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Discover the underwater world with Try Scuba Diving in Phuket

Try Scuba Diving 2 Dive Boat Experience

THB4'900per person
  • The full day Discover Scuba Diving adventure includes: 2 dives, equipment, instructor, certificate of participation, dive accident insurance, lunch, water, coffee, tea, transfer from Kata, Karon, Chalong, Nai Harn and Rawai (other areas on request).
  • Try Scuba Diving – Quick Facts Availability: Whole year, minimum age: 10 years, no swimming skills and prior experience required, maximum 2 participants per instructor

Try Scuba Diving 3 Dive Boat Experience

THB5'600per person
  • The full day Discover Scuba Diving adventure includes: 3 dives, equipment, instructor, certificate of participation, dive accident insurance, breakfast, lunch, water, coffee, tea, transfer from Kamala, Patong, Kata, Karon, Chalong, Nai Harn and Rawai (other areas on request).
  • Try Scuba Diving – Quick Facts Availability: Whole year, minimum age: 10 years, no swimming skills and prior experience required, maximum 2 participants per instructor
Try Scuba Diving and Discover Scuba Diving in Phuket

Try Scuba Diving and Discover Scuba Diving in Phuket

Do you love the ocean? Do you often snorkel and want to know how it feels like to breathe underwater? Are your friends or family already divers; but you are unsure whether diving suits you? Or you are simply looking for a new adventure? Then the try scuba diving program is just the thing for you.

It opens the gate to an indescribably beautiful and unknown world and you experience diving close. There is no other feeling like floating weightlessly over colorful coral reefs while looking at all the diverse marine life in their natural environment.

In our family-operated diving school in Phuket, you will not be treated like a number. The Try Scuba Diving takes place in small groups and with personal attention.

It does not matter where you are staying in Phuket. We pick you up from your hotel (Kamala, Patong, Karon, Kata, Chalong and Rawai – other regions upon request) free of charge and bring you to the pier.


Discover Scuba Diving with Aloha Diving in Phuket

Discover Scuba Diving and Try Scuba Diving

We would be delighted to discover the beauty of the Andaman sea with you! The easy dive sites around Racha Islands are shallow and protected from currents. Often the visibility is very clear. For try diving no special requirements are needed. You will get a briefing about the equipment, safety and marine life. Once you feel comfortable we go down slowly to max. 12 meters or less. It is truly an unforgettable adventure to breathe under water while hovering over colorful reefs and watching the amazing marine life.

Try Scuba Diving – Day trip Itinerary with 2 dives

07:45 am Pick up from Hotel / Resort by minibus
08:30 Departure from Chalong Pier by dive boat and introduction to the Try Scuba Diving equipment and briefing
10:30am 1 Try Scuba Dive in the shallow waters at a nice divesite with your instructor
12:00am Delicious Thai lunch.
02:00pm Additional second dive at a different location
04:30pm Return to Hotel / Resort by minibus

Try Scuba Diving – Day trip Itinerary with 3 dives

07:15 am Pick up from Hotel / Resort by minibus
08:30 Departure from Chalong Pier by dive boat
09:15am Introduction to the Try Scuba Diving equipment and briefing
10:00am 1 Try Scuba Dive in the shallow waters at a nice divesite with your instructor
11:30am Delicious fresh cooked Thai lunch.
12:30am 2nd Try Scuba Dive at a different location
02:30pm Additional 3rd dive is without surcharge possible
05:30pm Return to Hotel / Resort by minibus

We have you covered

Aloha Diving as a SSI Dive Center can exclusively offer you “StartDive” a free coverage for decompression sickness treatment within all SSI Try Scuba Diving programs. The “StartDive” plan is valid till the date of certification for the eligible programs and up to a maximum of 6 months.


Try Scuba Diving Prerequisites


4 Tips to Discover Scuba Diving

If you’ve never breathed underwater and have fears or bear, it seems to be impossible to scuba dive. That is wrong! No worries, the best is you do not think about that. Or even better, you do not think too much about it. The best advice for a novice diver is: relax! The more scared you are, the more tense you are, the harder is breathing.

Fact is, if you follow a few simple rules, it’s not so bad to begin with diving. Whether you are afraid or not, keep these 4 points in mind in preparation for your discover scuba dive or scuba diving course and you will be on the right track towards enjoying a beautiful part of this World; the underwater part.

1. You are not alone

We have all at some time started! This nasty situation, nervous feeling that you have when you discover scuba diving for the very first time is quite normal. We are not born to breathe underwater. Once you have the hang of it, diving is the most peaceful and most wonderful experience of your life and vacation in Phuket Thailand. All divers start at some point and struggle first, but it is absolutely worth it! Just the sound of your own breathing; no smartphone, IPhone, Tablet, WhatsApp, no one talks, no traffic … just you, the sea and the fish.

