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Liveaboard Koh Bon/Koh Tachai/Richelieu Rock/Surin

Project Description

Liveaboard cruise itinerary

The Liveaboard cruise departs one a week to the world class dive sites. Ask us for the departure dates.
Day 0 – Embark at 6:00 pm and sail to Koh Bon.
Day 1 – 1 dive at Koh Bon / 2 dives at Koh Tachai and one night dive at Surin Islands
Day 2 – 3 dives at the world famous Richelieu Rock as well as a night dive at Surin Islands
Day 3 – 2 dives at Koh Bon and sail back to Tablamu / Khao Lak to disembark

Information about scuba diving in Khao Lak


standard cabinTHB 21’900
comfort cabinTHB 23’900
double bedTHB 25’900
national park feesTHB 2’100


  • 3 nights on board
  • Up to 4 dives a day incl. a night dive
  • Instructor / Dive Guide
  • Cylinders and weights

  • Full board like breakfast, lunch, snacks, dinner as well as coffee, tea and drinking water
  • Transfer from your hotel in the area of Khao Lak


  • Rental diving equipment
  • Dive torch
  • Nitrox
  • Soft drinks and and alcoholic beverages
  • Transfer from Phuket approx THB 2’500 each way and vehicle (Minibus).

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Similan Marine National Park consists of the 9 Similan Islands, Koh Bon and Koh Tachai. These wonderful granite and limestone islands are 60 km southwest of Khao Lak and most of the islands are about 20 to 30 minutes away from each other by Liveaboard. The Surin Marine National Park is considered one of the best diving destinations in Thailand about 67 km north of the Similan Islands. The dive site Richelieu Rock is also part of this National Park.

On the Liveaboard cruise aboard the MV Amapon you make a total of 10 dives (8 day dives & 2 night dives). Up to 4 dives (including night dive) are offered daily at different dive sites. The group size will not exceed 4 divers plus divemaster.

Of course there is enough time between dives to enjoy the delicacies of the Thai galley, to relax on the sundeck or to take a walk on the beach.

Liveaboard to Rochelieu Rock



The Liveaboard vessel

MV Amapon is designed for multi-day dive safaris and is equipped with all amenities.


The MV Amapon is 23m long and 5.5m wide. In 2014, the vessel was completely renovated and even better tailored to the needs of divers. A large partially covered sundeck and a spacious saloon provide plenty of space for the guests. A large covered dive deck guarantees enough space for the diving equipment of the guests. There are also small storage compartments for personal items such as logbooks or dive torches and 2 fresh water showers.

GPS, sonar, fish finder, telephone, radio, communications equipment, and safety equipment such as life jackets, first aid kit, oxygen unit and fire extinguishers are standard equipment. Two Nissan main engines each with 260 hp, two 30 KW generators with outputs from 12 to 380 V, 6,000 l diesel, 12,000 l fresh water, security camera on dive deck.

With a comfortable dinghy with 30 hp Yamaha outboard engine, the beaches can be visited.


The 8 air conditioned twin share cabins of the MV Amapon accommodate a maximum of 16 guests. 7 cabins have bunk beds: The 4 comfort cabins have their own bathroom (WC / shower), the 3 standard cabins share 3 bathrooms on the deck (each with toilet / shower). A cabin is slightly larger than the other cabins and has a double bed and a private bathroom (toilet / shower).

Food and Beverage

The chef prepares fresh Thai meals five times a day. Tea, coffee, drinking water are already included in the cruise. Additional drinks such as beer or soft drinks are available at low cost (for example 1 can of beer about 60 baht, soft drink about 30 baht). Ice-cream is available on board.

Ice-cream liveaboard cruise

Diving Equipment

2 Bauer compressors (2 x 225 l / min) fill the 30 cylinders (12 l Alu INT). For guests who have DIN regulators, adapters are provided free of charge. A Nitrox blending system is available on board and is offered for 150 THB per tank.

Dive sites visited on the Liveaboard cruise

The Similan Islands National Park includes the following islands: Similan Islands (9 islands), Koh Bon (Mantapoint), Koh Tachai (one of our favorite dive sites). Richelieu Rock (the best dive site in Thailand) is part of the Surin Islands National Park in the north of the Similan Islands.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I have specific food requirements?

All special food requirements, whether from an allergy or simply personal preference, can be catered for by our chefs. As it is not always possible to source specific food items in remote locations, please inform our reservations team well ahead of your cruise departure date to ensure we have plenty of options to suit your needs.

What is a typical liveaboard cruise itinerary?

Each liveaboard trip is different in some way to other trips, but most have similar itineraries. Diving usually starts early in the morning and continues through the day and into the evening. There are periods of no diving, known as surface intervals, but these are usually a lot more fun than just waiting on a boat. Typically, the first dive is before breakfast, at around 7-8am. Some trips offer a light breakfast before the first dive and a more substantial meal afterwards. There is a mandatory surface interval between each dive, and this is often two hours. During this time, the tour leader and boat captain will endeavor to offer the best choice of activities, such as snorkeling or an excursion to a beach. Dive 2 takes place just before midday, and dive 3 mid-afternoon. The 4th dive of the day on a liveaboard is usually a night dive, but can also be a sunset dive. Night dives are nearly always shorter in time and at a shallower depth than day dives. And they should take place in a bay or other area unlikely to be affected by currents. This routine is typical for most full-diving days onboard a liveaboard cruise (diving safari). However, days of departure and return may have only one, two or three dives. This also applies to days when the ship is sailing between diving areas which are far apart.

