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Project Description


Would you like to take a leisurely and reasonably priced snorkeling trip in Phuket?

Then join us on our charming dive boat MV Matchanu as a snorkeler or simply as a passenger and experience a relaxing day at sea in a small group at uncrowded places.

The focus is on snorkeling and not on visiting tourist attractions. While two stops at shallow dive sites, snorkelers alike divers can explore the fascinating underwater world.

Snorkeling trip Phuket



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SMALL GROUPS – SECLUDED SITES – 2 STOPS – NO TIME LIMIT: The charming dive boat accommodates only max. 15 guests. Enjoy highly individual, varied and excellent snorkeling – far away from the crowds.

Snorkeling Information


SnorkelingTHB 1’800
PassengerTHB 1’800
Phi Phi Islands surchageTHB 1’000


  • Full day boat excursion

  • 2 stops for snorkeling
  • Mask, Snorkel and fins rental
  • Light breakfast, lunch, fruits, drinking water, coffee and tea
  • Round-trip transfer from hotels in Karon, Kata, Nai Harn and Rawai to 
Chalong pier (other areas on surcharge)
  • National park fees for trips to Phi Phi Islands (THB 400)


  • Snorkeling instructor
  • Soft drinks and beer

Snorkeling sites
visited on
day trips

Snorkeling in Phuket takes place year-round with day trips by boat. The distance to the different snorkeling areas, such as Racha Islands, Koh Mai Thon and Koh Doc Mai varies between 9 and 25 nautical miles. The departure time from the pier in Chalong is usually at 8.30am with a return between 3 and 6pm.

Snorkeling Trip in Phuket

The itinerary of a Phuket Snorkeling Day Trip is looking as following:

  • Pick up starts at 7:30 from Hotel / Resort in Karon, Kata, Rawai or Nai Harn by minibus (meeting time at the harbour of Chalong is 8:20am)
  • 08:30 Departure from Chalong Pier by dive boat
  • 10:30am First stop of the day
  • 12:00am Delicious Thai lunch. The lunch get served in a protected where we have plenty of time to relax, go swimming, sun bathing and chatting with other passionate water sport enthusiast (about 2 hours)
  • 02:00pm Second stop at a different location
  • We will be back at the harobur between 4pm and 6pm depending the destination.
  • Return to Hotel / Resort by minibus



We organise snorkeling trips to Phi Phi Islands on special request. The boat trip is 3 hours each way to visit the famous Phi Phi Archipelago. Therefore a long distance surcharge is applying on diving trips to the Phi Phi Islands.

Pick up times & transfer surcharges

LocationP/U timeshared transfer
Nai Harn8.00amFREE
Kata Beach7.45amFREE
Karon Beach7.30amFREE
Patong Beach7.15amTHB 500
LocationP/U timePrivate transfer
Phuket Town7.30amTHB 1’200
Cape Panwa7.30amTHB 1’400
Kamala Beach7.30amTHB 1’600
Surin Beach7.30amTHB 1’800
Bangtao7.15amTHB 1’800
Nai Yang7.00amTHB 2’000
Mai Khao7.00amTHB 2’200

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I covered by accident insurance on board?

Yes, all our guests automatically enjoy accident insurance coverage. In addition, you can also sign up for diving accident insurance coverage.

Are all dive sites suitable for snorkelling?

No, not all sites are suitable for snorkeling. Best islands for snorkeling are Racha Yai, Racha Noi, Koh Maithon and the Phi Phi islands.

Are daily hotel transfers included on Phuket?

Round trip transfers from your hotel Karon, Kata, Chalong, Nai Harn and Rawai (other areas see prices of specific product page). However you can meet us at the diving pier in Chalong and save THB 200 per person and day.

Are your employees trained for emergency cases ?

All our instructors, guides and boat staff are regularly trained and are all qualified O2 and First Aid providers. In addition there is a annual boat safety and fire drill course.

Best time to visit Phuket?

Overall the best time of the year to dive on Thailands west coast is between November to April. The weather conditions are most stable during this time of the year and all dive sites are open. However, as this is the main tourist season prices tend to be higher and the dive sites more frequented. More information you find on scuba diving in Phuket.

Can I book a private guide, and how much is the charge?

Yes, this possible. The price is THB 1’400 per day.

Can I cancel a diving booking if I’m not ready to dive and how much notice do I need to give and do I get a refund?

Please find the cancellation policy in terms and conditions

Can non-divers join day trips?

Yes, of course. However, please note that not all diving day trips are suitable for swimming and snorkeling.

Can you recommend a hotel?

As there is such a large variety of hotels and guest houses in Phuket and every guest has different requirements and price budgets it is hard to give a general recommendation. We have 3 modern and clean rooms in our Dive which we rent to our divers.
We love the area of Rawai, therefore we have some hotel recommendations on the Phuket Diving Resort page.

Do I need a licence to Scuba Dive?

No, you can try scuba diving with the one day activity called the SSI Try Scuba Diving.

Do you accept credit card payments?

Yes, we accept Visa and Mastercard with a credit card surcharge of 3%. You can do Credit Card payments until 4pm the evening before in our Dive Center in Rawai.

Do you accept other currencies?

No – We only accept Thai Baht for payments

Do you cater to vegetarians?

Yes, we do. If you have any special dietary requirements it would be best to let us know in advance so that our cooks can plan ahead accordingly.

Do you have DIN or INT connection?

All tanks either INT valves or DIN valves. For Sidemount Divers we have the appropriate tanks available.

Do you have English speaking guides on the boats?

All our guides speak English.

Do you have your own Scuba Diving Equipment and like to know keep them in good shape that you can enjoy them for many years?

Of course dive gear like your regulator will need a regular service (most manufacturers recommend every 100 dives or every 2 years, whichever comes first) which can be done by us or any registered service center, but to prevent high costs of replacement of certain parts it’s important to clean all your gear after every day of diving.

Cleaning Dive Gear


When we clean and check our returned rental regulators, we follow 10 steps.

Often people make remarks on how good our rental gear looks. More important on the maintenance and cost side, the yearly servicing of our regs is an easy job with no corrosion to soak and scrub off. Below are the most important steps of our regulator cleaning routine.
During your dive week you can just rinse your gear in the rinse tank at the end of a dive, but it is well worth the time and effort after the last dive to do the full clean before storing your gear.
Check that the dust cap has no salt water in it, if yes, wash it out while keeping your thumb on the opening of the first stage so water doesn’t go in. Dry the dust cap by blowing it out with a tank, then put it back on the first stage and close to seal tightly.
Pull the hose protectors away from where the hoses connect to the first and second stages. Let the tap water run through the holes in the first stage, you must see the water running out of the holes (not all regulators have holes in the first stage by the way, for these sealed first stages you can omit this step).
Let the tap water run through the two mouthpieces and exhausts of the second stages. Do not press the purge button while doing this! If you do happen to press the purge button, make sure that you put the reg back on a tank and purge the second stages a number of times to get all water out.
Do check the bite tabs on the mouthpieces and inspect around the tie wrap for small holes. For hygienic purposes at this point we generously sponge soapy antibacterial dish liquid thoroughly around the mouth piece.
With your still soapy sponge, wipe over the second stage covers and all metal parts – this helps to remove salt and chemical residue. At this point you can also check your hoses for any wear and tear.
Finally, submerge the regulator (except the 1st stage) in a rinse tank of fresh water and soak for at least 5 minutes. Put the reg on a tank and purge the 2nd stages to remove any water left in the system. Take the 1st stage off the tank and seal it with the dust cap.
Hang the reg up to dry (if outside keep out of the sun). Make sure the hose protectors are not covering the metal parts.
Once dry, use Silicone Spray to spray the thread of 1st stage knob while screwing it in and out to ensure even distribution of the silicone over all the threads. Spray in and around the BCD quick disconnect while pulling it backwards and releasing it a few times. Spray the metal parts on the hoses close to the 1st and 2nd stages with Silicone Spray and push back the hose protectors.
What to do if you flooded your first stage regulator by not closing the dust cap while rinsing?

Firstly, it’s not that bad if you flood it with fresh water. If your regulator is flooded with salt water, rinse with fresh water immediately, to avoid corrosion. The main thing that you want to avoid is pressurizing the regulator while there is water inside and a computer or SPG attached. This could potentially damage your instruments downstream. Do not attempt this yourself – as soon as you can take your regulator to a regulator service technician – he/ she will do the following:

Immediately remove hoses and gauges, leaving only the second stage regulators attached to the low pressure portion of your 1st stage.
Rinse the first stage with fresh water if necessary (i.e., if you suspect that you have salt water or other contaminants inside the first stage).
Attach the first stage to a tank and slowly turn on the air. The service tech will be flushing all water out the high pressure ports. He will then slowly purge the second stages so that any water in the hoses will also be pushed out of the system. Warning: don’t ever pressurize a 1st stage regulator on a tank without a way to depressurize, such as having a second stage attached or a port open. If you do, good luck ever getting that thing off!
Last, if in a reasonably non-humid environment, the tech should let the whole thing sit out with ports out for a few hours to let any moisture evaporate before reassembling the regulator. While the regulator tech is working on your regulator, take your computer/ SPG and hold it at the gauge end and give it a good twirling to get any residual moisture or liquid out of the hose. It is very unlikely that you got any water through the pinprick-sized hole if you didn’t pressurize the system wet, but this is just for good measure (and a little bit of fun). Be sure you don’t accidentally his anyone with the hose or drop your gauges.

What is described here is just an immediate remedy to avoid and/ or mitigate the damage done by flooding, most of which is corrosion. Please take into consideration that your situation may vary depending on what type of water you got into your regulator and the type of regulator you have. Whatever you do immediately after flooding your regulator, you should definitely have it fully serviced as soon as possible. Regulators are expensive and sophisticated pieces of gear that our lives depend on, so it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Dive Computer

Be sure to soak your dive computer in fresh water after every dive. While submerged, depress all of the buttons a few times to get all the salt water out of them. Be sure to dry out of direct sunlight.

If your dive computer Floods!

If it is a user replaceable battery type, immediately remove the back cover and remove and discard the battery. Use compressed air to blow all water out of the battery compartment. Once completely dry insert a new battery and test. Make sure to use a battery replacement kit from the manufacturer of your dive computer – these usually come with new o’rings and back plate. It is important to replace these as they are the most likely culprits for the flooding. Check also for other damage to the computer that may have been the cause of the flooding. Non-user replaceable battery types will need to be sent to a service center or back to the manufacturer for repair.


The most important part of cleaning a BCD is to rinse away any salt water from the inside of the bladder, the dump valves and the inflator/deflator unit and hose. To prevent corrosion in your inflator unit, clean it by flushing the inside with fresh water. With the inflator unit mouthpiece held tight to the faucet of running tap water alternately push the inflator and deflator buttons. You should see the water coming out of the nipple, and water should be going into the BCD. The tap needs to be quite far open as you need good water pressure to flush the valve. Watch out – you might get wet!

Fill the BCD with some more fresh water. To do this you can remove a dump valve (be sure not to loose the gasket and be sure not to cross-thread when replacing); however the best (although not the easiest) is to do as in above, pressing the deflate button. Make sure the BCD is empty of air and below the incoming water. Slosh the water around to rinse every corner of the bladder.

Inflate the bladder (either by mouth or by regulator attached to a tank), make one of the dump valves the lowest point, and in 1 fluid movement squeeze the BCD and dump at the same time to force water through the dump valve. Fill and repeat to flush the rest of the dump valves. Once all the valves are flushed, empty the BCD of all water. Fully inflate the BCD and hang out of sunlight to dry. The reason to fully inflate the BCD is to check it’s air holding integrity – if the BCD is deflated when it is dry there is likely a leak somewhere in the system. If drying space is at a premium, just inflate with a little air and after drying fill with air to do the integrity test.


To clean your wetsuit you can use a little bit of dishwashing liquid in a basin full of fresh water. Soak well with a bit of movement to wash the wetsuit inside out before hanging it up to dry. If outside, make sure you hang the wetsuit out of direct sunlight. Aloha Ocean Adventures sells “Sink the Stink”, a soapy solution to get the smell out of your wetsuit if you have not kept up with a proper cleaning routine before ?

Do you offer free Nitrox?

Unfortunately we can’t offer Enriched Air Nitrox for free. We ask for a surcharge of Baht 200,-per tank. We can offer you a Nitrox course for free when purchasing a diving computer through us.

Do you take into consideration special meal requirements?

The onboard galley on the vessels allows us to provide for any special requirements.

How are the diving and weather conditions in the low season on Phuket?

The weather in low season is pretty good most of the time, although the humidity is much higher than normal. We have the occasional rain shower during the day, but this usually lasts only for a short time. The visibility and current under water is not much different compared to the rest of the year. Many people prefer to dive in low season, because there are not as many boats and divers at the varies dive spots. Due to the location of our Phuket dive sites are we able to offer day trips year round from our Island.

You can find more information about diving in the low season here.

How long are the surface intervals?

Safety is the highest priority at Aloha Diving and therefore the surface interval is a minimum of 90 minutes.

How long does a dive last?

We plan all our dives for a duration of one hour minimum. We do not have a dive time limitation. Therefore you can stay as long your air last (30 bar / 500 psi minimum pressure).

How many divers are in each group?

We dive in small groups with a maximum ratio of 4 guests per guide.

How many dives do you do in a day?

With our boat we offer two dives a day to extend each dive to the maximum with minimum 90 min surface interval. Phukets big boats offer three dives on a tight schedule. On the liveaboards there are usually 3 day dives and 1 night dive per day.

How to fit a Mask perfectly?

A correct scuba diving mask fitting is potentially one of the most important things for having a good time and relaxed scuba diving. If it leaks or is uncomfortable it can be miserable.

