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In life there are always choices to be made and there are choices of dive professional course agency.

So why SSI Dive Professional? Aloha Diving recommend SSI because their courses integrate perfectly into the daily logistics of diving and make for happy, comfortable and safe divers.
While there are small differences between training agencies, they all offer quality courses.
The 2 largest agencies (PADI and SSI) have been around since 1969 and 1970, respectively, and have high quality teaching materials and high standards. Both are certified by the WRSTC (World Recreational Scuba Training Council) and the S\ISO/EUF (International high Standards Organisation/European Underwater Federation). The knowledge and skill requirements are almost identical which means certifications are equivalent, interchangeable and recognized globally.
It is important to remember that the top globally recognized agencies are brands and all offer training courses that meet the same international standards. It is still the Instructor who has the biggest influence on the quality of the courses taught and the divers developed.

“Flexibility” of the SSI Total Teaching System

From a teaching point of view, there is nothing more important than your stundet’s safety and enjoyment.
Let’s face it, would you dive if you didn’t enjoy it or feel safe?
As an SSI Instructor you have the flexibility to change the sequence of training following our 80/20 rule. 80% – The 80% is the required part of the rule It must follow 100% of diver training materials, the Classroom, Pool and Open Water sessions described in the SSI Instructor Manuals as well as the current SSI Training Standards.
20% – The 20% is left up to the Dive Professional to develop their personal teaching style. This may include the order in which the classroom and pool presentations take place, the number of in-water training sessions, the amount of repetition required to create a safe and confident divers and what information to supplement on equipment and the local environment.

“Accessibility” of Student and Instructor materials

Unlimited access online and offline to all student materials at your fingertips.
Digital student materials appear on your profile online and on the SSI APP “MY SSI”.
As an added bonus, when you are completing your Dive professional training; SSI gives you free access to the next level material. For example: When you are taking your Assistant Instructor course, you receive free access to the Instructor Training Kurs materials.

Dive professional equivalencies

Following ISO standards the SSI Dive Guide course is the equivalent of other agencies Dive Master rating. By adding the Science of Diving specialty course to Dive Guide training you will be quality dive leader with excellent diving skills combined with in-depth diving knowledge.

SSI Diver Path Poster Aloha Diving
SSI Ultimative Dive Experience with Aloha Diving

“Accessibility” Home Study at Your Fingertips, Online or Offline Through the New SSI APP “DiveSSI”.

Dive Guide, Science of Diving and Dive Control Specialist Internships

Don’t stop your pro training at Dive Master, offer a little more. By taking you to the next level of being an Assistant Instructor, the Dive Center has a true certified assistant whose knowledge and experience allow them to teach part of the Open Water Diver course and also become a training specialist. REAL DIVING assets to a Dive Center, not just an underwater tour guide. Finish the internship with a higher level of certification.

SSI Dive Professional packages – Dive Guide to Instructor career bundles

SSI offers an unrivalled “career bundle”. With huge demand for SSI Dive professionals we are offering an amazing deal for the Dive professional. All of the SSI materials and fees all in one package; everything you need from Dive Guide through to AOWI at an amazing price.

One certification for First Aid/CPR and O2 at student and instructor level

SSI standards insist on SSI Dive Professionals being Oxygen provider certified as well as First Aid/CPR. Rightly so! The first aid for any suspected DCI is Oxygen; so you would expect a dive professional to be safe and proficient in the use of Oxygen.
The SSI React Right course is one certification that covers First Aid/CPR, O2 provision + AED.
At Instructor level this certification is considered a Specialty Course and as such is included in annual fees.

No hidden fees!

Everything you need to work with is included in your SSI Dive professional annual fee.
Free updates of instructor materials, exams and PEG’s.
Pay the same annual fee from Open Water Instructor to Assistant Instructor Trainer.
SSI does not penalize you financially for wanting to develop and grow as an instructor.

Growing demand for SSI Dive Professionals

SSI is the fastest growing agency globally with more than 700 new Dive Centers and 2600 new Dive Professionals since January 2016.
With 55 Service Centers globally, SSI is rapidly expanding in regions previously dominated by other agencies. Spain, The Maldives, plus Central and Southern America have seen huge growth. Which means the demand for an SSI Dive Professional is growing as well. You can look on to find locations all around the world looking to employ you.

Realistic and achievable career pathways

Continue your adventure with SSI from Dive Guide all the way to Instructor Trainer. Once you have become a registered Dive Professional with SSI, your progress to the next level is an achievable process. With more Instructor Trainers in the region than ever before; taking you to the next level has never been easier as your skills and training experience grow.

Have any questions? You can email [email protected] and one of our team will respond to you. Usually the same day.

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