Diving Trip to Racha Noi South Tip

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Special Phuket Dive Tour to South Tip – Racha Noi

Quite honestly we wish we could get to Racha Noi South Tip more often but the converging currents from either side of Racha Noi make it a challenging dive even on weak tides. Only once or twice a month the current is low enough for us to get there but it’s a real treat when we can. Even the guides are queuing up for this trip!

The dive site consists of a series of huge granite boulders that have been washed smooth by the strong currents. Corals have a hard time establishing colonies in these conditions so you won’t find too much. There’s a little in a few sheltered areas but that’s not really what we come here for. The site is the only manta cleaning station for miles around so any giant manta’s in the area are sure to pay it a visit. They’re not always there but even if they’re not it’s still a spectacular dive site.


  • Prior Scuba Diving with us
  • Advanced Open Water Diver
  • No difficulties with equalizing air spaces


  • 2 dives at South Tip and boat trip
  • Scuba Tank and weights
  • Dive Guide
  • Breakfast, Lunch, Tea, Water, Coffee


  • Rental scuba equipment
  • Transportation to the diving pier
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