Can I take my non-diving partner on a day trip liveaboard?

In almost all cases, the answer is ‘yes.’ Most of our liveaboard cruises (diving safaris) visit places where non-diving guests can enjoy snorkeling. They even come along at a discounted price (approx 10%). There are few diving locations, such as Richelieu Rock & Hin Daeng in Thailand, where there’s nothing to do or see for non-divers, but we will make this clear in our prices and correspondence.

Where is the best place to see a Manta Ray?

The ever allusive Manta Ray have increased in numbers over the last couple of year here in the Andaman Sea. They still are a difficult to find however you chances are increased by trying this dive sites.
• Koh Tachai (Liveaboard trip)
• Koh Bon (Liveaboard trip)
Racha Noi South Tip (Scuba Diving Day Trip)

What are National Park fees?

The best diving in Southeast Asia nearly always takes place in remote locations, and in areas where fishing and other activities which are harmful to the environment are forbidden. Local authorities need to employ rangers/guards and the necessary infrastructure to maintain the national marine parks and protect them from illegal activities. Different countries have varying entrance and diving fees for their marine parks, but the money is payable direct to the authorities and not part of the cruise or day trip. Therefore, dive centers separate the cost in their pricing. The fees normally need to be paid in local currency (Thai Baht), but US Dollars are required in Myanmar.

Where is the best place to see a Whale Shark?

The ever allusive whale sharks have increased in numbers over the last couple of year here in the Andaman Sea. They still are a difficult to find however you chances are increased by going on a liveaboard adventure and trying this dive sites.
• Richelieu Rock (Liveaboard trip)
• Koh Tachai (Liveaboard trip)
• Koh Bon (Liveaboard trip)
Phi Phi Islands (Overnight Trip)
Shark Point (Scuba Diving day trip)

What is included in the price of a liveaboard diving safari?

Liveaboard cruises are two days to a week or more living on a boat and diving up to four times every day. The boats are usually only for divers, although non-diving friends and partners, even children, are usually welcome to join. The cost of a liveaboard cruise may appear expensive, but almost everything is included in the price, most importantly accommodation and meals. When compared to staying in a hotel, eating at a restaurant three times a day and taking diving day trips, the price of a liveaboard all of a sudden looks very good value. Meals are served four or five times, buffet style, and soft drinks are usually free, too. Depending on the boat and location of guests’ hotels, there is often a free transfer at the beginning and end of each trip. Things which are an extra charge are, rental equipment and the national park entry fees which apply to most countries in this area. The fees are payable to local authorities to protect the park from illegal fishing or other harmful activities.

Does the cruise price include Dive & Cancellation Insurance?

Insurance is not included in your cruise price, however, please note that dive insurance is highly recommended  for diving activities. Whilst incidents are seldom and can be avoided, our cruises often operate in remote locations therefore we ask all of our guests to please ensure they have adequate insurance coverage for medical evacuation and re-compression treatment. Non-divers do not need to be covered for diving, however, you must be able to show that your travel insurance has adequate medical evacuation coverage. We also highly recommend each guest purchase comprehensive travel insurance to cover you for non-dive related incidents, illness or travel cancellations.

What should I bring on a Liveaboard Diving Safari?

We recommend that you bring as little as possible. Personal clothing items including bathing suit, t-shirts, shorts, a sweater and light cotton trousers for cooler evenings. For sun protection, please bring reef safe sunscreen & a hat. You may wish to bring your personal diving gear however if you prefer you can rent equipment on board. Shoes are not required whilst on board but you might require sturdy sandals for land excursions. Please bring personal amenities or required medication with you as these may not be available at your local destination. For your own leisure you may wish to bring reading material.

Although I’m a certified diver, I haven’t dived in quite a long time.

This is quite common, and there is a very simple solution. Some dive centres are very strict about this, and others more flexible, but if you haven’t dived in the last twelve months, you should take part in a ‘scuba review,’ which is a diving session in a pool, or a local/easy reef dive with a scuba diving instructor. He/She will review the necessary skills which you learned when you took the Open Water Diver course. Depending on how well you perform and how much you can remember, this ‘scuba skills update’ is usually fun, easy and very personal.

What about diving accident insurance?

Scuba diving accidents are very rare. The most common is ‘decompression sickness’ (The Bends), which is caused by irresponsible diving. Treatment for The Bends is expensive, as the patient needs to spend time in a decompression chamber. Although diving accidents are very rare, diving insurance is very cheap. DAN is one of the most well-known insurance companies specializing in diving, and their rates are not much more than a meal or a couple of beers in a restaurant while on vacation. It’s a very good idea to take out dive insurance.

What is a liveaboard boat?

A liveaboard boat is like a floating hotel that you can scuba dive off. They have cabins to sleep in, on board lounges, kitchens, however and tiolets. Some even have onboard luxuries like a Masseuse. In Phuket they range from over night trips up to 8-9 day adventures. You will need to be a certified diver to scuba dive from them however non divers can come on for the ride.

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