Learn below how to choose the correct size and type of mask for your face shape, and how to test to see if it is the perfect fit, before you buy or rent it.
What you are looking for is an airtight seal around your face, without having the mask too tight.

Scuba Diving Mask Fitting First Step

Measure Your Face

First, take a good look at your face. Is it narrow or wide? Are your eyes close together or wide apart? We have a wide range of Masks in our Diving Center in Phuket.

Aqualung Look HD

The Look HD is the evolution of the best-selling Look mask, first sold in 1988. The key features of the original Look, fit and comfort, have been maintained while new innovative features have been added. A stainless steel (AISI 316) anti-torsion bar has been integrated into the frame structure for maximum dimensional stability and lens planarity. This optimizes visibility by eliminating distortion.

Aqualung Impression

The Impression delivers a wide-angle view in an ultra-compact package. Modeled with Aqua Lung’s “Micromask Technology”, its innovative, patented structure positions the lenses close to the eyes. This significantly improves peripheral vision while maintaining an incredibly low internal volume. Aqua Lung’s “Advanced Fit Technology” uses textured bands of silicone around the skirt to form a superior seal against the face and minimizes water entry. The Impression is effortless to clear and its low profile is ideal for freedivers or any diver that wants to reduce in-water drag.

Aqualung Linea

We have gone the distance with this one! As part of the Women’s Collection, the Linea offers features to women unsurpassed in a mask. The “Comfort Buckle System” solves what so many women have asked for – a tangle free buckle! The Linea delivers a wide-angle view in an ultra-compact package. Modeled with Aqua Lung’s “Micromask Technology”, the close proximity of the lenses to the eyes significantly improves peripheral vision while maintaining an incredibly low internal volume.

Aqualung Micro Mask

The Micromask delivers a wide-angle view in an ultra-compact package. Its innovative, patented structure positions the lenses inside the “ocular orbit” or the natural facial recesses of the eyes. This close proximity of the lenses to the eyes significantly improves peripheral vision while maintaining an incredibly low internal volume. The Micromask is effortless to clear and its low profile is ideal for freedivers or any diver that wants to reduce in-water drag.

Is your nose bigger or smaller? Do you have much space under your nose above your lip? So with these things in mind, try to pick a mask that looks like it will fit your face instead of how many windows it has or how cool you think it looks.

Fitting Hint For Men – Don’t forget to shave before you go to do your snorkel mask fitting. It is hard to test a seal with a lot of stubble. A view Masks have the”Advanced Fit Technology” uses textured bands of silicone around the skirt to form a superior seal against the face and minimizes water entry.

Scuba Diving Mask Fitting – Second Step

Select A Mask To Test

Now test it on your face. Pull the straps over the top of the mask and try the mask on your face, without putting the strap around your head. You must look in a mirror and notice where the skirt foot lies. Is it too narrow around the sides of your eyes? What about your nose, does it have plenty of room? You should not be pulling the nose pocket up against the underside of your nose. How about the bridge of your nose? Does the hard frame or glass rest on your nose anywhere? How about when you push the mask in a little bit? Because when you are snorkeling, water pressure will press the mask onto your face a bit.

Scuba Diving Fitting – Third Step

Do The Suction Test

Now, with the strap still over the top (not over your head yet), put the mask to your face, press slightly, inhale a small amount through your nose to suction it to your face, and release your hands. The mask should stay on your face without continuing to inhale.
You should be able to move around a bit without it falling off. Try moving your face muscles a bit. Does that break the seal? Try smiling. That will often break a seal on even a good fitting mask. But see what it does. (Sometimes we try to get each other to laugh when snorkeling to cause each other’s face mask to flood).

Scuba Diving Mask Fitting – Fourth Step

Put It On Fully

Good so far? Notice that a good fitting mask will stay on with just a little suction. Now try it with the mask strap on your head. You should get an airtight fit with very light strap pressure.
The strap should sit high on the back of your head, not resting on your ears. If it rests on your ears it will get painful.
If you have to pull the straps tight to get a fit, or if you have big red marks when it comes off, you have it too tight. A leaky mask is more often a case of straps too tight than too loose.
Also, make sure with the mask fully on that you can easily pinch your nose so that you can clear your ears while descending.

Scuba Diving Mask Fitting – Fifth Step

Found A Fit?

This step is easy. If you have found a mask that fits you perfectly, try it before you buy it! At Aloha Diving you can try your favourite Mask while Scuba Diving. We believe this is the only way to find out which mask fit’s you best. And of course is is available for sale.
We are dealer for Aqualung, Mares, Scubapro, Cressi, IST and Deep Blue.

I would like to have a private guide. Is this possible?

We can arrange for a private guide upon request for a surcharge.

Is the equipment included?

Equipment is not included on liveaboard or day trips, unless it is a special package, or the Open Water Diver course was completed with Aloha Diving. For beginner dive courses and try scuba diving the equipment is included.

What are the criteria when organising diving groups?

Experience and air consumption are the main criteria for our decisions.

What do I need to take on the boat with me?

Sunblock, towel, swimwear, in low season it’s a good idea to bring rain wear and a warm jacket. Most things are included in our trip price. Soft drinks and beers are the only items you need to pay for. There is a limited supply and selection on the dive boats so please feel free to bring your own and store it in the icebox onboard.

What is a liveaboard boat?

A liveaboard boat is like a floating hotel that you can scuba dive off. They have cabins to sleep in, on board lounges, kitchens, however and tiolets. Some even have onboard luxuries like a Masseuse. In Phuket they range from over night trips up to 8-9 day adventures. You will need to be a certified diver to scuba dive from them however non divers can come on for the ride. Have a look at our liveaboard Phuket page to find out more.

What is the experience of my instructor/dive guide?

We from Aloha Diving guarantee highly experienced guides with excellent local knowledge.

What is the maximum dive depth?

The maximum depth is 30m but, with the appropriate qualification can be to 40m.

The depth limit for training dives are:

What is the water temperature like?

The water temperature is 28 – 30 degrees celsius all year round.

What kind of wetsuit is recommended?

3mm shorty is normally sufficient and is our standard rental suit. If you plan on diving on the liveaboard you might want to consider bringing a long 3mm suit.

What kind or emergency equipment is provided on the diving vessel?

Our vessel MV Matachnu is equipped with:

  • Sufficient emergency oxygen with an “ON Demand“ System which guarantees maximum possible O2 care in the event of an emergency.
  • Flairs and Signal smoke according to international standard.
  • Automatic fire extinguisher in the engine room.
  • First aid kit
  • Automatic Identification System (AIS)
  • VHF Radio
  • Life Jackets
  • Tender Boat
  • Search Light remote controlled
What makes you different?

Contrary to many other suppliers, we are not a diving agency but a real diving company with our own diving boat, equipment, swimming pool, compressor and instructors.

What sort of food will be on the boat?

Food is a mixture of Thai and Western (more Thai). Our boat can cater for vegetarian. Please let us know if you have any dietary requirements and we will do our best to provide you with meals to your liking.

Where can I exchange money?

There are several exchange counter close to our dive center in Phuket.

Where is the best place to see a Manta Ray?

The ever allusive Manta Ray have increased in numbers over the last couple of year here in the Andaman Sea. They still are a difficult to find however you chances are increased by going on a liveaboard adventure and trying this dive sites.
• Koh Tachai (Liveaboard trip)
• Koh Bon (Liveaboard trip)
Racha Noi South Tip (Scuba Diving day trip)

Where is the best place to see a Whale Shark?

The ever allusive whale sharks have increased in numbers over the last couple of year here in the Andaman Sea. They still are a difficult to find however you chances are increased by going on a liveaboard adventure and trying this dive sites.
• Richelieu Rock (Liveaboard trip)
• Koh Tachai (Liveaboard trip)
• Koh Bon (Liveaboard trip)
Phi Phi Islands (Scuba Diving day trip)
Shark Point (Scuba Diving day trip)

Will I be able to go onto an island on a day trip boat?

Sometimes where it is possible but never guaranteed as we plan the destination daily according to sea and weather conditions. If you are looking for a customized boat experience the Phuket Boat Charter might be interesting for you.

Other sightseeing trips:

Read what others say about our scuba diving day trips:

