Project Description

Bareboat Skipper Course from zero to hero

To become a competent Powerboat Skipper is straight forward with International Yacht Training. Our partner Java Yachting is a IYT Partner School with a vast experience in teaching all levels of Powerboat Courses like the Bareboat Skipper Course. The online theory can be taken conveniently prior signing up for the practical part with us. Module 1 to 11 covers all the boat crew tasks. Module 12 is a stand alone course with separate e-learning covering marine communication VHF-SRC. Module 13 to 25 is covering the bareboat skipper theory. All 3 sections have an online final exam. The VHF final exam has to be purchased online for (95 USD). Everything else is free of charge available. When successfully completing the theory and practical part including skipping a boat for 200 nautical miles you may have the possibility to obtain an ICC. This depends on your nationality and country of residence. Please find detailed information on the IYT Website.

Course Options and Prices

From zero to hero courseTHB 65’000
International CrewTHB 28’000
Marine Communications VHFTHB 15’000
Bareboat Skipper CourseTHB 35’000


  • Experienced instructor form Java Yachting Phuket

  • Workshops with the chief engineer of the dive vessel

  • All Courses with eLearning (digital learning)

  • Certification


  • Certification fee collected by IYT approx USD 200

  • Mile building

Your first boating license

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