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Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be able to go onto an island on a day trip boat?

No the boats do not moor on any of the islands and you will not be able to explore the islands on the day. Non divers will also be restricted to activities on and around the boat and will not be permitted to explore on land.

Where to book a Snorkel tour in Phuket?

This is a guide on selecting and booking a snorkel tour in Phuket. For information on Phuket Snorkeling Sites please visit our Phuket Snorkeling Information page and for a selection of snorkeling tours that can be booked online through our site, please visit our Phuket Snorkeling Tours page.

Choosing a snorkeling tour while in Phuket on holiday should be straightforward. Most people who come to Phuket go on the Snorkeling Tour recommended to them by a tour desk – bad idea. It is amazing the number of ‘snorkeling tour companies’ that open and close every year in Phuket. Many Phuket Snorkel Tours are fly by night operations whose only concern is money. More people on the boat – more money, cheap food – more money, no insurance – more money, unqualified staff – more money. You get the picture. The problem is multiplied by the fact that the only concern of the tour desks, even 5-star hotel tour desks, is money..

Where is the best place to see a Whale Shark?

The ever allusive whale sharks have increased in numbers over the last couple of year here in the Andaman Sea. They still are a difficult to find however you chances are increased by going on a liveaboard adventure and trying this dive sites.
• Richelieu Rock
• Koh Tachai
• Koh Bon
• Phi Phi
• Shark Point

Where does the first dive training take place?

We have our own training center in Rawai. The first diving exercises take place in our own 2.3m deep container dive pool which is ideal for a professional training. You will not find this in such a form in any other diving school in Phuket or in whole of Thailand.

Where can I exchange money?

There are several exchange counter close to our dive center in Phuket.

What sort of food will be on the boat?

Food is a mixture of Thai and Western (more Thai). The boats can cater for vegetarian, vegan, Halal and celiacs. Please let us know if you have any dietary requirements and we will do our best to provide you with meals to your liking.

What makes you different?

Contrary to many other suppliers, we are not a diving agency but a real diving company with our own equipment, swimming pool, compressor and instructors.

What kind or emergency equipment is provided on the diving vessel?

All vessels for scuba diving activities are equipped with sufficient emergency oxygen with an “ON Demand“ System which guarantees maximum possible O2 care in the event of an emergency.

What kind of wetsuit is recommended?

3mm shorty is normally sufficient and is our standard rental suit. If you plan on diving on the liveaboard you might want to consider bringing a long 3mm suit.

What is the water temperature like?

The water temperature is 26 – 29 degrees celsius all year round.

What is the maximum dive depth?

The maximum depth is 30m but, with the appropriate qualification can be to 40m.

What is the experience of my instructor/dive guide?

We from Aloha Diving guarantee highly experienced guides with excellent local knowledge.

What is a liveaboard boat?

A liveaboard boat is like a floating hotel that you can scuba dive off. They have cabins to sleep in, on board lounges, kitchens, however and tiolets. Some even have onboard luxuries like a Masseuse. In Phuket they range from over night trips up to 8-9 day adventures. You will need to be a certified diver to scuba dive from them however non divers can come on for the ride. Have a look at our liveaboard vessels page to find out more.

What do I need to take on the boat with me?

Sunblock, towel, swimwear, in low season it’s a good idea to bring rain wear and a warm jacket. Most things are included in our trip price. Soft drinks and beers are the only items you need to pay for. There is a limited supply and selection on the dive boats so please feel free to bring your own and store it in the icebox onboard.

What are the criteria when organising diving groups?

Experience and air consumption are the main criteria for our decisions.

Is the equipment included?

Equipment is not included on liveaboard or day trips, unless it is a special package, or the Open Water Diver course was completed with Aloha Diving. For beginner dive courses and try scuba diving the equipment is included.

Is snorkelling of the beach possible?

Yes, at some of the beaches there is good snorkeling. Mostly at the northern and southern ends of the beaches where there are rock formations. Some more information can be found in the Snorkelling in Phuket guide.