2. Ask Questions

Knowledge is power. It just feels better when you know what to expect. Our scuba instructor will tell you everything you need to know. This provides you with more confidence… There are no wrong questions. If you have a question, please ask until you get an satisfying answer. This applies also to the introduction of discover scuba diving. This is your chance to resolve the last uncertainties, so that you can enjoy your diving experience at maximum.

This is especially true if you are a little scared before the first dive. If you do not feel well, tell your instructor. If you are particularly nervous, inform your instructor. Your instructor learned at some day scuba diving too and he knows how you can feel, but he can not read your mind. Tell him how you feel and you will see that he reacts absolutely positive. This may means he stays closer to you, it may means he ask you more often “are you OK?” but in general, your instructor is an approachable person and it helps him to support you for your first discover scuba dive.

3. Find the right instructor and diving school

You can see from the points above how important it is to have a good Instructor. Usually you’ll find a good instructor at a professional diving school. There are many dive centers and it is not always easy to find the right one that you are comfortable with. Therefore contact a diving school and ask questions. Read reviews on Trip Advisor and on Scubatribe. (Scubatribe is particularly good because it focuses on reviews of real divers that have actually visited and dived with the Dive Center reviewed. Tripadvisor has been known to be less reliable on this with Dive Centers purchasing or faking reviews). There are many dive shops that offers courses with the 2 largest diver training organizations. Whether you’ll be trained by SSI or PADI standards you will be a well-trained, safe and responsible diver. Aloha Diving and many other dive schools offer SSI and PADI courses. It’s your choice. Ask us about the differences.

4. Keep on breathing and never hold your breath

The most important rule is: Keep on breathing and never hold your breath. This basic rule you master quickly and that is very important! If you’re tense and anxious, breathing alone does not help. Therefore, the fourth point should rather be: “Always continue to breathe and relax.” That is the right order. If you can manage to relax, you’ll go diving for relaxation and do not need to recover after diving. You will very soon enjoy every moment of your discover scuba dive and the hardest thing will no longer be getting in the water; it will be coming out of the water!

If you think a full day boat is too much for you to start with we can offer you exclusively a 1 hour Try Scuba Diving program in Phuket at the Divetainer. Book your Discover Scuba Diving adventure online. Sessions are available between 2pm and 5pm.
At Divetainer in Rawai we introduce you to the Try Scuba Diving equipment and the safe scuba diving practice.
Are you ready to get wet? Together with a professional instructor you enter the swimming pool for the first breaths underwater
Pose and get a free underwater picture captured during your dive. The whole program takes 45 min (30 min water time)