(Translated by Google) Nice, quiet and knowledgeable people. Despite the engine crash on their boat the day before, a new boat was arranged and the day was completed well. On the dives themselves there was good knowledge of the area, and there was no time limit here either. The dive lasted as long as you had air. Mine lasted 64 and 76 minutes. They also have restrictions on the number of participants in the tours, so that you do not risk queuing or pulling on each other. Smooth 5 of 5.(Original)Hyggelige, rolige og kunnskapsrike folk. Til tross for motorhavari på deres båt dagen før, var det ordnet med ny båt og dagen ble gjennomført på en bra måte. På selve dykkene var det god kunnskap til området, og her var det heller ingen tidsbegrensning. Dykket varte så lenge du hadde luft. Mine varte 64 og 76 minutter. De har også begrensinger på hvor mange som deltar på turene, slik at man ikke risikerer å stå i kø eller trokke på hverandre. Glatt 5 av more
Frode Hanssen
Frode H.
Did the SSI Divemaster course with Alice and Simon from Aloha Diving. Daily boat feels like family with small groups. Help from boat crew is perfect and lunch food was amazing.They also do extended range and nitrox diving. We saw a lot of diving areas around Phuket. Nice and easy to go diving with them from Chalong Peer by boat. The organization of payment is easy and the team is well oganized. The boat is very clean and has sundeck on top.We saw a lot of dive sites around Phuket. King Cruiser wreck and shark points are one of the best I every more
Daniel Schmidt
Daniel S.
Best dive centre I ever encountered! Highly recommend it.
Robert Petersen
Robert P.
Aloha is a very pleasant and experienced diving company. We did a one day dive trip and had a wonderful day. We had checked the reviews in advance and it was all correct: We were with a small group of only 7 (which is unique for diving companies in this area we learned); we went to dive spots on times no-one else was diving there and we felt very secure and well taken care of by the crew. Alice is very friendly and enthusiastic, during the dives she was in control gave us a very safe feeling and she showed us a lot (small) sealife. The good thing of Aloha is that they choose their dive spots on the day itself after checking the sea conditions, to make sure we don't have too much current or a crowded spot. (Our favourite of the day was the King Cruiser wreck with multiple schools of hundreds fish!). Also all equipment we rented (suit, fins, mask) were all in top condition and lunch was delicious. The boat itself is spacious enough for about 12 people, with an upperdeck to relax. So all in all a great experience and would definitely go again with Aloha when we are back in Phuket!read more
Ida Stegmeijer
Ida S.
We had an excellent experience with Aloha! Our 12 year old son did his open water course, I joined him in the pool for my refresher, and then my husband joined us for two days of boat dives. Vicki was a wonderful instructor, patient and encouraging with our son which really helped him gain confidence and all the skills he needed. Aloha doesn't limit dives by time, so our first dive at a beautiful coral reef (6-8 meters mostly) was 50 minutes- lots of time to get skills done and explore. The private, smaller boat was definitely a perk. We went to a couple dive sites that the standard big boats, shared by most companies, don't go to and it was nice to have a small group. My husband usually gets motion sickness but the boat was definitely big enough to prevent that from being an issue. Food was great, they were accommodating of a request for vegan food, and the top deck (shaded) was ideal for enjoying the boat time. We'll be recommending Aloha to our friends in Chiang Mai!read more
Caitlin Littleton
Caitlin L.
Simon and Alice were amazing. From the first contact until the last good bye. They were very friendly and gave us a lot of tipps beside our dives. Fhe experience on their boat and diving was very good. The size of people on the boat and during the dives were small and not growed like on other boats. They were really taking care of you and make you feel comfy.We would def. dive again with them when we are back in more
Alexander Hilpert
Alexander H.
(Translated by Google) We have booked a private boat tour with trial diving. Everything perfect from start to finish. Even our unusual meal request (vegan, gluten-free) was fulfilled without any problems.During the dive we felt very safe and well looked after.The first time diving in the open sea was very special.We could also visit two deserted beaches at our own request.We still dream of puffer fish, starfish and rays.A thousand thanks for the great care and the unforgettable day. The booking and the contact were also great.(Original)Wir haben eine private Bootstour mit Schnuppertauchen gebucht. Von Anfang bis Ende alles perfekt. Selbst unser ausgefallener Essenswunsch (Vegan, Glutenfrei) wurde einwandfrei ohne wenn und aber erfüllt. Während des Tauchgangs haben wir uns sehr sicher und gut betreut gefühlt.Das erste mal Tauchen im offenen Meer war etwas ganz Besonderes.Zwei menschenleere Strände konnten wir auf eigenen Wunsch auch besuchen.Wir träumen immer noch von Kugelfischen, Seesternen und Rochen.Tausend Dank für die großartige Betreuung und den unvergesslichen Tag. Auch die Buchung und der Kontakt waren more
Anna Branner
Anna B.
A perfect boutique dive schoolThe target of the owners: To provide you with an excellent day of diving! They did more than that. Max 12 divers, no more than 4 divers per guide, no limit on dive time, just on air and 0 deco-time, great lunch and excellent service on the boat.On top of that, I had several fantastic dive where we saw a beautiful underwater world with specials species like a seahorse, leopard shark, turtle's etc etc. Make sure you visit King Cruiser more
Erwin Joosten
Erwin J.
We have spent awesome four days with AlohaDiving Center Team .All was perfect .Dive spots which Simon had checked before our arrival were not crowded and almost every time we were alone .Alice and Simon as divmasters were brilliant .They have showed us many underwater creatures. Scuba diving with them was very safe , they always respect rules.The crew members were very pleasant and helpful.The food which was served on board tasted very good, every day we have had something new .I strongly recommend this diving center and if I come back on Phuket, I’ll do scuba diving with Simon and his more
Marcin Dziedziak
Marcin D.
We have spent awesome four days with AlohaDiving Center Team .All was perfect .Dive spots which Simon had checked before our arrival were not crowded and almost every time we were alone .Alice and Simon as divmasters were brilliant .They have showed us many underwater creatures. Scuba diving with them was very safe , they always respect rules.The crew members were very pleasant and helpful.The food which was served on board tasted very good, every day we have had something new .I strongly recommend this diving center and if I come back on Phuket, I’ll do scuba diving with Simon and his more
Marcin Dziedziak
Marcin D.
(Translated by Google) Very friendly and jovial company, no headache, people here are there to have fun with their passion, divingThe DUO accompanied by Marc works wonderfully, if I come back to Phuket I know with whom I would dive !!Millions of kisses and see you soon I hopeCarine and Franck(Original)Entreprise très sympathique et jovial , aucune prise de tête , les gens ici sont là pour s’éclater de leur passion , la plongée Le DUO accompagné de Marc fonctionne à merveille , si je reviens à phuket je sais avec qui j’irais plonger !!Des millions de bises et à bientôt j’espère Carine et Franckread more
Franck Dvl
Franck D.
I had a fantastic time diving with Aloha. Alice and Simon own and run the company on their own small boat so it felt like a much more hands on and personal experience than I imagine some other operators offer. We had 2 dives, one in the morning and afternoon with a delicious Thai lunch in between. I can't recommend them highly enough and will definitely return next time I'm in more
Osborne Matt
Osborne M.
Probably one of the best dive centres we have ever encountered, highly recommend! Professional and very knowledgeable guides gave us a true vip experience. We were diving for 4 days in small groups, very spacious boat compared to your usual dive boats, excellent food, helpfull staff, just to name a few. Absolute winner for me was choosing divesites according to the number of boats heading in which direction. Avoiding the crowd and adjusting to weather conditions gave both drivers and snorkelers best experience possible.Thank you Simon and thank you Aloha more
Hubert Karoń
Hubert K.
I had an amazing experience with Aloha. Simon, Alice and Tony were very friendly and professional. The pacing of the day was relaxed and there were no time limits so it was good for a novice diver like me (my first dive was 70 min). The boat is small so you can pick the instructors' brains and learn a ton from more
Roger Zhai
Roger Z.
(Translated by Google) Alice and Simon are two extremely nice diving instructors, I had a lot of fun in the small group, they selected great dive sites and responded well to all questions. I highly recommend Aloha Diving in Phuket :)(Original)Alice und Simon sind zwei ultra nette Tauchlehrer, ich hatte in der kleinen Gruppe sehr viel Spaß, Sie haben tolle Tauchplätze ausgewählt und sind super auf alle Fragen eingegangen. Ich kann Aloha Diving in Phuket wärmstens empfehlen:)read more
Felix Halter
Felix H.
Hadn't been diving for over 10 years and needed to get some practice before joining a liveaboard in Khao Lak. Aloha Diving was the perfect choice as they are able to cater for smaller groups, have their own boat, and go the extra mile to ensure that you have a great diving experience. For example, to extend the group dive time, Alice shared her tank with me on every dive. She also took some brilliant underwater photographs which were made available for free. The food on the boat was also great. Enjoyed the first day trip so much that I booked a second trip for the next day! I can highly recommend this professional dive outfit and will definitely be using Aloha again in the more
Keith Sharphouse
Keith S.
Went with Aloha for a private boat and received a delicious lunch, friendly guides and world class dive sites!read more
Kai Wilson
Kai W.
Aloha Diving accommodated our large group of 17 divers and snorkelers for a private boat trip. The scuba diving sites were world class and an amazing experience! Aloha staff were super friendly and flexible with our plans. Would recommend!read more
Kai Wilson
Kai W.
I sent an email a couple of weeks before I was to arrive in Phuket and got a prompt and lovely response that answered all my questions.For my first excursion I was picked up at my accomodation and taken to the pier, where the boat was waiting. We got a tour of the boat first and could then relax while we were driving towards our diving spot. Alice and Simon are very knowledgeable and have great personalities. The day was very personal and the group little, so I felt very safe and taken good care of - also the equipment is in excellent condition.After our first dive, lunch was served, which was so good, I had to be careful not to eat too much.We returned around 4pm and were taken home again.I enjoyed it so much, that I booked another excursion two days later and did my Nitrox + Deep Diver Specialty.Thanks Alice and Simon, I will be back ;)read more
Katrin Mader
Katrin M.
I went for fun diving and had a very nice time. Alice and Simon do a wonderful job here, the whole experience was flawless. Be aware that most schools/shops in Phuket don't own a boat, they will book you with a dive operator and off you go with other 50-70 divers. This is NOT the case with Aloha Diving, they own a pristine boat with gear in excellent conditions and small groups. This is a highly recommended owner run business that take excellent care of their more
Tato Lin
Tato L.
We enjoyed this amazing scuba diving trip. This company uses smaller boats, almost felt like a private trip comparing to other boats which had around 50 people on them. Our diving instructor Simon was professional and more
Eva Zou
Eva Z.
(Translated by Google) Just beautiful! Nice boat, nice diving, nice comfortable, nice and in good hands felt, nice delicious food, all around only to be recommended. Come back to Rawai for Aloha.Aloha's ability to be flexible with their own boat and be able to respond to the conditions is just fun because you do not have too many divers at the same place. It is a great crew with appropriate knowledge of diving, the conditions and the diving area.Keep it up and good air.(Original)Einfach nur schön! Schönes Boot, schönes tauchen, schön gemütlich, schön und gut aufgehoben gefühlt, schön leckeres Essen, rundum nur zu empfehlen. Komme gerne wieder nach Rawai zu Aloha. Die Möglichkeit die Aloha durch das eigene Boot hat flexibel zu sein und auf die Gegebenheiten reagieren zu können machen einfach nur Spaß da man so nicht mit allzu vielen Tauchern am gleichen Platz ist. Es ist eine tolle Crew mit entsprechenden Kenntnissen vom Tauchen, den Verhältnissen und dem Tauchrevier. Weiter so und immer gut more
Dirk Heinekamp
Dirk H.
(Translated by Google) My first dive vacation in Asia ever took place in November 2019. Because Aloha has her own boat, on which she does not take more than 12 people, my choice fell on that basis. A lucky hit !!! Alice and Simon are great, nice and above all perfect guides. The briefings are 120%. Every detail is explained, possible peculiarities made clear. The dives are super calm and especially Alice with her keen eyes finds even the most inconspicuous slug or smallest dance shrimp and shows them one. The boat is in top condition, not a luxury steamer but big enough for 12 and comfortable. The crew is attentive and always on the spot, if just something was forgotten. Long cooks delicious and fresh fruit is served as a dessert. I can warmly recommend Aloha. Who does not want to count bubbles in groups of 50 or bobble around in the blue-green on 25m, for the Aloha is the hot tip!(Original)Mein erster Tauchurlaub in Asien überhaupt fand jetzt im November 2019 statt. Weil Aloha ein eigenes Boot hat, auf dem sie nicht mehr als 12 Leute mitnehmen, fiel meine Wahl auf diese Basis. Ein Glückstreffer!!! Alice und Simon sind toll, nett und vor Allem perfekte Guides. Die briefings sind 120%ig. Jedes Detail wird erklärt, mögliche Besonderheiten klar gemacht. Die Tauchgänge sind super ruhig und insbesondere Alice mit ihren scharfen Augen findet auch die unscheinbarste Nacktschnecke oder kleinste Tanzgarnele und zeigt sie einem. Das Boot ist in Top Zustand, kein Luxusdampfer aber gross genug für 12 und gemütlich. Die Crew ist aufmerksam und immer zur Stelle, wenn grade mal irgendwas vergessen wurde. Long kocht lecker und frisches Obst gibt es als Nachtisch. Ich kann Aloha allerwärmstens empfehlen. Wer nicht in 50er Gruppen Blasen zählen will oder im Blaugrünen auf 25m herumdümpeln, für den ist Aloha der heiße Tipp!read more
Frank Schrumpf
Frank S.
Absolutely amazing experience with aloha diving . 4 of us did the try diving. Marc the dive master did everything he could to make sure we had the best time. He was really patient and catered to the different abilities in our group brilliantly. The food on the boat was really tasty and fresh, and everyone on board was super friendly. If I could give more than 5 stars I would!read more
James Brennan
James B.