Is Scuba Diving Dangerous?

Sure scuba diving can be dangerous, however it is a greater chance of being injured flying to Phuket or travelling from the airport to your hotel. Scuba diving is much like flying a plane. There are many rules and regulations and a large emphasis on safety. It also why you need a professional to take care of you and at Aloha Diving we have the best SSI Professionals on the island.

Is diving from Phuket possible between May and November?

Diving is possible all year from Phuket. See more informations in Diving in Green Season.

I would like to try diving. Is this possible and do I do it with others?

We offer day trips with 3 introductory dives. These dives are designed to bring you the fun of diving closer and are therefore carried out in small groups of a maximum of 2 students per instructor.

I would like to have a private guide. Is this possible?

We can arrange for a private guide upon request for a surcharge.

I would like to have a diving instructor for myself. Is that possible?

For a surcharge, a private diving course can be booked at any time.

How many student divers are in a scuba diving class?

We teach scuba diving in small groups. Again, a maximum of 4 student divers per Scuba Diving Instructor.

How many dives do you do in a day?

The minimum number of dives on our day trips is two. The most popular diving day trips incl. three dives. On the liveaboards there are usually 3 day dives and 1 night dive per day.

How many divers are in each group?

We dive in small groups with a maximum ratio of 4 guests per guide.

How long does a dive last?

We plan all our dives for a duration of one hour.

How long are the surface intervals?

Safety is the highest priority at Sea Bees and therefore the surface interval is a minimum of 1 hour.

How are the diving and weather conditions in the low season on Phuket?

The weather in low season is pretty good most of the time, although the humidity is much higher than normal. We have the occasional rain shower during the day, but this usually lasts only for a short time. The visibility and current under water is not much different compared to the rest of the year. Many people prefer the low season, because there are not as many boats and divers at the varies dive spots. Due to the location of our Phuket dive sites are we able to offer day trips year round from our Island.
You can find more information about diving in the low season here.

FREE Snorkeling in Phuket?

Free snorkeling in Phuket?!?! It’s too good to be true. Of course there is free snorkeling in Phuket – see the water, put on a mask, get in and snorkel.

The snorkeling right off the beaches in Phuket is okay. There are some diamonds in the rough that you can find if you are willing to travel a bit further from your hotel.

See our Guide to Phuket Snorkeling Sites to help you choose which snorkeling site in Phuket is best for you.

Then grab your mask, snorkel, and fins and go!

Do you take into consideration special meal requirements?

The onboard galley on the vessels allows us to provide for any special requirements.

Do you offer free Nitrox?

Unfortunately we can’t offer Enriched Air Nitrox for free. We ask for a surcharge of Baht 250,-per tank. We can offer you a Nitrox course for free when purchasing a diving computer through us.

Do you have English speaking guides on the boats?

All our guides speak English.

Do you have DIN or INT connection?

All tanks use INT valves, DIN adapters can be borrowed.

Do you cater to vegetarians?

Yes, we do. If you have any special dietary requirements it would be best to let us know in advance so that our cooks can plan ahead accordingly.

Do you accept credit card payments?

Yes, we accept Visa and Mastercard with a credit card surcharge of 3%. You can do Credit Card payments until 4pm the evening before in our Dive Center in Rawai.

Do I need to know how to swim to scuba dive?

The short answer is no (but it helps). You can do the SSI Try Scuba Diving without knowing how to swim. Have a look at this blog that will explain more. If you would like to become a SSI Certified diver then you will need to know how to swim 200m or snorkel 300m!

Do I need a licence to Scuba Dive?

No, you can try scuba diving with the one day activity called the SSI Try Scuba Diving.

Coral Island Cheap Snorkeling Tours?

Cheap snorkeling tours to Coral Island are among some of the most popular in Phuket. The cheapest snorkeling tours to Coral Island cost between $20 – $25 (680 – 850 baht).

These ‘full day’ tours actually leave the island between 1:00pm -1:30pm.