Amazing place, Instructor and experience! A definite address if you are looking to learn how to dive or are already an experienced diver. Alice was very patient, friendly, knowledgeable and downright lovely to dive with. 100% recommendation for diving in Phuket.
Simon Boussion
12:57 16 Jul 18
Beautiful experience with Aloha diving... It was my first time and I felt relaxed with Alice.. Fantastic world under the sea. Excellent organisation from the beginning to the end. Food and drinks all day. .I recommend to everybody beginners and advanced divers....
Ingrid Borsani
12:23 03 May 18
i had a really good time with them, they picked me up from hotel and they brought me back every time.....i was in a 4days diving pack with them and i was never being bored or sorry to do ship crue food....the best time ever.....and Simon even made picture with a really good camera and give it to me for free.....WORTH THE MONEY.....till next time....thank you
Filote Adrian
15:06 22 Apr 18
Had an awesome dive course with Aloha Diving. I was there, to pursue 4 SSI speciality courses and it went out really very well. These guys are very proffesional and they do know their job. Simon is a very great dive instructor and is calm, composed and very supportive. He made my dives a memorable experience.
sushovan das
14:42 09 Apr 18
Update 27th March 2018: Third visit and stay at Aloha Diving and amazing again like all the time before! Every time you're with them, you feel very familiar and close to them. First time for me to meet Alice, the wonderful lady also in the office with Simon, who told me everything about my next possibilities in things of diving and adviced me perfectly. Had a great trip again to another spot for me. Phi Phi and Sharkpoint was wonderful to dive, perfect conditions underwater and also on the boat with that perfect organisation and of course the transfer from the hotel before, even if some hours booked before. My instructor Tony was very helpful, experienced and open minded. Thanks to you too Tony! Last but not least, Simon, thanks for all of your good and safe organisation! Guys, you're really great, thanks a lot again and hope to dive with you soon! Best regards & AlohaRichard_________________________________________Update 20th Oct 2017:Decided one day before in the afternoon to join this great adventure again and had a another very cool and exciting diving trip. Different locations than yesterday, same great boat, same great and nice crew (always very helpful), same perfect instructor as yesterday (many thanks to Klaus again) and a lot of other fishes (also a shark), reefs and also a wreck but ten times bigger as yesterday. It was a great tour guys from Aloha Diving! Thanks again for these amazing two days! Best regards! --------------------------------------------------------------------Fun-Diving with Aloha Diving on 19th Oct 2017I was driving by the way to Rawai, looking for a Diving company in Phuket and saw Aloha Diving. Simon (Part CEO/ very nice and experienced) told me everything what I want to know about Fun Dives and the Advanced Open Water Course, because I made my Open Water 4 weeks ago on Koh Tao. Decided to practice with Fun Dives was a good decision. Klaus, my personal Instructor (very competent and experienced too) told me everything to need about the region, showed me incredible beautiful fishes and as a highlight dived through a old wrack. It was a perfect day, perfect conditions, perfect team, perfect boat with all Inclusive. Fantastic breakfast, lunch, afternoon cakes and Drinks for free. A very big thank you to Simon and Klaus! Hope to see you soon again Guys! It was a pleasure for me!
Richard Wagner
10:01 28 Mar 18
We’ve never thought that diving would be that amazing. We were glad to make this experience at Aloha diving. They were very professional and explained to us everything very well which makes us feel save under water. Also their tank is very beautiful! We’ve had an amazing trip and diving tour as well. We’ve learned a lot! If we ever go back to Pukhet we definitely come back visit them!
pascal wirz
17:54 26 Mar 18
Perfectly organized diving school with professional guides. They will find you the trip or course which fits for you.
Beat Ackermann
08:44 19 Mar 18
Excellent service, literally booked everything the evening before the actual dive. Very professional and friendly service!
10:47 09 Jan 18
It was a lovely trip! The boat was big with all essentials included: toilets/shower, breakfast, lunch, fruits. Instructors were professional and nice people to talk with.P.S.: hey Simon, that was a nice talk about technical diving!
Maxim Gurkin
10:57 12 Oct 17
Aloha Diving is awesome. My girlfriend and I emailed Simon months before our trip about taking an open water diver course. Simon promptly responded to our email (as he does with any email or message you may send him) with all the information we needed to get started plus set us up for some online learning. Once we arrived in Phuket, Simon picked us up from where we were staying and we began the class room portion of the course. Simon is an incredibly kind, knowledgeable, and efficient teacher. By the time it was time to start diving Simon had answered all of our questions and we felt very prepared. On the diving days Simon and his staff were prompt with pick up, briefed us on each location and the skills we needed to perform there, and overall ensured we got the most out of every dive by giving us tips and pointing out many different types of sea life. Simon also sent us a file full of pictures he took of us on each dive which is an added plus. I really do not believe we could have had a better experience. Simon and his team are the best and i would recommend them to anyone.
Zac Bunzey
04:32 12 Oct 17
Aloha diving made it possible!We had a great time with amazing dives and met wonderful peoples. The service you get is just on top of the top. Transferring you like a VIP from your hotel to the boat and back...all you need to do is to slip in your gear and jump in the water....just awesome! Also during the boat ride where enough food and drinks for all to keep everyone happy. Briefing and De-briefing was good and easy understandable for all and made the dives even more enjoyable. They also look after your diving skills to make sure you got the best dives for your comfort level. Alice and the team did great and we would go diving with them any time any place again! Companys like Aloha diving became rare. Where peoples get treated like individual personalities and taken the way they are. We really appreciate that personal touch!
Karol Kreienbuehl
03:26 13 Jul 17
