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Night Diving in Phuket

1 Night Dive

THB1'800per person
  • The Night Diving includes:: Cylinder, weights, 1 Dive, dive guide.
  • Night Diving – Quick Facts Availability: November to April, minimum Open Water Scuba Diver with good buoyancy skills
Hermit Crab at Night Diving in Phuket

Beach diving in Phuket is an interesting alternative to the usual full-day boat trips. The biodiversity close to the beach is amazing and the reefs with their inhabitants are unaffected. Harlequin Sweetlips, Ghost pipe fish and barracudas are only a few fish species that you may encounter at the beach dives.
The small Yanui Beach offers decent visibility and is a place for all those who do not expect a big hype, but rather a quiet day on the beach.


Night Diving in Phuket with Aloha Diving

Night Diving in Phuket

Yanui Beach is perfect for beginners and experienced divers. The reef starts at 3 meters and goes down to 9 meters making it a great dive with a huge variety of marine life. Natural light keeps the colors bright and vibrant in this depth.
Night diving at Yanui Beach is simple and full of surprises. Enjoy the sunset while you get a detailed briefing. As soon as the dusk falls, we go into the water with the last rays of the sun. Is it your first night dive and you are a little excited? Soon you will find out that night diving is incredibly fascinating. You dive into a myterious and totally silent world and you are just focused on the light beam of your underwater lamp, where very different nocturnal creatures appear. With a little luck you can watch lionfish, crabs and moray eels hunting. Fluorescent plankton is also not unusual during the night dive and at full moon you can admire the scenery only by the moonshine. An important requirement for a relaxing night dive is a good buoyancy control. Even underwater photographers will capture extraordinary images. The dive center is just a few minutes’ drive from Yanui Beach. Big advantages of night diving off the beach are on one hand no long boat rides, and on the other hand you are back at your accommodation early. Phuket Beach Diving is individual and with personal attention.


Scuba Diving Equipment

If you have your own equipment – great, bring it with you for the dive trip. After diving, we wash, dry and store it for you at our dive center. When you go diving again, we will pack it for you and deliver it to the boat.

If you need to rent scuba diving equipment, either a full set or partial, please let us know when you book your diving excursion. Available equipment and prices, you can find on our price list.

We also have spare equipment on board like wetsuits, fins, masks, regulators and BCD’s ensuring that a malfunctioning piece of equipment won’t ruin your day!

We believe you always should dive with good quality scuba gear, even if you don’t buy your own. You deserve the best state-of-the-art equipment, so we’ve got it! We work hard to keep our rental equipment in top condition. We have a strict maintenance schedule for the overhaul of our regulators and BCD’s. Our rental wetsuits are replaced regularly.

We will gladly explain the functions of any of our dive equipment and repair or replace any piece of your own equipment if requested. We want your dives to be fun, safe and free from equipment issues.

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Diving Trips in Phuket Thailand

Same, same but different – we don’t cut any corners and much less during our Phuket diving day trips. Join and find out the little extra and unexpected.

Dive Sites around Phuket in Thailand

I want to see Sharks, Mantas and Turtles – You need to be lucky, but as a passionate diver you hopefully will enjoy also all the other great and rare creatures at Phuket’s popular dive sites. Let yourself amaze about the bunch of various marine life and the divine underwater landscape.
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