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SSI Dive Professional

SSI Dive Professional

SSI Dive Guide and SSI Divemaster Course

Your office is an exotic destination.

The fist step in the SSI Dive Professional career is the SSI Divemaster. We offer you a choice of 2 course options.

  • SSI Dive Guide
  • SSI Divemaster (Dive Guide and SSI Science of Diving)

The SSI Dive Guide program is a simple way for divers who want to be more involved, but aren’t ready to take on the responsibility or the commitment of becoming an SSI Instructor. The Dive Guide program is the starting point for the Dive Professional adventure.
Completing the Science of Diving Specialty is the next step to upgrading to the SSI Divemaster rating. This rating is the prerequiste for the SSI Dive Control Specialist course.

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SSI Dive Control Specialist

This is the Assistant Instructor Course in the SSI teaching system

Take the next step and become a SSI Dive Control Specialist. We offer you a choice of 2 course options.

  • SSI Dive Control Specialist
  • Course package SSI Dive Control Specialist (SSI Divemaster and SSI Dive Control Specialist)

During the SSI Dive Control Specialist program (Assistant Instructor) you will gain experience in teaching beginner courses. You can now also teach Scuba Skills Update, Snorkeling and Try Scuba Diving in the pool. You will collect valuable training experience under indirect supervision which will prepare you for the SSI Instructor Training Course (ITC).

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SSI Instructor Training Course

How far do you want to go?

Share your love of diving with students by becoming a SSI Open Water Instructor. SSI (Scuba Schools International) is one of the largest diving training agencies worldwide with dive centers all over the world. We offer you a choice of 2 course options.

  • SSI Instructor Training Course and Instructor Examination
  • Course package SSI Instructor from zero to hero (SSI Divemaster, SSI Dive Control Specialist, SSI Instructor Training Course and Instructor Examination)

Our Instructor Training Course (ITC) will teach you to instruct divers in the safest and most thorough way. We will share our experience with you and practice working with students in classroom, pool, and ocean settings.

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Professional Dive Training    Form Dive Guide to Open Water Scuba Instructor

Wouldn‘t it be great to have a job that you enjoyed so much that you couldn‘t believe you got paid to do it. Becoming a SSI Dive Professional can make this a reality. You can actually have a career doing something you enjoy while providing you with the monetary satisfaction you deserve!
Most people focus on getting a “real job,” however; there are many employment opportunities in the scuba diving industry that fit this terms. Dive retailers and resorts have immediate openings for qualified professionals domestically and around the world. The only difference is your primary office is under water “having fun!” This type of work is not always seen as serious employment, so there is a constant shortage of skilled staff which creates huge career opportunities.
As a SSI Dive Professional, you are in control of your own destiny. You can have a career in places of the world you only dreamed of maybe visiting one day.

Start planning your dive career with us today, we have courses and internships for all experience levels: from complete beginners to Instructors wanting to improve their skills and career opportunities.

We provide more than just the basic dive professional training here at Aloha Diving. Get experience in operating a diving air compressor, do some basic maintenance work on scuba diving gear and and and…

At Aloha Diving in Phuket we offer many scuba diving packages, a variety of Internships and dive professional packages for aspiring SSI Dive Professionals. This is an excellent way to start your scuba diving travels equipping you with everything you need to work and travel around the world in the scuba industry.
As part of your internship you’ll get explore the beautiful underwater world of coral reefs, meet some amazing fishes and other marine creatures, make lots of new friends and have a great time along the way!

Phuket dive sites include – coral reefs, wall dives, wrecks, diving on underwater pinnacles, and beach dives.

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