(Translated by Google) I was allowed to do my Open Water Certificate with Simon, you can only say that it is perfect Good Counsel in German (Swiss German) and English. Simon explains the steps cleanly and understandably so that I have managed the exam right away. After that we could do another 6 dives with him. To the boat, a cozy dive boat with fresh food on board, which is cooked daily. The equipment is new and in top condition. I highly recommend Aloha Diving in Phuket to anyone who appreciates a cozy atmosphere with few people and good advice is there in good hands. We are happy to come back next year to explore more great places in Phuket with you.Greeting Sven(Original)Ich durfte bei Simon mein Open Water Zertifikat machen, man kann nur sagen es ist perfekt Gute beratund auf Deutsch (Schweizerdeutsch) und Englisch. Simon erklärt die Schritte sauber und verständlich wodurch ich die Prüfung auch auf anhieb geschafft habe. Danach Konnten wir noch 6 weitere Tauchgänge mit ihm durchführen. Zum Boot, ein gemütliches Tauchboot mit frischer Verpflegung an Board, welches Täglich gekocht wird. Die Ausrüstung ist neuwertig und in einem Top Zustand. Ich kann das Aloha Diving in Phuket nur wärmstens jedem empfehlen, wer eine gemütliche Atmosphäre mit wenig Personen und guter Beratung schätzt ist dort bestens aufgehoben. Gerne kommen wir nächstes Jahr zurück um noch weitere tolle Plätze in Phuket mit euch zu erkunden.Gruss Svenread more
holdener sven
holdener S.
(Translated by Google) Diving in a family environment instead of mass processingIn Phuket, it is not uncommon for divers to be mass-barred. One is booked by the diving schools with many other divers on a boat and then drives with some other boats to the "classic" dive spots. Aloha Diving offers, in contrast to most diving schools, a very informal environment. It is really individually tailored to the individual guests. Aloha has its own boat, is thus much more flexible, and goes to dive spots where you are mostly completely alone (but above all, individually on the wishes received). Between the dives a delicious lunch is cooked.It was an absolute top experience. My girlfriend and I completed the Advanced Adventurer course and learned a lot. We had the great pleasure of always diving with Alice as a couple. Other divers had their own guide. Everything was very professional content. Between the dives we got the theory taught.Alice is a very positive person and burns for the sport. Even after thousands of dives, the enthusiasm is unbroken. This enthusiasm is on. Simply great !! Alice also had a camera with us to take pictures of us. These were then shared via Dropbox (no extra charge). There are great pictures created!Conclusion: absolute recommendation! I hope we have the pleasure again next year. Thanks for this great week!(Original)Tauchen in einem familiären Umfeld statt Massenabfertigung In Phuket ist es nicht unüblich, dass Taucher in Massen abgefertigt werden. Man wird von den Tauchschulen mit vielen anderen Tauchern auf ein Boot gebucht und fährt dann mit einigen anderen Booten zu den "klassischen" Tauchspots. Aloha Diving bietet im Gegensatz zu den meisten Tauchschulen eine sehr familiäres Umfeld an. Es wird wirklich individuell auf die einzelnen Gäste eingegangen. Aloha hat ein eigenes Boot, ist somit viel flexibler, und fährt zu Tauchspots bei denen man meistens komplett alleine ist (hier wird aber vor allem auch individuell auf die Wünsche eingegangen). Zwischen den Tauchgängen wird ein leckeres Mittagessen gekocht.  Es war eine absolute Top Erfahrung. Meine Freundin und ich haben den "Advanced Adventurer Kurs" absolviert und sehr viel gelernt. Wir hatten das große Vergnügen immer zu zweit mit Alice zu tauchen. Andere Taucher hatten ihren eigenen Guide. Inhaltlich lief alles hochprofessionell ab. Zwischen den Tauchgängen haben wir die Theorie vermittelt bekommen.  Alice ist ein sehr positiver Mensch und brennt für den Sport. Selbst nach Tausenden von Tauchgängen ist die Begeisterung ungebrochen. Diese Begeisterung steckt an. Einfach Top!! Alice hatte auch mal eine Kamera dabei, um Fotos von uns zu machen. Diese wurden dann über Dropbox geteilt (ohne Aufpreis). Dabei sind super Bilder entstanden!  Fazit: Absolute Empfehlung! Ich hoffe wir haben nächstes Jahr wieder das Vergnügen. Danke für diese tolle Woche!read more
Patrick Lindbichler
Patrick L.
(Translated by Google) We were lucky enough to experience 2 wonderful diving days with Alice and Simon from the diving school Aloha Diving 10 days ago. My wife was a bit unsure as the recent dives had not gone so well, but Alice made her the best dives. With a lot of peace a lot of experience and knowledge was conveyed. The boat is very clean and well maintained. The Crow peak. Great Versorgungs.Kein mass tourism. Thank you very much and best regards. Through you we rethink our vacation planning. Maybe we'll meet again next year.(Original)Wir hatten das Glück 2 Wunderbare Tauchtage mit Alice und Simon von der Tauchschule Aloha Diving zu erleben vor 10 Tagen. Meine Frau war etwas unsicher, da die letzten Tauchgänge nicht so gut gelaufen waren, aber durch Alice waren es Ihre schönsten Tauchgänge. Mit sehr viel Ruhe wurde viel Erfahrung und Wissen vermittelt. Das Boot ist sehr sauber und gepflegt. Die Crow Spitze. Tolle Versorgung.Kein Massentourismus. Ganz lieben Dank und liebe Grüße. Durch Euch überdenken wir unsere Urlaubsplanung. Vielleicht sehen wir uns naechstes Jahr more
Jürgen Wesner
Jürgen W.
(Translated by Google) We enjoyed with the diving school Aloha Diving with Simon and Alice in a small group and personal accompaniment our dives. Very nice and thoroughly revised smaller very clean boat. The experiences will be remembered. Thanks a lot!(Original)Wir genossen mit der Tauchschule Aloha Diving mit Simon und Alice in kleiner Gruppe und persönlicher Begleitung unsere Tauchgänge. Sehr herziges und von Grund auf revidiertes kleineres sehr sauberes Boot. Die Erlebnisse werden uns in Erinnerung bleiben. Vielen Dank!read more
Pascal Stübi
Pascal S.
As a foreigner in Thailand wanting to scuba dive and 10 years out of practice, I was pretty overwhelmed by the amount of options available. Prices were drastically different among locations, with hostels adding credence to certain outlets simply by virtue of including an advertisement for them. I heard of Aloha diving by way of complete accident- I was told at a bar that the patron knew Alice, so they called her up, and afterward we proceeded to chat. She was extraordinarily kind and honest. She told us that for maybe ten or twenty dollars less we could go to another diving outfit, find our own way to the boat, possibly get lunch, dive with fifty other people, and go to one or two sites. Our experience was completely different. We were picked up at our hostel and driven to the boat they owned, given a sumptuous breakfast with tea and coffee along with a refresher lesson on diving essentials, and then taken to the first diving spot. It was a very personal dive as there were only two other people on board alongside me and my friend, so we had a great deal of attention and care. We were subsequently served lunch and proceeded to the second dive site which was also an amazing experience. I have nothing but respect for Aloha and recommend it to everyone!read more
Carlos Moretti
Carlos M.
We're older and have physical limitations. We did a "try diving" adventure with Simon and crew. They enabled us from the start. We had help donning our gear, getting in and out of the water, and a really informative instruction. We dove once in the morning, had a wonderful lunch, dove in the afternoon. The one on one attention and small group size was perfect. I highly recommend any diver or snorkeler to dive with these guys. We will get certified at some point. Amazing and superb! trip with Aloha Diving was superbread more
Elise Cain
Elise C.
(Translated by Google) I did not know for a long time which provider I should dive in Phuket. Actually I wanted it as cheap as possible - but now I am immensely glad that I found Aloha!Thanks to the lovely recommendation of a friend, I came across Aloha Diving and got to know the team directly. Apart from the fact that Alice and Simon are wonderful people to spend a whole day on the boat with, their diving center is just fantastic.We did not have much experience and were therefore reintroduced in great detail and care. There were two breathtaking dives with a lot of excitement and wonder and to compensate for a great lunch and relaxed good mood on the boat. I felt really good all the time and was able to get the most out of the trip.Every time I decide to dive here, I recommend to those who are undecided, to prefer the great experience over the few Euros that are saved at the cheap diving schools.Thanks for all Aloha!(Original)Ich wusste lange nicht bei welchem Anbieter ich in Phuket tauchen soll. Eigentlich wollte ich es so billig wie möglich - jetzt bin ich aber unendlich froh, dass ich Aloha gefunden habe!Dank der lieben Empfehlung einer Freundin bin ich auf Aloha Diving gestoßen und habe das Team direkt kennen lernen dürfen. Abgesehen davon, dass Alice und Simon ganz wundervolle Leute sind, mit denen man gerne einen ganzen Tag auf dem Boot verbringt, ist ihr Tauch-Center einfach fantastisch.Wir hatten nicht allzu viel Erfahrung und wurden deshalb sehr ausführlich und sorgsam wieder eingeführt. Es waren zwei atemberaubende Tauchgänge mit viel Aufregung und Staunen und zum Ausgleich einem tollen Mittagessen und entspannter guter Laune auf dem Boot. Ich habe mich die ganze Zeit richtig wohl gefühlt und konnte so das Meiste aus dem Trip rausholen.Ich würde mich jedes mal wieder entscheiden hier zu tauchen und empfehle allen Unentschlossenen, die tolle Erfahrung den paar Euros vorzuziehen, die man bei den Billig-Tauchschulen spart.Danke für Alles Aloha!read more
What a lifetime experience. A big thanks to Simon and Alice for introducing us to a new world. We are really spellbound. Simon and Alice, you guys are excellent teacher. We would definitely like to join you again for our 2nd dive. A special thanks from my daughter Aishani to introducing her to the underwater world. Finally big thanks to Gunther for sharing his experience and guidance. Thanks to the whole Aloha Team.We are highly recommending Aloha Diving for the enthusiastic people.From,Sudipta BhowmikPrajnaparamita Das BairagyaAishani Bhowmikread more
Sudipta Bhowmik
Sudipta B.
Definitely a 5 star experience!!! Alice and Simon are so kind! From the beginning meeting Simon with the group, i feel welcome and comfortable all the time. Alice as my dive instructor, she really give me a very clear briefing and help me review some basic knowledge! When we are going to decending from the surface, she keep her decending speed same as me, which i never been experience this before any fun dive. They own their private boat, so they can brought us to private dive site which no one there!!! this is what i didnt expect, a private and rich creature dive site! I feel so lucky to find them and choosing them. If you are reading this, believe me, CHOOSE THEM!!read more
ng siau hong
ng siau H.
WORTH IT! DO NOT MISS OUT!In Phuket diving is an industry - as a result divers are traded like a commodity sold on massive boats not operated by the people selling you the diving experience. Not so with Simon and Alice - they have decided to be different and invest heavily in offering something unique, special and worth the price. They have really professionally restored their boat and it's the best diving boat I have been on. Food was plentiful and great, dive was professionally and passionately run and we got free photos too. Definitely book more
Joseph Telfer
Joseph T.
Fantastic dive centre. Alice and Simon went above and beyond to make this diving experience the best we've ever had. Couldn't have asked for more. Would highly more
Roya Karimnia
Roya K.
I feel so lucky that I wound up booking with Aloha! The experience was incredible. I felt well looked after, not ever rushed, and like I was hanging out with friends on their boat rather than a commercial dive experience. Highly, highly recommend!!read more
Britnee Powell
Britnee P.
(Translated by Google) It is so incredible. We had the unique opportunity to participate in the first official dive trip with Aloha's new boat. What a difference to the mass diving trips on the traditional ships in the past.Not only does this give you full flexibility for unique dives, it also gives you the feeling of being part of a big family. In other words, we were able to enjoy Alice and Simon 100% in their unique, quiet, fun, friendly, professional and safe ways.We were in caves, wrecks and made drift dives. ... and yes, we also found seahorses.Contrary to what was said at home, we have seen a fish-rich, wonderfully colorful underwater world. We were surprised by the beautiful places around Phuket, which of course made us even more enthusiastic.Certainly also because of Alice's selection of dive sites.Thanks a lot to Alice and Simon ... and the lovely local boat crew for these wonderful days.We have now decided to come every year.(Original)Es ist so unglaublich. Wir hatten die einmalige Gelegenheit, an der ersten offiziellen Tauchreise mit Alohas neuem Boot teilzunehmen. Was für ein Unterschied zu den Massentauchausflügen auf den herkömmlichen Schiffen in der Vergangenheit.Dies gibt nicht nur die volle Flexibilität für einzigartige Tauchgänge, sondern hat und auch das Gefühl gegeben, in einer grossen Familie aufgenommen zu sein. Mit anderen Worten, wir konnten Alice und Simon 100% auf ihre einzigartige, ruhige, lustige, freundliche, professionelle und sichere Art und Weise genießen.Wir waren in Höhlen, Wracks und machten Strömungstauchgänge. ... und ja, wir haben auch Seepferdchen gefunden.Entgegen dem, was zu Hause gesagt wurde, haben wir eine fischreiche, wunderbar bunte Unterwasserwelt gesehen. Wir waren überrascht von den schönen Orten rund um Phuket, die uns natürlich umso mehr begeisterten.Sicher auch wegen Alices Auswahl an Tauchplätzen.Vielen Dank an Alice und Simon ... und die liebenswürdige lokale Bootsbesatzung für diese wundervollen Tage.Wir haben jetzt beschlossen, jedes Jahr zu more
Felix Fehr
Felix F.
It was an extremely great experience, cery organized dive center, and they do care about their customers perfectly. Their diving gear is excellent and organized, much better than orher companies in terms of details and type of gear they are providing. Also, they know the area verry well which is really needed to be safe and to see the most out of the diving more
Mohammad AlSalem
Mohammad A.
I returned to Aloha after having dived with them a few years prior and had another amazing experience with them. Alice is an amazing dive master who would gladly tailor the dive to your skill level and take beautiful photos more
Yong Quan Tan
Yong Quan T.
(Translated by Google) We have received the address of Aloha Diving from my sister. Our small group opted for a trial diving / snorkeling trip and it was really worth 100%. Alice and Marc took perfect care of us. Our kids loved their two dives and we enjoyed our snorkeling too. We can only recommend Aloha Diving. Very professionally everything explained! Lovely again.(Original)Wir haben von meiner Schwester die Adresse von Aloha Diving erhalten. Unsere kleine Gruppe hat sich für einen Schnuppertauch-/ Schnorchelausflug entschieden und es hat sich wirklich 100% gelohnt. Alice und Marc haben uns perfekt betreut. Unsere Kids waren begeistert nach ihren zwei Tauchgängen und auch wir haben unsere Schnorchelgänge genossen. Wir können Aloha Diving nur weiter empfehlen. Sehr professionell alles erklärt! Sehr gerne more
carolina sutter
carolina S.
