system can dramatically reduce performance. Aloha Diving recommends Propspeed coating for for your propulsion system. It costs more than a conventional anti-fouling but lasts a long time. That means as well you have less hull cleaning costs as we will be faster cleaning your monohull or multihull vessel.

Underwater Hull Cleaning Advantages:

  • Minimises direct operating costs

  • Reduces fuel consumption and increases steaming radius.
  • Supports lengthened drydock intervals, phased maintenance, and repair programs.
  • Improves effective lifetime of anti-fouling and anti-corrosive paint systems.

Hull cleaning is matter for the boss

Simon SSI Instructor

Simon SSI Instructor

How do I quote?
Hull cleaning with Swiss precision is charged per hour. If your vessel is approx. 100 feet long cleaning can take from 5 hours to 14 hours and anything in between. It depends how much fouling is on the hull and what applications are mounted to the hull (stabilisers, fins, amount of water intakes, thrusters and so on). Therefore, a quotation is hard to make in advance. I charge THB 1’000 per hour. It doesn’t matter if it is for hull cleaning, changing anodes or other diving related work.


Aloha Diving Phuket undertakes underwater replacement anodes (u/w replacement anodes) in the submerged parts of the ship such as rudder, propeller and hull. As a result, the smooth operation of the ship is extended and the costs of keeping the ship away from the dry-dock are reduced significantly. We replace anodes manufactured by Tecnoseal, a leading supplier of sacrificial anodes for cathodic protection in the following markets: leisure boat, shipping & offshore applications..

Hull Inspection and Hull Survey

Hull inspections can be necessary to prevent major damage.

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