Project Description

In life there are always choices to be made and there are choices of certification agency.

So why SSI? The Dive Center Aloha Diving recommend SSI because their courses integrate perfectly into the daily logistics of diving and make for happy, comfortable and safe divers.
While there are small differences between training agencies, they all offer quality courses.
The 2 largest agencies (SSI / PADI) have been around since 1969 and 1970, respectively, and have high quality teaching materials and high standards. Both are certified by the WRSTC (World Recreationel Scuba Training Council) and the ISO/EUF (International high Standards Organisation/European Underwater Federation). The knowledge and skill requirements are almost identical which means certifications are equivalent, interchangeable and recognized globally.
It is important to remember that the top globally recognized agencies are brands and all offer training courses that meet the same international standards. It is still the Instructor who has the biggest influence on the quality of the courses taught and the divers developed.

“Flexibility” of the Scuba Schools International Total Teaching System

SSI courses can be tailored to meet the individual students’ style of learning, comfort and ability levels. This allows us to go at YOUR pace and keep things nice and relaxed.
For example: If you, or another student, find one of the skills difficult, this skill can be moved along in the sequence, and revisited later. This gives us the chance to practice some of the other required skills before returning to and repeating the original skill, when everyone is more comfortable and confident. When YOU’RE ready, not before! With a wide range dive sites available, along with unpredictable environmental and weather conditions, this flexibility allows us to provide you with the best lever of training and high safety standards.

The SSI “Comfort Through Repetition” Methodology Teaches Real Diving and Focuses on More In-Water Time.

Skill mastery will ensure that you are a safer, more confident diver who, instead of just completing a dive course, can truly call yourself a diver. SSI focuses on the practical application and repetition of key skills in the pool so by the time you practice in the Open Water, you have more time underwater dedicated to, well….diving!

Free SSI Online Training

Not sure if diving is for you? Don’t want to part with your hard earned money before you’re sure?
Simply go to and sign up for the SSI Try Scuba or Scuba Diver courses. Learn at your own pace online or offline using the Dive SSI APP or online. Your only commitment right now is your time.

SSI Diver Path Poster Aloha Diving
SSI Ultimative Dive Experience with Aloha Diving

“Accessibility” Home Study at Your Fingertips, Online or Offline Through the New SSI APP “DiveSSI”.

Available on IOS and Android or online at Have the digital materials in your hand, on your smartphone or tablet. Then relax in your room, a local restaurant or by the pool to watch the brand new SSI videos, study the digital manual and answer the review questions. Alternatively you are welcome to use our classroom facilities.

SSI Has More Courses in More Languages Available in Digital Format.

SSI is constantly developed new digital materials available in over 30 different languages. Your course in your language.

SSI Videos are Shorter.

The video focus on important information related to the course, what you need to know, nothing that you don’t. This gives you more time with your instructor to develop your diving skills, learn more about the local dive spots, and actually go diving!

Free Instant SSI Digital Certification D-Card.

Download onto your smartphone or tablet using the MYSSI APP.
No waiting months for your certification cards, when you complete the course – you are certified! No more lost cards and costly replacements. With your free D-Card you may now dive anywhere else your travels take you! Also if you don’t have a smartphone or tablet anyone can find your certification online through the diver verification on

How Far do You Want to go?

SSI diver training levels allow you to go straight into any specialty training course; you can even combine specialties, a practical and more effective use of your time. So if you love photos of shipwrecks, why not create your own training program? Combine Digital Underwater Photography, Wreck Diving, Perfect Buoyancy and Enriched Air Nitrox to get the most from your diving experiences and become a truly Advanced Open Water Diver. Why not add Diver Stress and Rescue and become a SSI Master Diver!

SSI Plastic C-Card (optional extra)

Available the same day in Phuket.

SSI Fair Courses Prices

Because SSI offers competitive pricing for its training materials and certifications we can pass on savings to you as a student.

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