(Translated by Google) Simon was a great instructor, everything was explained to me clearly and understandably. I always felt safe during the dives.(Original)Simon war ein super Tauchlehrer, mir wurde alles klar und verständlich erklärt. Fühlte mich immer sicher während den Tauchgä more
Josip Botic
Josip B.
(Translated by Google) I have done my Advanced Open Water here and can only recommend Aloha Diving. Alice and Simon provide security and are open to any questions. I felt very well, on all my dives and will definitely go diving with them again(Original)Ich habe mein Advanced Open Water hier gemacht und kann Aloha Diving nur empfehlen.Alice und Simon vermitteln einen Sicherheit und sind für alle fragen offen. Ich habe mich sehr wohl gefühlt, bei allen meinen Tauchgängen und werde bestimmt wieder mit ihnen tauchen gehenread more
Jörg Wagner
Jörg W.
(Translated by Google) By chance came to the base and it was a real stroke of luck. Everyone was super friendly the organization was great and the equipment in very good condition. Very nice dives even if the base own boat was unfortunately in the shipyard. Great, we can do this again.(Original)Sind durch Zufall auf die Basis gestoßen und es war ein echter Glücksgriff. Alle waren super freundlich die Organisation war top und die Ausrüstung in sehr gutem Zustand. Sehr schön Tauchgänge auch wenn das Basis eigene Boot leider in der Werft lag. Super gerne more
Job Kaluzynski
Job K.
(Translated by Google) Many thanks to the whole Aloha Diving Team from Phuket, for the very good and enjoyable lessons in German.Highly recommended the dive center in Phuket.Small boat with familierem charm. If you are in Phuket and would like to learn diving then you are in good hands with Alice and Simon and the whole Aloha team.Many thanks to the complete team.(Original)Vielen Dank an das Ganze Aloha Diving Team aus Phuket, für die sehr gut und angenehmen durchgeführten Unterrichtseinheiten in Deutsch.Sehr empfehlenswert die Tauchbasis in Phuket.Kleines Boot mit familierem Charm. Wenn man in Phuket ist und Tauchen lernen möchte dann ist man bei Alice und Simon sowie beim ganzen Aloha Team sehr gut aufgehoben.In diesem Sinne vielen Dank an das Komplette more
Kevin Kargus
Kevin K.
(Translated by Google) This is the first review I ever write, but that's my concern. Alice and Simon do their job PERFECT !!!! 100 points in each area. I have done the Open Water courses with you.The handling of the first contact: answered all my questions PROMPT, PROFESSIONAL and super FRIENDLY, although I had created my planning extremely short-term. I was super advised in the selection of the hotel, the two also organized the same and I was warmly welcomed.Marc, is the perfect instructor, patient and super professional.The barge is TIP. Comfortable, clean, everything on board is TOP ORGANIZED, the crew always friendly. The pick up from the hotel worked great every day.The exchanges with Marc, Alice and Simon were awesome.I felt so perfectly taken care of and accepted, as if I had arrived at friends. These two love your job and anyone who does their exchange education or dives with this team has made the perfect choice.Thank you again for this great experience and the perfect all around !!!!(Original)Dies ist die erste Rezension die ich jemals schreibe, aber die ist mir ein Anliegen. Alice und Simon machen ihren Job PERFEKT!!!! 100 Punkte in jedem Bereich. Ich haben den Open Water Kurse bei Ihnen gemacht.Die Abwicklung vom Erstkontakt: Alle meine Fragen PROMPT, PROFESSIONELL und super FREUNDLICH beantwortet, obwohl ich meine Planung extrem kurzfristig angelegt hatte. Ich wurde super beraten bei der Auswahl des Hotels, das haben die beiden ebenfalls gleich organisiert und ich wurde vor Ort herzlich empfangen.Marc, ist der perfekte Tauchlehrer, geduldig und super professionell.Das Tauschboot ist SPITZE. Bequem, sauber, alles an Bord ist TOP ORGANISIERT, die Crew immer freundlich. Die Abholung vom Hotel hat jeden Tag super geklappt. Die Tauschgänge mit Marc, Alice und Simon waren einfach genial.Ich habe mich so perfekt aufgehoben und herzlich angenommen gefühlt, als wäre ich bei Freunden angekommen.Diese beiden lieben Ihren Job und jeder der seine Tauschausbildung bei Ihnen macht oder Tauchgänge mit diesem Team unternimmt hat die perfekte Wahl getroffen.Vielen DANK nochmals für diese tolle Erfahrung und das perfekte Rundherum!!!!read more
Romana Mairhofer
Romana M.
Absolutely the best drive center to book. Great company, great boat and great crew. Only the best dive spots. Highly more
Keven A. Freedman
Keven A. F.
We spent wonderful time with Aloha. Organization was perfect, safety on highest level, respect for nature and all in friendly, relaxed atmosphere. If you want to avoid crowds, mess - go to boutique dive center Aloha.I can recommend Aloha for all who want to start underwater adventure and as well for all certified divers. For people who are looking for courses Aloha is probably best option on Phuket. Their training experience and intimate atmospere are guarranty for best results. Regarding experienced divers that great advantge is that divers are in small groups according their skills. We are certified and we had each dive over 70 minutes. Alice and Simon who are owners of Aloha, share not only beauty of underwater but also brings Thai culture closer, advise best local accomodation or dining. Technical skills and courtesy of Simon saved my dives. In his tiny free time he fixed my private broken equipment. Aloha is unique in scale of Thailand and maybe even worldwide. Exceptional involvemet and big hearts. Thank you for beautiful time together!We miss you and looking forward to be back!read more
Sea-Line Joanna Frais
Sea-Line Joanna F.
We spent perfect time with Aloha. Organization was perfect, safety on highest level, respect for nature and all in friendly, relaxed atmosphere. If you want to avoid crowds, mess typical for Phuket - go to boutique dive center Aloha.I can recommend Aloha for all who want to start underwater adventure and as well for all certified divers. For people who are looking for courses Aloha is probably best option on Phuket. Their training experience and intimate atmospere are guarranty for best results. Regarding experienced divers that great advantge is that divers are in small groups according their skills. We are certified and we had each dive over 70 minutes. Alice and Simon who are owners of Aloha, share not only beauty of underwater but also brings Thai culture closer, advise best local accomodation or dining. Technical skills and courtesy of Simon saved my dives. In his tiny free time he fixed my private broken equipment. Aloha is unique in scale of Thailand and maybe even worldwide. Exceptional involvemet and big hearts. Thank you for beautiful time together!We miss you and looking forward to be back!read more
joanna frais
joanna F.
(Translated by Google) TOPYou are just great, keep it up.In April, the OWD made there, last week stopped by and we had really cool dives together.Thanks a lot for this.It's worth it for beginners who just want to get a taste of it and all diver whether young or old.The little horny Kahn also gives a very special family feeling which I personally appreciate very much.In comparison to the mass business otherwise in chalong a true oasis of relaxation. It is simply the diving and the fun in the regardsFrank(Original)TOPIhr seid einfach klasse, weiter so.Im April den OWD dort gemacht, letzte Woche kurzfristig vorbeigeschaut und wir hatten echt geile Tauchgänge zusammen.Vielen Dank dafür.Es lohnt sich, für Anfänger, welche die nur reinschnuppern möchten und alle Diver ob jung oder alt.Der kleine geile Kahn gibt zudem ein ganz besonderes familäres feeling welches ich persönlich sehr schätze.Im Vergleich zum massenbusiness sonst in chalong eine wahre Oase der Entspannung. Es steht einfach das tauchen und der Spaß daran im Vordergrund.Liebe GrüßeFrankread more
Frank Liebeskind
Frank L.
I just did 2 day trips with Aloha Diving and it was simply perfect. Thank you! To be more precise: The communication with Alice and Simon (owner of Aloha Diving) prior to the dives was easy and both were very responsive. During the day trips, which they do in corporation with another company, everything was well organized, they have good rental equipment and most important safety matters for them! To conclude: I can highly recommend Aloha more
Pascal Hess
Pascal H.
I just did 2 day trips with Aloha Diving and it was simply perfect. Thank you! To be more precise: The communication with Alice and Simon (owner of Aloha Diving) prior to the dives was easy and both were very responsive. During the day trips, which they do in corporation with another company, everything was well organized, they have good rental equipment and most important safety matters for them! To conclude: I can highly recommend Aloha more
Pascal Hess
Pascal H.
I had such a blast! Sweet people especially Alice and Chock! Thanks to them, I had one of the most life changing experiences I've ever had. I came to my dream place to dive and honestly, it was better than expected!read more
Vivian Luong
Vivian L.
(Translated by Google) I did my Open Water Diving license with Aloha. The best decision I could make! German-speaking, very competent instructors and a relaxed, family atmosphere :)Recommended for those who want to avoid the big, overcrowded dive boats ...Thank you Simon & Alice!(Original)Ich habe bei Aloha meinen Open Water Tauchschein gemacht. Die beste Entscheidung, die ich treffen konnte! Deutschsprachige, sehr kompetente Tauchlehrer und eine entspannte, familiäre Atmosphäre:)Für alle zu empfehlen, die den großen, überfüllten Tauchbooten aus dem Weg gehen wollen...Danke Simon&Alice!read more
Kilian Posch
Kilian P.
Amazing diving in Phuket! Small group, no more than 15 people. Simon had great communication and very responsive from first point of contact. Many personal touches in customer service. As I was diving solo and was fairly new, I was assigned a dive master, Marc, to dive one on one with. Mark was very patient and educational along the way. I highly recommend this group. They are more concerned with enjoying the dive and customer service rather than overcrowding and rushing through to maximize their earning potential. They also were conscious of my vegetarian diet and were able to accommodate when the included lunch was served. They will not disappoint!read more
Mark Massey
Mark M.
Amazing diving in Phuket! Small group, no more than 15 people. Simon had great communication and very responsive from first point of contact. Many personal touches in customer service. As I was diving solo and was fairly new, I was assigned a dive master Marc, to dive one on one with. Mark was very patient and educational along the way. I highly recommend this group. They are more concerned with enjoying the dive and customer service rather than overcrowding and rushing through to maximize their earning potential. They also were conscious of my vegetarian diet and were able to accommodate when the included lunch was served. They will not disappoint!read more
Mark Massey
Mark M.
Found this place on Travel + Leisure magazine. What was supposed to be a three day course turned into 6 and I cancelled my other plans just to keep diving with Simon and Alice. These two have a real passion for diving, and you can feel it with the detail and care they take to ensure your dive experience is top notch in every way. Patient, kind, understanding, reassuring, challenging, yet encouraging, and very hospitable. If you’re learning to dive, brushing up, or just want a great guide these are your people. Small intimate boat, great crew, excellent experience all around. I would give it a million stars if I could!read more
Jessica Wertz
Jessica W.
(Translated by Google) A very, very good diving school! It is very familial and personal (around 10 people). The boat is a perfect size and the crew is very nice including the dive guides. For food is taken care of and vegans you get extra vegan food. We would go diving with Aloha Diving and go snorkeling! We had a great day and look forward to a next time!(Original)Eine sehr, sehr gute Tauchschule! Es ist sehr Familiäre und persönlich (um 10 Leute). Das Boot hat eine perfekte Größe und die Besatzung ist sehr lieb inklusive der tauchguides. Für essen ist gesorgt und auch als Veganer bekommt man extra veganes essen. Wir würden immer wieder mit Aloha Diving tauchen und Schnorcheln gehen! Wir hatten einen rundum gelungenen Tag und freuen uns auf ein nächstes mal!read more
Vera Goesmann
Vera G.
(Translated by Google) On a total of 4 days I had the great pleasure to go diving with Simon. It was a very relaxed atmosphere on a not crowded boat. I am glad to have chosen Aloha Diving to avoid the following things:- Mass processing during diving- strict schedules- strict tour requirementWhen Aloha Diving one reacts spontaneously to the weather and utilization of a dive site, where to go. This makes it an unforgettable experience!Thanks to the team!(Original)An insgesamt 4 Tagen hatte ich die große Freude, gemeinsam mit Simon tauchen zu gehen. Es war eine sehr entspannte Atmosphäre auf einem nicht überfüllten Boot. Ich bin froh, mich für Aloha Diving entschieden zu haben, um folgenden Dingen aus dem Weg zu gehen: - Massenabfertigung beim Tauchen- strikte Zeitpläne- strkte TourenvorgabeBei Aloha Diving reagiert man spontan nach Wetter und Auslastung eines Tauchplatzes, wohin man fährt. Dies macht es zu einem unvergessenem Erlebnis!Danke ans Team!read more
Jens Brechmann
Jens B.
(Translated by Google) After a 2 week holiday with the family, which should take place halfway with the family and sightseeing, should be spent on the other half with diving.Before vacation I have already looked roughly, what there were for diving centers near our hotel and with top reviews you also found Aloha diving.Arrived in Phuket - Nai Harn, we also went over to Alice and Simon.Despite the fact that we were very spontaneous for diving at Aloha Diving, we were greeted warmly and it was at our request that we would like to go diving every second day immediately.Also the wish that I and my brother wanted to do the Deep Diving course was fulfilled immediately.The transport of our diving baggage and ours to the port was managed by Alice and Simon. The dives with Alice and Simon were just great, from the dive sites to detailed briefings and of course the dives themselves!Simon, who led the course of my brother and me, can only be praised, super training that was super fun!The boat with which Aloha Diving works together to do the 2 Dives a day has always been friendly and helpful. There was at any time for the physical well taken care of, whether fruit snacks, lunch and of course drinks (water, soft drinks or the Dekobierchen for the return to the port)Finally, our diving equipment was allowed to dry in Aloha Diving in the drying room, so it did not have to get wet in the plane to Germany.Conclusion:I will definitely come back and book with Alice and Simon my dive trips in Phuket, because everything is just right (yes, the price)!(Original)Nach einem 2 Wöchigen Urlaub mit der Familie, der zur Hälfte mit der Familie und sightseeing stattfinden sollte, sollte zur anderen Hälfte mit tauchen verbracht werden.Vor Urlaubsantritt habe ich schon mal grob geschaut, was es für Tauchbasen in der nähe unseres Hotels gab und mit Top Bewertungen fand man auch Aloha Diving.Angekommen in Phuket - Nai Harn sind wir bei Alice und Simon auch vorbei gegangen. Trotz dessen das wir sehr spontan zum Tauchen bei Aloha Diving waren, wurden wir super herzlich empfangen und es wurde auf unseren Wunsch das wir gerne jeden 2ten Tag tauchen gehen wollten sofort eingegangen.Auch der Wunsch das ich und mein Bruder gerne den Specalty Kurs Deep Diving dabei machen wollten, wurde sofort dabei erfüllt.Der Transport von unserem Tauchgepäck und unsereins zum Hafen wurde von Alice und Simon super gemanagt.Die Tauchgänge mit Alice und Simon waren einfach Spitze, von den Tauchplätzen über ausführliche Briefings und natürlich die Tauchgänge an sich!Simon der den Kurs von meinem Bruder und mir geleitet hat, kann man nur loben, super Ausbildung die mega Spaß gemacht hat!Das Schiffchen mit dem Aloha Diving zusammen arbeitet, um die 2 Dives am Tag zu machen, war auch immer freundlich und hilfsbereit. Dort war zu jederzeit für das leibliche wohl gesorgt, ob Fruchtsnacks, Mittagessen und natürlich auch Getränke (Wasser, Softdrinks oder auch das Dekobierchen für die Rückfahrt zum Hafen)Zum Schluss durften unsere Tauchausrüstung noch bei Aloha Diving im Trockenraum trocknen, damit es nicht nass in den Flieger nach Deutschland musste.Fazit:Ich werde definitiv wiederkommen und bei Alice und Simon meine Tauchausflüge in Phuket buchen, da dort einfach alles stimmt (Jaaa auch der Preis)!!read more