Each snorkeling tour operator has their own section of the beach where you will spend your day in beach chairs set up like a movie theater. The activities are fast and furious. Each company has their own, but all are the same:

  • Parasailing (5 minutes)
  • Banana Boat (10 minutes)
  • Scuba Diving (15 minutes – Be VERY CAREFUL – ask to see certification, most provide little to no instruction)
  • Sea Walker (helmet diving – walking on the bottom stirring up sand)

All snorkeling tour companies charge extra for the activities.

Phuket Snorkeling Tours – Reasonably Priced

If rock bottom snorkeling tours are not what you are interested in, check out the reasonably priced Phuket & Phi Phi snorkeling tours offered by our partners.

Phuket & Phi Phi Snorkeling Tours These tours are operated by quality companies with a long record of safety and experience.

Cheap Snorkeling Tours to Phi Phi ?

You will find cheap snorkelling tours to Phi Phi for as little as 1,400 to 2,400 baht depending on your bargaining skills. If you paid this much you will be on one of the large ferry boats to Phi Phi. These boats have 2 – 4 decks and hold up to 500 people. Yes, they are large and you can sun yourself on the way to Phi Phi. However, they are so large that they can NOT take anyone to snorkel in shallow waters or visit any of the popular beaches in Phi Phi.

You will stop in the outer part of Maya Bay – YOU CAN NOT GO TO THE BEACH AT MAYA BAY ON THESE TOURS. The boat will anchor in about 8-10 meters of water allowing all 300 – 500 people on the tour the chance to try to squeeze off the one back stairway into the water. You will have about 30 minutes to swim / snorkel before leaving Maya Bay. Next, the boat will cruise past some of the most famous sites in Phi Phi – THE BOAT DOES NOT STOP. They will explain over the loudspeaker that the water is too shallow for the boat to enter. You will NOT see Pi Leh Cove, Loh Samah, and will only have a fleeting glimpse of Viking Cave. If you have payed extra for the Monkey Beach option, you will transfer to a smaller (yet large) boat that will take you to the outer reef at Monkey Beach. Here you must snorkel, swim or wait in line to use one of the handful of kayaks available to reach Monkey Beach which is about 100 meters away!

After lunch on Phi Phi Don, you will have about 30 minutes to walk around before leaving Phi Phi at 2:00 pm for the 3 hour journey back to Phuket.

Can you recommend a hotel?

As there is such a large variety of hotels and guest houses in Phuket and every guest has different requirements and price budgets it is hard to give a general recommendation.
We love the area of Rawai, therefore we have some hotel recommendations on the Phuket Diving Resort page.

Can non-divers join day trips?

Yes, of course. However, please note that not all diving day trips are suitable for swimming and snorkeling.

Can I rent a Thai Longtail Boat ?

Snorkeling from a traditional Thai longtail boat is fun and CAN be cheap. However, you could also spend more and see less than a package snorkeling tour. The idea of cruising the Andaman Sea around Phuket in a longtail boat is cool, romantic and well, appears to be cheap. The longtail boats in Phuket vary greatly in price based on the location you leave from. Each beach is controlled by an ‘association’ that sets the prices.

In the popular areas like Patong, Kata, and Karon you can expect to pay the following:

  • 1 hour = 1,500 – 2,500 baht
  • 1/2 day = 3,500 – 4,500 baht
  • full day = 6,000 – 8,500 baht

Outside the popular areas the price decreases about 25%.

Renting a longtail boat on your own from Patong, Kata or Karon does NOT INCLUDE masks, snorkels, fins or INSURANCE. Typically you will have to rent a dirty mask & snorkel from the beach stand for 100 – 300 baht per day with a deposit.

If you choose to rent a longtail boat for your snorkeling adventure please ensure the following:

  • MAKE SURE that the captain does NOT drop anchor ON THE REEFS!!!
  • Take enough water
  • Make sure you are physically able to get back into the longtail without a ladder – Most longtails have NO LADDERS. You will need to pull yourself over the rail or be prepared to be dragged over the splintering wooden rail by the captain…
  • Agree on the price, times, and locations to visit BEFORE leaving the beach!

