The Transformation of our Phuket Dive Center takes the next step. The whole building was arriving on a truck with the happy workers from the Bamboo Shop.

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We was taking all our work experience and designed the facility for most practical use.

After your Pool or confined water session, Try Scuba Diving off the beach, night dive, half day diving trip you may want to have a shower. Our brand new and unique Bamboo rainforest garden shower is waiting for you.

Bamboo shower at Aloha Diving Phuket Dive Center Face Lift Phase 1 complete

The new soft flooring in a parquet look is comfortable to walk and in case you accidentally drop something it will not break. It is actually more looking like a living room. The huge table for teaching the Rebreather Course or Open Water Diver Beginner Course is convertible into a big wash bowl for groups and dive clubs.

  • New SSI Dive Center Phuket
  • Tauchbasis Phuket
  • Phuket Dive Center
  • Phuket Diving Center

The face lift phase one is complete.

Our Bauer scuba diving air compressor is ordered and on the way to us. With the compressor we can fill our Cylinders for half day boat trips and confined water sessions as well as our rebreather diluent cylinders and off board bail out cylinders. Having the own compressor allow us also to teach the Gas Blender Course. Yes we can blend Nitrox on demand too 🙂

Phuket Dive Center Facelift Start

Alice and Simon are highly motivated for changing some major things for the scuba diving season 2016 / 2017. With this dive center upgrade we believe that you as a diving guest will be very happy.

Phuket Dive Center Renovation Start
Area is cleaned for constuction
Phuket Dive Center Renovation Start
The trees are chopped down
Surprise at the next morning in front of the dive center we found the ingredients for concrete.

The concrete will be the foundation for our custom made dry area. It will be an entire house not just a dry room. Four worker appeared and started with the foundation.

Alice and Simon went to the market garden and picked up some plants with the classic thai vehicle.

Simon started to dig a deep hole by hand and Alice washed a lot of gravel.

At the end of the day the garden area with the lounge next to was copleted by two third. Introducing the swimming pool for our famous garden gnome.
The electric got installed too…

To be continued…

Certificate of Excellence

Aloha Diving (Aloha Ocean Adventures Co., Ltd. has been awarded once more the TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence, this time for the year 2016!!! THANK YOU TO EVERYONE who has reviewed us during the last year!!! It is great to hear feedback from our guests to see where our service is already excellent and in which areas we eventually could still improve. We would like to thank also all our staff members who do every day their very best to make sure that our guests have the best holiday & diving experience of their life :-)! This award would not be possible without ALL OF YOU – THANK YOU!!!

DiveAssure & SSI Partner Programm »StartDive«


Aloha Diving as a SSI Dive Center can exclusively offer you “StartDive” a free coverage for decompression sickness treatment within all SSI Scuba or Freediving beginner programs. The “StartDive” plan is valid till the date of certification for the eligible programs and up to a maximum of 6 months.

Why DiveAssure?

DiveAssure offers divers a variety of superb Insurance and Assistance programs, in various levels, to cover all needs of both diving locally and when travelling overseas.

  • DiveAssure offers the most comprehensive Diving Accident, Travel & Dive and Liveaboard insurance plans.
  • DiveAssure offers the most competitive rates – exclusively to SSI affiliated businesses.
  • DiveAssure specialize exclusively in Diving Insurance.
  • DiveAssure pays directly to service providers – no need to leave a deposit, credit card or other personal guarantees.
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  • DiveAssure has been insuring divers since 1999.


    SNUBA Thailand


    SNUBA or S-surface N-nexus U-underwater B-breathing A-apparatus allows participants to discover the wonders of the marine world while connected to a breathing pipe that resides in a raft on the surface, thus eliminating the need for tanks and other items associated with scuba diving. No certification is necessary to try SNUBA and it is available for children from the age of 10 and for their parents and grandparents.
    SNUBA is a form of introductory diving that allows people with no training to experience what it is like to breathe underwater like a scuba diver. SNUBA is a portmanteau of the words ‘snorkel’ and ‘scuba’. SNUBA® is the registered trade name of SNUBA International, Inc., and is only authorized for use by license SNUBA Recreational Centers.
    SNUBA® gives you the thrill of swimming deeper than you could snorkeling, without the need for a certification. After a short briefing on the easy to use SNUBA® gear, you’ll experience the first breathes underwater. No SNUBA® participant can exceed 7 metres or 20 feet from the raft when connected to the raft on the surface and the air hose. The only things that are worn are a mask, scuba regulator, fins, lightweight harness, and a weight belt for neutral buoyancy in the water.
    We from Aloha Ocean Adventures, Aloha SNUBA® Thailand, SNUBAThailand or Aloha Diving stop to offer SNUBA® or SaSuba and replaced it with a product called Try Scuba Diving. Try Diving is almost the same than SNUBA® with the advantage of more flexibility (you are not attached and connected with the surface). Try Diving is especially designed for people who never dive before or for those without a license.
    We would be delighted to take you out on a boat day trip for try diving. No special requirements are needed. You will get a briefing about the equipment, your safety and marine life. Once you feel comfortable we go down slowly to max. 12 meters or less, holding on you during the entire dive. It is truly an unforgettable adventure to breathe under water while hovering over colorful reefs and watching the amazing marine life.

    We hope you are curious to learn more about it.

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