Sven Aden
Sven A.
(Translated by Google) I was with my two sons in search of a diving station "on site". By coincidence we saw "Aloha Diving" on Ra Wai and inquired there. The first contact with Alice was immediately very personal and familiar. All our requests (only a second day a dive trip, transport from the hotel to the dive boat and back, discount for three people) were fulfilled immediately. Every morning we were picked up from the hotel in Nai Harn to the port in Chalong, where the dive boat was already waiting for us. It belongs to "Klaus", who already lives in Thailand for over 40 years and dives with his 78 years still daily (without suit!). The boat is relatively small - we were a maximum of 20 people (including crew) on board. I found that very enjoyable, as it created a personal atmosphere, which was characterized by the fact that everyone knew each other and also came in contact (in German or in English). We were all dives (!) Accompanied by the same guide - Simon - and the diving group did not change the whole time. New divers were led by other guides. I really liked this continuity. After our last dive, Alice and Simon took our equipment, washed it out at the Ra Wai dive center, put it in the drying room to deliver our dried and washed suits to the hotel the following evening. What more do you want?All in all, we were extremely satisfied. If we come to Thailand again, we would sign up again at "Aloha Diving".(Original)Ich war mit meinen beiden Söhnen auf der Suche nach einer Tauchstation „vor Ort“. Rein zufällig haben wir „Aloha Diving“ auf Ra Wai gesehen und uns dort erkundigt. Der erste Kontakt mit Alice war sofort sehr persönlich und familiär. All unsere Wünsche (nur jeden zweiten Tag eine Tauchfahrt; Transport vom Hotel zum Tauchboot und retour; Rabatt bei drei Personen) wurden sofort erfüllt.Jeden Morgen wurden wir vom Hotel in Nai Harn zum Hafen in Chalong abgeholt, wo bereits das Tauchboot auf uns wartete. Es gehört „Klaus“, der bereits über 40 Jahre in Thailand lebt und mit seinen 78 Jahren noch täglich (ohne Anzug!) taucht. Das Boot ist relativ klein – wir waren maximal 20 Personen (incl. Crew) an Bord. Ich fand das sehr angenehm, da dadurch eine persönliche Atmosphäre herrschte, die sich dadurch auszeichnete, dass jeder jeden kannte und auch in Kontakt kam (auf Deutsch oder auf Englisch). Wir wurden alle Tauchgänge (!) vom gleichen Guide - Simon - begleitet und die Tauchgruppe änderte sich die ganze Zeit über nicht. Neue Taucher*innen wurden von anderen Guides geführt. Diese Kontinuität hat mir sehr gefallen.Nach unserer letzten Tauchfahrt übernahmen Alice und Simon unser Equipment, wuschen es auf der Tauchbasis in Ra Wai aus, stellten es in den Trockenraum, um uns unsere getrockneten und gewaschenen Anzüge am darauffolgenden Abend zum Hotel zu liefern. Was will man mehr?Summa summarum waren wir äußerst zufrieden. Sollten wir noch einmal nach Thailand kommen, würden wir uns wieder bei „Aloha Diving“ more
Michael Mönkemeyer
Michael M.
We just had two dives with aloha diving but these were just amazing. The team was great, professional and relaxed. Comfortable boat and just a small sized group. We loved that there was no fixed schedule so the divespots could be choosen spontaneous.And we saw a whaleshark!!!read more
Maren Pietrock
Maren P.
(Translated by Google) Simon's care during the rebreather course that Aurelio and I did is excellent! Also on the subsequent 2-day safari to the southeast of Phuket, Simon paid attention to our safety and handling before, during and after the dive.Alice's sense of humor and ability to dive for Glenn is completely successful, Glenn has the dive virus!Thank you both!(Original)Simons Betreuung während des Rebreather-Kurses, den Aurelio und ich machten, ist excellent! Auch bei der anschliessenden 2-Tages-Safari in den Südosten von Phuket achtete Simon auf unsere Sicherheit und Handgriffe vor, während und nach dem Tauchgang. Alice's Humor und Können beim Schnuppertauchen für Glenn ist vollkommen gelungen, Glenn hat den Tauchvirus!Danke Euch beiden!read more
Graf Daniel
Graf D.
(Translated by Google) The divesI enjoyed perfect dives with the most reliable and competent dive partner I've ever had:• Cave Diving• Wreck Diving• Motorcycling"• Small fish• Big fish• Great underwater faunaIncidentally, the photos were all taken by Alice - somehow she just has a knack for great shots - and for diving re-entrants like me!The dive center• Aloha Divers Phuket (Rawai) is the top dive base in Thailand.• Perfect, new equipment• The instructors are true professionals - the best and most responsible I have met around the world.• The respective depths were 19.5 and 25 meters - so always in the absolutely safe area. • No matter how much diving experience you have: If you have the privilege of diving with Alice, take all Alice's tips and instructions seriously and act accordingly. She is a top lead / guide and shows you the Andaman Sea, under whatever conditions, from the most beautiful side.Thank you very much Alice! It was just awesome! I'm always your wing ...Pitsch(Original)Die TauchgängeIch genoss perfekte Dives, mit der zuverlässigsten und kompetentesten Tauchpartnerin, die ich jemals hatte:• Höhlentauchen • Wracktauchen • Motorrad "fahren"• Kleine Fische • Grosse Fische • Tolle Unterwasser-FaunaDie Fotos wurden übrigens alle von Alice geschossen – irgendwie hat sie einfach ein Händchen für tolle Shots – und für Tauch-Wiedereinsteiger wie mich!Die Tauchbasis• Aloha Divers Phuket (Rawai) ist die Top-Dive-Base in Thailand.• Perfektes, neuwertiges Equipment• Die Tauchlehrer sind wahre Profis - die besten und verantwortungsvollsten, die ich weltweit kennengelernt habe.• Die jeweiligen Tauchtiefen waren 19.5 und 25 Meter – also immer im absolut sicheren Bereich.• Egal über wie viel Taucherfahrung du verfügst: Solltest du das Privileg haben, mit Alice zu tauchen, nimm alle Tipps und Anweisungen von Alice ernst und verhalte dich entsprechend. Sie ist ein Top-Lead/Guide und zeigt dir die Andamanensee, unter welchen Bedingungen auch immer, von der schönsten Seite.Ganz herzlichen Dank Alice! Es war einfach nur genial! Bin jederzeit dein Wing …Pitschread more
Peter Heer
Peter H.
(Translated by Google) We booked a trial diving, it was really great. It all worked perfectly, less bureaucratic than the competition and the price was really there. Instructor was really competent and friendly. Who wants to dive in phuket, I can only recommend aloha diving.(Original)Wir haben ein Schnuppertauchen gebucht, es war wirklich toll. Es hat alles perfekt funktioniert, weniger bürokratisch als die Konkurrenz und beim Preis war echt alles dabei. Tauchlehrer war richtig kompetent und freundlich. Wer in phuket tauchen möchte, den kann ich aloha diving nur more
Amir Gadllah
Amir G.
(Translated by Google) I was recommended to do my dive training at this diving school, I did not regret it for a second.Great dive sites and the top reputable and German-speaking diving instructors made the training an unforgettable experience. I was well introduced to diving and always felt safe and comfortable.I can only recommend anyone to attend his courses or to gain new experiences and impressions on the many excursions. I will definitely come back ...(Original)Mir wurde empfohlen meine Tauchausbildung bei dieser Tauchschule zu absolvieren, ich habe dies keine Sekunde bereut. Tolle Tauchplätze sowie die top seriösen und deutschsprachigen Tauchlehrer liessen die Ausbildung zum unvergesslichen Erlebnis werden. Ich wurde bestens ans Tauchen herangeführt und fühlte mich stets sicher aufgehoben und wohl. Ich kann nur jedem empfehlen hier seine Kurse zu besuchen oder bei den zahlreichen Ausflügen neue Erfahrungen und Eindrücke zu sammeln. Ich werde auf alle Fälle more
Dominik Caviezel
Dominik C.
(Translated by Google) I completed my AOWD on two days with Alice and Simon.Both days were perfectly organized, from the pickup to the end of the dive boat.The equipment was in perfect condition and the supervision by Simon as instructor was professional and experienced.Anytime again, thank you for two wonderful days diving !!!(Original)Ich habe meinen AOWD an zwei Tage bei Alice und Simon absolviert. Beide Tage waren perfekt organisiert, von der Abholung bis zum Ablauf auf dem Tauchboot.Die Ausrüstung war 1A in Schuss und die Betreuung durch Simon als Tauchlehrer war professionell und routiniert.Jederzeit wieder, vielen Dank für zwei wunderbare Tauchtage!!!read more
Arne Zurgeissel
Arne Z.
Amazing place, Instructor and experience! A definite address if you are looking to learn how to dive or are already an experienced diver. Alice was very patient, friendly, knowledgeable and downright lovely to dive with. 100% recommendation for diving in more
Simon Boussion
Simon B.
(Translated by Google) Absolutely one of the best diving schools I have met so far. The equipment is really impeccable and very new. Also, the fact that every diver on a dive own dive computer at no extra charge (in the cost of the rental fee of the entire equipment included), I have not experienced so before. During the dives even photos of the dive master are made, which are made available to each diver for free. Also a great additional service as I think. In addition, a very good billing is offered and in general, the organizational processes are almost all paperless, which I found to be very pleasant. The boat we went out with was also in top condition. The crew was very helpful and the food on the ship was delicious and there was a lot of choice. Altogether one notices with the diving school that one works here very professionally and service-oriented. Thanks to Marc for the great diving days and to Simon for the detailed advice! We will gladly come back and recommend to anyone who is on Phuket and would like to dive here.(Original)Absolut eine der besten Tauchschulen, die ich bis jetzt kennengelernt habe. Das Equipment ist wirklich einwandfrei und sehr neuwertig. Auch der Fakt, dass jeder Taucher bei einem Tauchgang einen eigenen Tauchcomputer ohne Aufpreis (in den Kosten für die Leihgebühr des gesamten Equipments inkludiert) zur Verfügung gestellt bekommt, habe ich so vorher auch noch nicht erlebt. Während der Tauchgänge werden sogar Fotos von dem Dive Master gemacht, die jedem Taucher kostenlos zur Verfügung gestellt werden. Auch eine tolle Zusatzleistung wie ich finde. Zudem wird eine sehr gute Rechnungsabwicklung geboten und generell sind die organisatorischen Abläufe fast alle papierlos, was ich als sehr angenehm empfunden habe. Das Boot mit dem wir rausgefahren sind war ebenfalls in einem top Zustand. Die Crew war sehr hilfsbereit und das Essen auf dem Schiff war sehr lecker und es gab eine große Auswahl. Insgesamt merkt man bei der Tauchschule, dass hier sehr professionell und serviceorientiert gearbeitet wird. Danke an dieser Stelle an Marc für die beiden tollen Tauchtage und an Simon für die ausführliche Beratung! Wir kommen gerne wieder und empfehlen auch jedem der auf Phuket ist und tauchen möchte sich hier mal blicken zu more
Pauline Engel
Pauline E.
Beautiful experience with Aloha diving... It was my first time and I felt relaxed with Alice.. Fantastic world under the sea. Excellent organisation from the beginning to the end. Food and drinks all day. .I recommend to everybody beginners and advanced more
Ingrid Borsani
Ingrid B.
(Translated by Google) Very professional 🇨🇭Swiss🇨🇭SSI dive center in Rawai 🇹🇭 (Phuket) 🇹🇭Super friendly😊 was really fun..Thank Simon for the TG with Dir😉 .. Top Equipment..the base I can 100% recommend 😄 If diving in Phuket then only with "Alohadiving" 🤗See you ...(Original)Sehr professionelle 🇨🇭Schweizer🇨🇭SSI Tauchbasis in Rawai 🇹🇭(Phuket)🇹🇭Super freundlich😊 hat echt spass gemacht..Danke Simon für die TG mit Dir😉.. Top Equipment..die Basis kann ich zu 100% weiterempfehlen 😄Wenn tauchen in Phuket dann nur mit "Alohadiving" 🤗See more
mario riedi
mario R.
(Translated by Google) Care and organization at its finestIn conclusion, one can say: super dive center with top personal care; for beginners as well as experienced divers unreservedly recommended. If you want an all-inclusive package is right here.On our first diving stay in Thailand, we decided after a thorough internet research for Aloha Diving and made exactly the right decision.The basis of Alice and Simon is characterized by an excellent organization and individual care. This includes taking care of the equipment and transfers.Because of our "Songkran" our day trip to the King Cruiser had failed, we were rebooked at short notice and realized the tour on another ship.But also outside the diving there were great tips for leisure activities and food. A highlight was certainly the whale shark on the first dive. And as usual, I just did not have my camera with me. Simon had banned the beautiful guy but on his stick and I like the pictures (along with pictures that you never have, namely by yourself) made available. Thank you for that.(Original)Betreuung und Organisation vom FeinstenAls Fazit kann man sagen: super Tauchbasis mit top persönlicher Betreuung; für Einsteiger aber auch erfahrene Taucher uneingeschränkt zu empfehlen. Wer ein Rundumsorglos-Paket möchte ist hier genau richtig.Bei unserem ersten Tauchaufenthalt in Thailand haben wir uns nach reiflicher Internetrecherche für Aloha-Diving entschieden und damit genau die richtige Entscheidung getroffen.Die Basis von Alice und Simon zeichnet sich durch eine hervorragende Organisation und individuelle Betreuung aus. Dies umfasst auch das Kümmern um das Equipment und die Transfers.Da aufgrund „Songkran“ unsere Tagestour zur King Cruiser ausgefallen war, wurde wir kurzfristig umgebucht und die Tour auf einem anderen Schiff realisiert.Aber auch außerhalb des Tauchens gab’s super Tipps zur Freizeitgestaltung und Essen.Ein Highlight war sicher auch der Walhai beim ersten Tauchgang. Und wie üblich hatte ich gerade da meine Kamera noch nicht dabei. Simon hatte den Prachtburschen aber auf seinen Stick gebannt und mir die Bilder (zusammen mit Bildern die man sonst nie hat, nämlich von einem selbst) gerne zur Verfügung gestellt. Herzlichen Dank dafü more
Patrick Stiegler
Patrick S.
Had an awesome dive course with Aloha Diving. I was there, to pursue 4 SSI speciality courses and it went out really very well. These guys are very proffesional and they do know their job. Simon is a very great dive instructor and is calm, composed and very supportive. He made my dives a memorable more
sushovan das
sushovan D.