We traveled to Phuket in June 2017 with a focus on spending the majority of our time diving. We went with Alice from Aloha diving and are so very pleased we did! This is a great small company it was just my husband and I and Alice. From our transport to and from the hotel, to the high quality equipment, local knowledge, safety and experience it was simply outstanding.We had booked 2 days diving with 3 dives per day and on the final dive I was so impressed we booked another day and ended up having 9 dives in total with Alice and Aloha Ocean Adventures.Having our Open Water dive certificate but not many dives under our weight belts having a professional instructor / guide who put our safety first was so very important to me and Alice and Aloha Ocean Adventures did not disappoint.Alice met us at the marina and brought us onto the shared large diving boat, she had an excellent working relationship with the crew and boat leader who were very helpful and knowledgeable. Alice explained everything to us, since it had been over a year since we dived, Alice walked us through our equipment by the end of the first dive we were handling, using and setting up our equipment like pros. Before each dive Alice would sit with us on the boat and go through the dive site, our plan for the dive and the marine life we were likely to experience. Her professionalism and love for diving made for some amazing dives! Her guidance and education has taken us from being novice divers up to the next level - she has invigorated our love of diving again.I am already planning another dive trip to Phuket and certainly be using Aloha Ocean Adventures again. Highly recommend.
Katy Fatchen
00:54 25 Jun 17
My wife and I booked for two days diving (6 dives) with Aloha. It was so good we added a third day's worth of diving. We dived with one of the owners, Alice and met the other owner Simon. They were great - transfers from our resort were seamless. The dives were wonderful and Alice not only provided great guidance while diving by spotting and pointing out the various forms of aquatic life but also provided great company in between dives. As a bonus she also provided us with photos from all of our dives for free rather than at a price (as is the usual custom among tourism operators.Aloha's diving equipment was in excellent condition and the dive boat which they used was spacious and comfortable. I'd thoroughly recommend Aloha Ocean Adventures to anyone interested in diving around Phuket and we'll be diving with next next year when we return to Thailand.
Arid Hills
02:35 23 Jun 17
Went to Phuket for our anniversary, my wife has been wanting to try scuba diving as long as I can remember. I was nervous at first to jump right in without any training or prior knowledge, but our Aloha Guide, Simon, was an incredible instructor who kept us calm, well-informed, and allowed us to have 3 amazing dives! By the third dive, I felt like a pro already!We tried the "Try Scuba Diving" full day trip with 3 dives, and it was everything we hoped for - easy transportation, great service, delicious food, beautiful views and incredible diving. Would absolutely come back and scuba-dive again with Aloha!
Miles Bennett
02:21 18 May 17
This was absolutely amazing! My first diving experience was with Alice and she is a super-caring, experienced and lovely teacher. I was very scared to try diving for the first time, but with Alice everything went well and super smooth. She explained everything perfectly, she was by my side every moment, at the same time giving enough freedom to feel the real diving experience. Alice took great pictures and, unlike many other diving centers, Aloha Ocean Adventures don't charge an additional fee for the pictures. Alice is easy to get along with, she knows all the best spots and can find a right approach to any person. The boat is super comfortable, food is delicious, staff is helping and caring. I had one of the brightest experiences in my life and I highly recommend this diving center. This is a great example of people, who love what they do and know exactly how to make you love it as well.
Daria Patyutko
08:24 23 Apr 17
I've had a great experience with Aloha Diving. It was my first time diving and I did a 2 day Scuba Diving course. Alice was a very competent and extremly nice instructor. I felt very safe at all times and learned a lot in those 2 days. It definetly made me want to continue to dive and if I'm ever again on Phuket, I will revist Aloha Diving.
Marina Schmidt
21:12 07 Apr 17
I strongly recommend Aloha Diving when looking for a reliable diving company. We went for a try scubadive last december and had a great time with Simon. He is patient, very professional and especially passionate about what he does. It was the first time for us and we felt comfortable during the whole trip. We did 3 dives in different sites around the Racha islands. We loved it!!!
20:37 15 Mar 17
Wow! I wanted to scuba dive do an open water diver course since many years but never really had the chance. As I traveled to Phuket/Thailand I was looking for excellent diving schools and soon found Aloha Diving based in Rawai. Although I was based in Karon this was no problem as Aloha Diving will picks you up nearly everywhere in Phuket. Ok, so I gave it a chance and must honestly say that my expectations were excelled by far. Simon —one of the two founders— gave me the perfect introduction into the theory and practice of Open Water Diving and made sure that I felt completely comfortable and secure at all times. After preparing my theory via app and with Simon's help I took the test and made it easily on the first try. Now to the practical part: Starting in a very nice and exclusive pool (day 1) we stepped up the game the next day and went for 3 dives. Before entering the ocean (what a view) I was a little afraid I'd feel a little unwell as I never tried diving before (only snorkeling), but man was I wrong. I can say absolutely the same for day 3, which was even better (and another 3 dives, which is more than other diving schools give you) as I felt even more secure and understood the before learned better. I saw some amazing underwater life, we even dove through a small shipwreck. And now I am a diver!!! If you ever come to Phuket and want to give diving a try I highly recommend you check out Aloha Diving and do a beginner's course. I don't have any comparison to other schools but with this experience I don't need one. 6 stars 🙂 I'll be back for more!
Kamal Nicholas
09:58 26 Feb 17

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Phone: +66979243483

Web: Aloha Diving

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