Check out our NO FRILLS longtail boat charter to Coral Island including mask, fins, water and a responsible Thai captain.

Can I cancel a diving booking if I’m not ready to dive and how much notice do I need to give and do I get a refund?

A full refund will be given for all day trip canceled prior to 4:00pm the night before the trip. Any cancelations after 4:00pm will incur boat fees and instructor/divemaster fees.

Most liveaboards have various levels of cancelation fees regarding times and amount refundable. If you you have concerns in relation to this please let us know prior or at the time of booking.

Can I book a private guide, and how much is the charge?

Yes, this possible. The price is THB 1’400 per day.

Best time to visit Phuket?

Overall the best time of the year to dive on Thailands west coast is between November to April. The weather conditions are most stable during this time of the year and all dive sites are open. However, as this is the main tourist season prices tend to be higher and the dive sites more frequented.

Are your employees trained for emergency cases ?

All our instructors, guides and boat staff are regularly trained and are all qualified O2 and First Aid providers.

Are there any dangerous creatures I need to worry about?

Injuries to scuba divers from marine creatures are very rare. There is a lot of talk about sharks however attacks to scuba divers is extremely rare. There are a lot of different creatures in the sea that can bite or sting however 99.9% of the creatures are placid and timid and will not bother you. The golden rule is don’t touch or intimidate and you won’t get hurt. Very wise words.

Are daily hotel transfers included on Phuket?

Yes, from Kamala Beach, Patong Beach , Kata Beach, Karon Beach , Rawai Beach, Nai Harn Beach and some areas in Chalong. All other areas are subject to a surcharge.

Are all Snorkeling Tours in Phuket the same?

There are several different types of Snorkeling Tours in Phuket.

Standard Snorkeling Tour

A standard snorkeling tour is a full or half day trip to one of Phuket’s Snorkeling Sites. Lunch is usually provided and you are given a mask and snorkel (fins cost extra and usually only a few sizes are available). The boats arrive at teh island / snorkeling site and drop you on the beach or in the water to snorkel. No information or tour of the reef is provided. These tours account for the majority of snorkeling tours offered in Phuket.

Guided Snorkeling Tour

The guided snorkeling tours that are available have a Foreign or Thai guide that will swim with the guests and point out different marine creatures. Usually these tours visit some of the better reefs as the guide wants to be able to point out as many different things as possible. The equipment on these tours varies, but it is usually a bit better than a standard tour. Mask and Fins are always included, but again sometimes fins are extra.

Cheap Phuket Snorkeling

Sometimes less is more – Visit our Cheap Phuket Snorkeling Page for lots of information on one of Phuket’s cheapest and most exciting things to do – Snorkeling!

Cheapest Snorkeling in Phuket!

Snorkeling in Phuket & Phi Phi can be cheap – very cheap. We get a lot of requests for Phuket snorkeling information from travellers on a budget seeking out the cheapest snorkeling in Phuket. This guide to the cheapest snorkeling in Phuket & Phi Phi should help get you in the water snorkeling no matter what your budget.

Cheap & Safe Snorkeling in Phuket & Phi Phi

The words cheap & safe mix about as well as oil & water – Be aware that you really do get what you pay for in Phuket.

Now that you’ve been warned – here are the cheapest snorkeling options in Phuket!

Are all dive sites suitable for snorkelling?

No, not all sites are suitable for snorkeling. Best are the day trips to Racha Yai, Racha Noi and the Phi Phi islands.

Am I covered by accident insurance on board?

Yes, all our guests automatically enjoy accident insurance coverage. In addition, you can also sign up for diving accident insurance coverage.

According to which standards do you teach divng?

We teach according to the two largest diving organisations in the world SSI and PADI. But by far the intensity of the pool diving exercises, the length of the training dives, the good training level of our instructors and the small teaching groups are far beyond those standards.