(Translated by Google) Just great !!!! Bülent my dive instructor just tip would immediately come back to you(Original)Einfach Super!!!! Bülent mein dive instructor einfach spitze würde sofort wieder zu euch kommenread more
silvan bosshard§
silvan B.
(Translated by Google) We did the diving trip with three dives to Ko Racha Noi / Yai. Our guide Nathan was really great and very competent. He has explained everything important again and also gave many helpful tips. The complete handling with the diving school worked perfectly.(Original)Wir haben den Tauchausflug mit drei Tauchgängen nach Ko Racha Noi/Yai gemacht. Unser Guide Nathan war wirklich super und überaus kompetent. Er hat uns alles wichtige nochmals erklärt und auch viele hilfreiche Tipps gegeben. Die komplette Abwicklung mit der Tauchschule hat perfekt more
Sandro Sabitzer
Sandro S.
(Translated by Google) I was allowed to spend 5 great weeks with the Aloha Team from mid-December 17 until mid-January 18 .... During this time I was able to attend and complete the SSI Wreck Diving, Science of Diving and Dive Guide courses, as well as some wonderful fun dives.Aloha Diving has a great infrastructure and a great team !!! Many many thanks! Alice, Simon, Marc and NathanIf it permits the health and time, I will gladly come back.Greetings Guido(Original)Ich durfte von Mitte Dezember 17 bis Mitte Januar 18 mit dem Aloha Team 5 grossartige Wochen verbringen.... In dieser Zeit konnte ich die SSI Kurse Wreck Diving, Science of Diving und Dive Guide besuchen und abschliessen, sowie einige wunderbare Fun Dives geniessen. Aloha Diving besitzt eine tolle Infrastruktur und ein geniales Team!!! Vielen herzlichen Dank! Alice, Simon, Marc und NathanWenn es die Gesundheit und Zeit erlaubt, werde ich gerne zurückkommen.Liebe Grüsse Guidoread more
Guido Hug
Guido H.
(Translated by Google) Thank you to the Aloha team for the great day trips, it was all great, I was glad to have met the entire Aloha team. I went through the day trip 5 times and it was always very well organized.Thanks for the nice time.I hope it was not my last visit with you.LG Rudi.(Original)Bedanke mich an das Aloha Team für die tollen Tagesausflüge, es war alles super hat mich gefreut das gesamte Aloha Team kennengelernt zu haben. Ich hab 5 mal den Tagesausflug mitgemacht und es war immer alles war top organisiert.Danke für die schöne Zeit.Ich hoffe es war nicht mein letzter besuch bei euch.LG more
Rudolf Michaelis
Rudolf M.
Excellent service, literally booked everything the evening before the actual dive. Very professional and friendly service!read more
(Translated by Google) Aloha Diving is a well run smaller but special dive center in the heart of Rawaii in the south of Phuket. In my opinion, one of the best bases, because of individual requests, special trips are organized and special emphasis is placed on the fact that the guest can also dive something new. It is not always easy to do justice to everyone but Alice and Simon make everything with their professional service to a relaxed experience. With Simon you always have the opportunity to dive rebreathers, which I can only recommend to everyone, next time I do the retraining 8-)Have done 24 wonderful dives with you, some of which were really exceptionalSo, I can honestly recommend Aloha Diving to anyone who does not just dive the standards in Phuket's environment.(Original)Aloha Diving ist eine gut geführte kleinere aber besondere Tauchbasis im Herzen von Rawaii im Süden von Phuket. Meiner Meinung nach eine der besten Basen, da auf individuelle Wünsche eingegangen wird, Sonderfahrten organisiert werden und auch besonderer Wert darauf gelegt wird, das der Gast auch etwas neues betauchen kann. Es ist nicht immer einfach jedem gerecht zu werden aber Alice und Simon machen mit ihrem Profesionellen Service alles zu einem Relaxten Erlebnis. Mit Simon hat man auch immer die Möglichkeit Rebreather tauchen zu können, was ich jedem nur empfehlen kann, beim nächsten mal mache ich die Umschulung 8-)Habe 24 wunderbare Tauchgänge mit euch absolviert, davon waren einige wirklich aussergewöhnlichIch kann also jedem der nicht nur die Standards in Phuketsumgebung betauchen möchte Aloha Diving ehrlich ans Herz more
Gerhard Siemons
Gerhard S.
(Translated by Google) After a long time without dives the diving again want to try.Simon made an excellent, slow reintroduction and I had six very nice dives with him.Always recommended!(Original)Habe nach langer Zeit ohne Tauchgänge das Tauchen wieder ausprobieren wollen. Simon machte eine hervorragende, langsame Wiedereinführung und ich hatte sechs sehr schöne Tauchgänge mit ihm.Jederzeit empfehlenswert!read more
Aloha Diving is awesome. My girlfriend and I emailed Simon months before our trip about taking an open water diver course. Simon promptly responded to our email (as he does with any email or message you may send him) with all the information we needed to get started plus set us up for some online learning. Once we arrived in Phuket, Simon picked us up from where we were staying and we began the class room portion of the course. Simon is an incredibly kind, knowledgeable, and efficient teacher. By the time it was time to start diving Simon had answered all of our questions and we felt very prepared. On the diving days Simon and his staff were prompt with pick up, briefed us on each location and the skills we needed to perform there, and overall ensured we got the most out of every dive by giving us tips and pointing out many different types of sea life. Simon also sent us a file full of pictures he took of us on each dive which is an added plus. I really do not believe we could have had a better experience. Simon and his team are the best and i would recommend them to more
Zac Bunzey
Zac B.
Aloha Diving is awesome. My girlfriend and I emailed Simon months before our trip about taking an open water diver course. Simon promptly responded to our email (as he does with any email or message you may send him) with all the information we needed to get started plus set us up for some online learning. Once we arrived in Phuket, Simon picked us up from where we were staying and we began the class room portion of the course. Simon is an incredibly kind, knowledgeable, and efficient teacher. By the time it was time to start diving Simon had answered all of our questions and we felt very prepared. On the diving days Simon and his staff were prompt with pick up, briefed us on each location and the skills we needed to perform there, and overall ensured we got the most out of every dive by giving us tips and pointing out many different types of sea life. Simon also sent us a file full of pictures he took of us on each dive which is an added plus. I really do not believe we could have had a better experience. Simon and his team are the best and I would recommend them to more
Zac Bunzey
Zac B.
What a great company! Alice was amazing throughout my dives! Would highly recommend!!read more
Kathryn Pain
Kathryn P.
My dive guide was amazing. Thank you Nathan. I had a wonderful time diving with Aloha. I wouldn't go with anyone else now. �read more
Christine Hazel
Christine H.
(Translated by Google) I had to complete on 07.25.2017 the pleasure with Alice as a dive guide one day trip with three dives. I could not have a better idea of ​​me!By good reviews on various portals I'm looking for a new dive operators met with the two - and was not disappointed!Everything went super smoothly and easily. Ahead everything was discussed with Simon, even in the papers everything was handled absolutely thorough and ordentlichst. There were no questions unanswered. Swiss precision flat.Even with my CMAS certification, I was not wrong. One has only mention that was paid with a one-star / Bronze Brevet to a maximum depth of 20m. But for the diving area right around Phuket is the m.M.n. absolutely sufficient.Other dive guides / -companies not take it with the papers and maximum depth or safety decompression stops as serious as Aloha Diving. I have to mention the fact that I come for years in low season for diving to Phuket and this year moved from another provider to Aloha Diving - and my expectations were exceeded by far!You can tell that Alice and Simon live your dream job, they are professionals with a lot of heart and soul into it, and as a customer you can safely rely on them.She raises definitely from the numerous competitors.I have never had such a detailed briefing before and after the dives and it was checked at any time in the water and secure. No mess, as in other groups - all smooth and easy, even in stronger currents at King Cruiser wreck and waves at Shark Point.I have also been able to detect lead in a highly competitive market an enthusiasm for diving itself, the underwater world of the environment and the job, a dive shop in any dive guide on Phuket. Finally I got even really good photos via Dropbox link made available for download, which had made on our dives from me and the beautiful underwater world Alice. What more could you want? I was and am really excited.The prices were in spite of the excellent service at a favorable level compared to other companies, the rental equipment was up to date and great shape. Also the transfer to and from the pier was completely reliable.In short, I felt completely at ease and in good hands and will therefore go diving again with Aloha Diving and definitely recommend it to anyone with a clear conscience, too.Even when it comes to future projects of Alice and Simon, we must remain tense as a customer. There's a lot depends on innovations and ideas that emphasize Aloha Diving from the competition.I wish them every success, happiness, and always good air!(Original)Ich hatte am 25.7.2017 das Vergnügen, mit Alice als Tauchguide einen Tages-Trip mit drei Tauchgängen zu absolvieren. Ich hätte es mir nicht besser vorstellen können!Durch gute Bewertungen auf verschiedenen Portalen bin ich auf der Suche nach einem neuen Tauchanbieter auf die beiden gestoßen - und wurde dabei nicht enttäuscht!Es lief alles super einfach und reibungslos. Im Vorfeld wurde alles mit Simon besprochen, auch bei den Papieren wurde alles absolut gründlich und ordentlichst abgewickelt. Es blieben keine Fragen offen. Schweizer Präzision eben.Auch mit meinem CMAS-Brevet war ich hier nicht falsch. Man muss nur erwähnen, dass mit einem ein-Stern/Bronze-Brevet auf eine maximale Tauchtiefe von 20m geachtet wurde. Aber für das Tauchgebiet direkt um Phuket ist das m.M.n. auch absolut ausreichend.Andere Tauchguides/-firmen nahmen es mit den Papieren und maximaler Tiefe, bzw. Sicherheits-Dekostopps nicht so ernst wie Aloha Diving.Ich muss dazu erwähnen, dass ich seit Jahren in der Nebensaison zum Tauchen nach Phuket komme und in diesem Jahr von einem anderen Anbieter zu Aloha Diving wechselte - und meine Erwartungen wurden bei weitem noch übertroffen!Man merkt, dass Alice und Simon Ihren Traumjob leben, sie sind Profis mit viel Herzblut dabei und als Kunde kann man sich getrost auf die beiden verlassen.Das hebt sie definitiv von den zahlreichen Mitbewerbern ab.Ich hatte noch nie so ein detailliertes Briefing vor und nach den Tauchgängen und es war zu jeder Zeit im Wasser kontrolliert und sicher. Kein Chaos wie in anderen Gruppen - alles smooth und easy, selbst bei stärkerer Strömung am King Cruiser Wrack und Wellengang beim Shark Point .Zudem ich habe noch bei keinem Tauchguide auf Phuket so einen Enthusiasmus für das Tauchen an sich, die Unterwasserwelt der Umgebung und den Job, ein Tauchgeschäft in einem hart umkämpften Markt zu führen feststellen können.Zu guter letzt bekam ich sogar noch richtig gute Fotos per Dropbox-Link zum Download zur Verfügung gestellt, die Alice auf unseren Tauchgängen von mir und der traumhaften Unterwasserwelt gemacht hatte. Was will man noch mehr? Ich war und bin echt begeistert.Dabei waren die Preise trotz des herausragendem Service auf einem günstigem Niveau im Vergleich zu anderen Unternehmen, das Miet-Equipment war aktuell und prima in Schuss. Auch der Transfer zum und vom Pier lief absolut zuverlässig.Kurzum, ich fühlte mich rundum wohl und gut aufgehoben und werde daher auf jeden Fall wieder mit Aloha Diving tauchen gehen und kann es auch jedem mit gutem Gewissen empfehlen.Auch, was zukünftige Projekte von Alice und Simon angeht, darf man als Kunde gespannt bleiben. Da kommt noch einiges an Innovationen und Ideen, die Aloha Diving von den Mitbewerbern hervorheben.Ich wünsche beiden viel Erfolg, Glück sowie immer gut Luft!read more
K. F.
K. F.
Aloha diving made it possible!We had a great time with amazing dives and met wonderful peoples. The service you get is just on top of the top. Transferring you like a VIP from your hotel to the boat and back...all you need to do is to slip in your gear and jump in the water....just awesome! Also during the boat ride where enough food and drinks for all to keep everyone happy. Briefing and De-briefing was good and easy understandable for all and made the dives even more enjoyable. They also look after your diving skills to make sure you got the best dives for your comfort level. Alice and the team did great and we would go diving with them any time any place again! Companys like Aloha diving became rare. Where peoples get treated like individual personalities and taken the way they are. We really appreciate that personal touch!read more
Karol Kreienbuehl
Karol K.
I cannot recommend this company highly enough! My husband and I went to Phuket June 2017. Our Dive instructor Alice was simply amazing! Very professional, fun, knowledgeable, an excellent diver and most importantly put safety above all else. While my husband and I have our Open Water Dive certificate we do not have many dives under our weight belts and to dive with such a professional was an absolute pleasure. Alice took us from being novice divers to the next level, her guidance and training has really elevated our diving skills. We had booked 2 days with Alice to do 6 dives on our last dive I convinced my husband to spent our last day in Phuket with Alice diving - best decision ever! So we ending up doing 9 dives in total and each dive was a magical experience.Before each dive Alice went through the dive site with us on the boat, spoke about our plan for that dive, what we could expect and the marine life we were likely to see. Planning our dives was just part and parcel of her professionalism and her love of diving and the local dive sites. Our equipment was of the highest standard and she provided us with dive computers which was a first for us, no going back now. In fact I have asked for a dive computer for my upcoming birthday :) Our transport to and from our hotel was hassle free and organised by Aloha Diving. Alice has a close professional relationship with the boat crew and our boat was excellent and the crew and leader were very helpful and outstanding. We so very much appreciated having a dive instruction for just the two of us and it made us feel very safe and comfortable. Alice was able to plan our dives for maximum fun and safety.If your planning a dive trip to Phuket do not go past Aloha diving you will not be disappointed. Alice thank you so much for our experiences we will treasure them! I have already starting planning next years' trip and I will certainly be diving with you again. Until then take care.Much loveKaty & Nickread more
Katy Whittaker
Katy W.
