Simon und Alice About Us Aloha Diving

Aloha is an internationally well-known form of greeting and means both Hello and Goodbye. The Aloha Spirit is a life philosophy and describes the way we treat each other with love and respect and share positive feelings and thoughts. The Shaka hand gesture (our Logo) is the ultimate symbol of the Aloha Spirit and simply means “hang loose” – relax and enjoy the moment.

Simon und Alice About Us Aloha Diving

The Owners of Aloha Diving

Deeply Committed

Aloha from Alice and Simon! – we are the Swiss owners of Aloha Diving. We left Switzerland to follow our passion for diving. We are both SSI and PADI certified instructors and have worked for dive centers in Thailand, Cyprus, The Maldives and Egypt. Over past years we have trained and accompanied a wide range of divers and gained valuable work experience.
With the launch of Aloha Diving we had the chance to fulfill a long-held wish to become the owners of a boutique dive center in Phuket, Thailand.
We love sharing our passion for diving with our students and certified divers. Teaching and working with different people in consistently new and challenging situations inspires us. And to see smiling, happy faces after an awesome dive is simply great!

Meet the Aloha Diving Team

NarongCaptain MV Matchanu
Captain Narong navigates our dive boat MV Matchanu skilful through Phuket’s waters, which he knows by heart. He has many years of experience as a captain of diving vessels and knows exactly what it takes to drop off divers in the right place and safely pick them up again. The boss on board is also a passionate carpenter and does not miss any opportunity to beautify the boat.
NangTour Leader / Dive Center Support
Our Thai team member Nang is characterized by her versatile skills and her fully commitment. Nang supports us in different fields, whether in the dive center or on the dive boat. As a tour leader on our diving trips she is in charge to host our guests and to ensure a smooth daily routine. Nang also likes to jump into the water as a snorkeling guide and maybe she will become a scuba diver soon.
GoSecond Engineer
Engineer Go, always in a happy mood, is a hard worker and a helping hand in every situation. He keeps the boat in a good shape, assists our divers getting in and out of the water and fills tanks for the next dive. Driving the tender boat is one of his favourite tasks and brings him obviously a lot of fun.
SimonSSI Instructor / Chief Engineer MV Matchanu
As SSI Platinum Instructor, Simon has a wealth of experience in the education of divers. Students appreciate his calm and patient character and benefit from his wide-ranging expertise. Simon is responsible for the technical maintenance of the diving school. He has the training and the necessary know-how to carry out all required inspections of diving equipment. In addition, he works with Alice to manage the on-line information and booking resources for our clients. Simon speaks English and German.
AliceSSI Instructor
Alice is an SSI Platinum Instructor, reflecting her extensive training and experience. She has a knack for being able to infect almost anyone with the “diving bug”. As the principal host of the dive center, she ensures that all guests feel welcome and at home. Alice’s organizational skills and attention to detail ensure Aloha always responds to our clients in a timely manner – providing all required information and advice and ensuring all holiday and diving bookings are managed in our clients best interests. Alice speaks English and German.
MarcSSI Instructor
With decades of experience and training Marc is best known for his relaxed way of teaching whilst always staying focused on safety, both in and out of the water. Marc has extensive experience with all the best dive sites around Phuket, which makes him a good spotter of marine life. Marc speaks German, Dutch, French, Afrikaans and English.
TonySSI Instructor
As an SSI advanced open water instructor (AOWI), Tony is able to instruct a wide range of courses to suit most divers’ needs. Students have commented on Tony’s abilities in subjects taught and his affable and easy going nature. As well as diving/instructing Tony is also qualified to work at the hyperbaric chamber at Phuket International Hospital. Tony speaks English.
MikeAdvanced Open Water Diver
In his recent retirement, Mike Ackland, an Australian public health physician, has become a scuba diving enthusiast. Since completing his advanced open water diving training with Aloha Diving, he regularly dives with Simon and Alice. He also assists them with aspects of their business, including promotion of Aloha Diving in Australia and editing the Aloha Diving website.