Liveaboard cruises are two days to a week or more living on a boat and diving up to four times every day. The boats are usually only for divers, although non-diving friends and partners, even children, are usually welcome to join. The cost of a liveaboard cruise may appear expensive, but almost everything is included in the price, most importantly accommodation and meals. When compared to staying in a hotel, eating at a restaurant three times a day and taking diving day trips, the price of a liveaboard all of a sudden looks very good value. Meals are served four or five times, buffet style, and soft drinks are usually free, too. Depending on the boat and location of guests’ hotels, there is often a free transfer at the beginning and end of each trip. Things which are an extra charge are, rental equipment and the national park entry fees which apply to most countries in this area. The fees are payable to local authorities to protect the park from illegal fishing or other harmful activities.