My wife and I booked for two days diving (6 dives) with Aloha. It was so good we added a third day's worth of diving. We dived with one of the owners, Alice and met the other owner Simon. They were great - transfers from our resort were seamless. The dives were wonderful and Alice not only provided great guidance while diving by spotting and pointing out the various forms of aquatic life but also provided great company in between dives. As a bonus she also provided us with photos from all of our dives for free rather than at a price (as is the usual custom among tourism operators.Aloha's diving equipment was in excellent condition and the dive boat which they used was spacious and comfortable. I'd thoroughly recommend Aloha Ocean Adventures to anyone interested in diving around Phuket. We'll be diving with them next year when we return to more
Arid J Hills
Arid J H.
My wife and I booked for two days diving (6 dives) with Aloha. It was so good we added a third day's worth of diving. We dived with one of the owners, Alice and met the other owner Simon. They were great - transfers from our resort were seamless. The dives were wonderful and Alice not only provided great guidance while diving by spotting and pointing out the various forms of aquatic life but also provided great company in between dives. As a bonus she also provided us with photos from all of our dives for free rather than at a price (as is the usual custom among tourism operators.Aloha's diving equipment was in excellent condition and the dive boat which they used was spacious and comfortable. I'd thoroughly recommend Aloha Ocean Adventures to anyone interested in diving around Phuket and we'll be diving with next next year when we return to more
Arid Hills
Arid H.
Very good dive staff and friendly team
Somchock Thongyoy
Somchock T.
My boyfriend and I went diving with Aloha in April and had the best time! He was new to diving, so we did the Try Scuba Diving full day boat trip. On the way out to our first (of three) dive location, Simon, our instructor, reviewed with us the basics of the equipment and then went into the fundamentals of diving. Once in the water, he made sure my boyfriend was comfortable with the techniques and the equipment. We both loved it and highly recommend Aloha and Simon. There was lots to see and Simon took great photos of us and the sea life, all of which were sent to us the next day at no more
Mark Elledge
Mark E.
I've had a great experience with Aloha Diving. It was my first time diving and I did a 2 day Scuba Diving course. Alice was a very competent and extremly nice instructor. I felt very safe at all times and learned a lot in those 2 days. It definetly made me want to continue to dive and if I'm ever again on Phuket, I will revist Aloha more
Marina Schmidt
Marina S.
It was futuristic scuba diving!!!サイモンさん、アリスさんはとても暖かく迎えてくれて2年間のブレイクのあとでしたが安心してダイビングを楽しむことができました♪またプーケットに行く際は絶対にアロハダイビングにお願いします!!read more
Masaki Takebuchi
Masaki T.
We achieved our open water diver in this diving center.throughout the whole time we felt very comfortable under the watch of simon and alice.friendly, professional and of course the fun isnt missing out!Simon was very patient with my girlfriend, who had problems with some diving-exercises. In the end she made it with his help.We can highly recommend this diving center !read more
Sebastian Wohlert
Sebastian W.
Had an amazing time with the aloha dive team at Racha island! Great experience with great people! Would recommend it to anyone and could safely say best team to dive with in Phuket ���read more
Justin Time
Justin T.
(Translated by Google) TOP TOP dive center and training center. Very professional education, go intensely to the needs, without being rip-off! Also before-after-diving are the tips and help with excursions, sightseeing, eating out, or just rent scooters, just TOPP! You are looking for the right accommodation and they know each other. Conclusion: a base where the quality-security-service-guest-experience etc. is at the very top. > rarely found in Thailand selten in Thailand zu finden< Menschlich-Sympathisch-mit hohem Fachwissen.E I N F A C H T O P Pread more
Manfred Adam
Manfred A.
Our experience with Aloha Diving was excellent!Our day trip to Racha Island began with Alice and Simon collecting us from our hotel to be taken to the port. Throughout the experience, Alice and Simon kept us informed with everything that was going on which allowed the experience to be very easy going. As a first time diver and a weak swimmer, I was made to feel very comfortable as I was guided throughout every step of the day. As for the diving experience itself, words cannot describe how amazing it was. I will definitely be diving again in the near future and it most certainly will be with Aloha Diving!read more
Patrick Frempong
Patrick F.
(Translated by Google) We spent a good 2 weeks in Thailand and loved it! The diving with Aloha Diving was really great. Alice and Simon run a very professional dive center where you feel really comfortable. Our daughter completed the advanced course with her and was very satisfied. She learned a lot and enjoyed it to the fullest.Alice and Simon did not just help us underwater. They gave us restaurant tips, organized trips, booked accommodation and scooters and showed us everything. It was not just diving at any dive center it was scuba diving with friends!We will definitely come back!(Original)Wir haben gut 2 Wochen in Thailand verbracht und waren begeistert! Das Tauchen mit Aloha Diving war wirklich toll. Alice und Simon führen eine sehr professionelle Tauchbasis, wo man sich wirklich wohl fühlt. Unsere Tochter absolvierte bei Ihnen den Advanced Kurs und war sehr zufrieden. Sie hat viel gelernt und hat es in vollen Zügen genossen. Alice und Simon haben uns nicht nur unter Wasser geholfen. Sie haben uns Restaurants-Tips gegeben, Ausflüge organisiert, Unterkunft und Roller gebucht und uns alles gezeigt. Es war nicht nur Tauchen bei irgendeiner Tauchbasis es war Tauchen bei Freunden!Wir werden sicher wiederkommen!read more
Patricia Schärz
Patricia S.
(Translated by Google) Alice is very nice!!! This is a dive shop opened by a German. The owner is very careful. Because I am a new person, she takes me and takes extra care of me. Thanks to her!(Original)Alice is very nice!!! 这是一个德国人开的潜店,店主很细心,因为我是新人,她带着我,会额外的照顾我,要感谢一下她!read more
Bo Qu
Bo Q.
(Translated by Google) This is the first review we write after a vacation. Not because we were never asked before, but because the team really deserved it.We had 4 great diving days. They are flexible according to their own possibilities and try to fulfill all wishes. The equipment is in top condition and you get a dive computer at no extra charge for the dive.The two have an eye for life under water and find even the smallest animals that are worth marveling at. For example baby shrimp - we would never have found it in life: DFor the dives always a camera was taken and there were so great souvenir photos for us.The two also like to give tips on what to do in the area, where to eat and how to get from A to B.At the next visit to Thailand, we will certainly drop by again.Greetings Sandra + Alex(Original)Dies ist die erste Bewertung, die wir nach einem Urlaub schreiben. Nicht, weil wir vorher nie gefragt wurden, sondern weil das Team es wirklich verdient hat.Wir hatten 4 super Tauchtage. Sie sind nach ihren eigenen Möglichkeiten felxibel und versuchen alle Wünsche zu erfüllen. Die Ausrüstung ist in einem Top Zustand und man bekommt hier einen Tauchcomputer ohne Aufpreis zum Tauchgang dazu. Die beiden haben ein Auge für das Leben unter Wasser und finden auch die kleinsten Tierchen, die es Wert sind bestaunt zu werden. Zum Bespiel Baby-Garnelen - die hätten wir niemals im Leben gefunden :DZu den Tauchgänge wurde auch immer eine Kamera mitgenommen und es sind so super Erinnerungsfotos für uns entstanden.Auch geben die Beiden gerne Tipps was man so im Umkreis noch machen kann, wo man essen kann und wie man von A nach B kommt.Beim nächstens Besuch in Thailand werden wir auch jedenfall wieder vorbeischauen.Gruß Sandra + Alexread more
Sandra Seifert
Sandra S.
(Translated by Google) A small dive boutique on the edge of Rawais (about 20 minutes walk to Rawai Beach) away from the hustle and bustle and mass tourism. A small but very competent team, consisting of the experienced instructors Simon and Alice, receives one in order to arrange inconspicuous and uncomplicated appointments for fundraisers, courses (SSI, to XR) or even introductory dives. Those who shy away from the excursion will be visited by Alice and / or Simon at the hotel for appointments and paperwork. Uncomplicated and nice. Every day a variety of dive sites are offered (of course, it depends on whether the boats are used enough capacity), even liveaboards are available. Simon is also - if this should be of interest - the only circulatory equipment instructor in Thailand and here a master of his trade! The equipment is very new and well maintained, the office and the reception area very lovingly designed!Simon and Alice are also available in questions in advance!I felt well cared for here, everything is well organized and maintained wisely, and as a piece of sugar during the dives almost something like a private guide because no mass processing takes place here.Keep it up!!! - I'll be back!(Original)Eine kleine Dive Boutique am Rande Rawais (etwa 20min Laufweg bis Rawai Beach) fernab von Trubel und Massentourismus. Ein kleines aber sehr kompetetes Team, bestehend aus den erfahrenen Tauchlehrern Simon und Alice, nimmt einen in Empfang um unauftringlich und unkompliziert Termine für Fundives, Kurse (SSI, bis XR) oder auch Schnuppertauchen zu vereinbaren. Wer den Ausflug scheut wird von Alice und/oder Simon im Hotel für Terminvereinbarung und Papierkram besucht. Unkompliziert und nett. Jeden Tag werden verschiedenste Tauchplätze angeboten (hier kommt es natürlich auch darauf an ob die Boote die genutzt werden genug Kapazität haben), auch Liveaboards stehen zur Verfügung. Simon ist zudem - falls dies von Interesse sein sollte - der einzige Kreislaufgeräte-Instuktor in Thailand und hierin ein Meister seines Fachs! Die Ausrüstung ist sehr neu und gepflegt, das Office und der Empfangsbereich sehr liebevoll gestaltet!Gerne stehen Simon und Alice auch in Fragen vorab zur Verfügung! Ich habe mich hier bestens aufgehoben gefühlt, alles ist mit Bedacht bestens organisiert und gewartet, und als Zuckerstückchen hat man bei den Tauchgängen fast so etwas wie einen privaten Guide da hier keine Massenabfertigung stattfindet.Weiter so!!! - ich komme wieder!read more
Irina Fetzer
Irina F.
Great experience for a first dive with no swimming experience. Had a wonderful moment with Aloha. A personalised one to one diving instructions given by Simon. Overall attitude to work and customer service was perfect. Friendly, excellent communication thru email, calm behaviour at the time of diving and providing instruction to novice divers, and a very dedicated and sincere attitude to his work. If anyone wants to have a first diving experience in Phuket, I would recommend everyone to choose Aloha. It was a best experience of my time in more
Salman Iqbal
Salman I.
(Translated by Google) Very good diving schoolA very serious and yet extremely individual diving school, something you will not find often in Phuket.Within 2 weeks I have seen the most beautiful dive sites and experienced an unforgettable time.The transfer went without a hitch, recommend it to anyone who spends holidays on Phuket and likes to dive.This diving school offers an adventure and an unforgettable time for every diver.(Original)Sehr gute Tauchschule Eine sehr seriöse und doch extrem individuelle Tauchschule, etwas was man in Phuket nicht oft findet. Innerhalb von 2 Wochen habe ich die schönsten Tauchplätze gesehen und eine unvergessliche Zeit erlebt. Der Transfer verlief ohne Probleme, kann es jedem empfehlen der auf Phuket Ferien verbringt und gerne Taucht. Diese Tauchschule bietet ein Abenteuer und eine unvergessliche Zeit für jeden more
Pascal Sandmeier
Pascal S.
My wife and I completed our SSI Open Water Scuba certification while in Phuket with Aloha. We had a phonomenal experience. Simon was very prompt and organized when arranging payment, course materials, and pick-up times. Additionally, he was able to accommodate us with very short notice (the evening before the start of the course). Our first day was spent at a clean and well maintained pool, with a delicious lunch provided. Simon was clear and patient when instructing us. The second day we had three dives off the beautiful island Racha Noi and Racha Yai. This was a great "all inclusive" experience with breakfast, lunch, and post-dive pancakes included! We not only learned how to dive, but we got to see beautiful coral and fish while doing it! The third day was another great "all inclusive" day with three dives off the islands outside of Phuket. Thank you Simon & Alice, we had a fantastic time!read more
Had a great time diving in Phuket with Aloha diving! Very personal dive guides, in a small group. Very relaxed atmosphere, both on the boat as well as in the water. Would definetely recommend! Did three dives, and saw beautiful corals, fish, snails, and even a sea snake!read more
(Translated by Google) My girlfriend and I were in Thailand in May 2016, looking for a diving school to get a diving certificate.After a long review of the respective options (which dive course and especially which diving school), we decided then for the "Open Water Diving Course" at Aloha Diving, where they were kindly received by Alice and Simon and very well taken care of.What we both liked very much was the luxury of having a diving instructor, who calmly took the time to explain everything about diving and to answer our questions :)Thank you for the great dives in which we have seen many different fish and corals!best regardsPaul & Nathalie(Original)Meine Freundin und ich waren im Mai 2016 in Thailand, und haben uns nach einer Tauchschule umgesehen, um einen Tauchschein zu machen.Nach längerer Überprüfung der jeweiligen Optionen (welcher Tauchkurs und vor allem welche Tauchschule), haben wir uns dann für den "Open Water Tauchkurs" bei Aloha Diving entschieden, und sind dort von Alice und Simon freundlich aufgenommen und sehr gut betreut worden.Was uns beiden sehr gut gefiel, war der Luxus zu zweit einen Tauchlehrer zu haben, welcher sich in aller Ruhe die Zeit nahm, uns alles rund ums Tauchen zu erklären und unsere Fragen zu beantworten :)Vielen Dank für die tollen Tauchgänge, in denen wir zahlreiche verschiedene Fische und Korallen gesehen haben! Liebe GrüßePaul & Nathalieread more
Paul Pu
Paul P.
I had a great experience with Aloha Diving! I am a 'rookie' diver and my instructor Simon was very knowledgeable and attentive throughout the process. I felt very safe and comfortable with his instructions. I would highly recommend this company to anyone regardless of their diving more
Darien Holland
Darien H.
Thank you Alice and Simon for making our dive trip a memorable one ;)- Selina & Tracyread more
Selina Mohamed
Selina M.
Awesome day out with Simon. Hubby dived for the first time and Simon was really great! Thanks for an awesome Thailand experience!read more
Angela Attree
Angela A.
A superb local small business owned by two people who find scuba diving as their ultimate passion. All booking communications were done through Alice and she made it seamless. We dove with Simon, and it was the experience of a lifetime. I was a first time diver and experienced some pretty serious anxiety on the first of three dives. He calmed me down and refused to let me quit, even though I persisted. His persistence and patience lead me into not only enjoying the second and third dives, but loving them! It was an amazing experience, and I would highly recommend Simon & Alice if you're thinking of divingread more
Rose Fry Powers
Rose Fry P.