Boat hull cleanings keep our boats performing at their highest. When we keep our boats clean underneath the waterline we prevent drag that slows our boat down. This results in less time at our destination or maybe we’re so far behind we miss the better anchorages or mooring balls.  Also, when performance goes down, fuel consumption goes up. Another major factor is hull cleanings help prolong the bottom paint with regular maintenance. 
Boat cleaning schedules vary. If I had to give a generic answer, I would say every 1 month, but there are many factors involved including current paint condition, salt or fresh water, water temperature (as higher the temperature as faster the growth) how you use your boat, frequency of use and when you use it. For example, if the paint is over 2 years old and losing some of the anti-fouling properties the hull will need to be cleaned more often to maintain performance until your next paint job. Boats in salt water require more frequent cleaning because growth rates are higher and include barnacles. If you are a sailboat racer you will want cleanings more often than a liveaboard that occasionally does local excursions. Trawlers typically cover long distances at lower speeds and while trawlers are fuel efficient vessels, regular cleaning costs will easily be offset in fuel savings over long trips. We can tailor a service to your boat’s needs.